Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 1

I am happy to report yesterday was much better after I wrote that blog post. 

You guys are so sweet and supportive. 

I am glad/not glad that I am not the only one! :(

Us women have a lot on us, pretty much all the time. 

Well, yesterday book club was cancled so I went shopping at Ross when I got off work for some curtains for the living room and our bedroom.  LOVE the ones we put up in the living room.  Also got some curtain rods super cheap.  Taking the expensive LOWES ones back.  Anyways. 

We even changed the living room around a bit and that worked too.  Very happy, seems like a whole new room! I will have to take a pic for you all. 

Anyways I did what I said I was going to do--ate a healthy lunch at subway!

I got the ham because it was on sale, and chose whole wheat bread and provalone cheese.  I added mustard, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, olives, banana peppers and cucumbers.  I also added mustard and vinegar.  SO GOOD.  I got baked lays BBQ chips.  The sandwich was like 340 cals and I thinkthe chips were 140.  Loved it.  Also got a large diet cherry coke at sonic.  Which had no cherries in it.  Pretty dissapointing. 

Had one of these for a snack.  Got a box of 12 of these at Costco this weekend.  They are like 140 cals I think.  SO GOOD. 

Oh and for breakfast I had oatmeal and a banana.  Coffee of course.  And a bottle of starbucks light mocha frappe, for 100 cals (from the grocery store). 

I didnt take a pic of dinner, phone was about to die and I didnt feel like fishing it out of my purse lol, sorry.  But it was a costco salmon burger, with squash fried in a bit of PAM and then some olive oil (pam wasnt working too good) and green beans (with brummel and brown) and a slice of tomatoe and come cucumber.  The cucumber and squash was from my aunts garden!  SO GOOD.  Love summertime for veggies. 

Then really late last night I broke down and had a single serving trail mix.  You can get a box of 18 kirkland brand for like 10.99 at costco I think, but they are supposed to be for hubbys lunch ;) . I love that they are portion controlled!  I ate all but the almonds.  So not too bad. LOL. 

I also got a lot done:

Did dishes
Cleaned off counters with my Ms Myers spray I made :)
Cleaned off kitchen table (its so much more pleasant without crap piled on it)
And then we hung the curtains and I kind of de-cluttered I feel like
Also did some laundry

I hope today is great as well.. already had coffee and oatmeal and a banana.  Oh I also got in my quiet time this morning with Bible Study and the Lord as well :) 

Getting ready to go on lunch....maybe subway again, it was so good yesterday. 

What are yall having for lunch???

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not 100% Anywhere


That is how I feel right now. 

Just a little depressed.  Not really even depressed just...meh. 

I feel like I am not giving 100% to anything in my life right now. 

I feel like I could be a better wife and homemaker but when I get home from work I am spent and tired. 

I feel like I could be a better worker at work but when I am here 6 days a week I am constantly burnt out. 

I feel like I could be a better Christian if I really put a lot more time and thought into my prayer life and Bible study. 

I feel like I could be a better sister/daughter if I called my relatives more. 

I could be a better friend if I put more effort into going to see people/call people. 

I even feel like I am letting Grandma down because I havent called her in forever!


I know the grass is always greener on the otherside. 

I get it. 

But right now I want to just try the other side.  Its like a pillow. 

Its hot and flat but when you flip it over its instantly coler and more cushey!

I really feel like I should be a stay at home wife now. 

I know it sounds cray.  I could work.  But I know my boss would probably not hear of me changing my schedule and I am SO. Burnt. OUT.  With. WORK. 

Thankful to have a job! So thankful.  But Hubby has his own business now and life is extreemly chaotic.  I barely see him and when I do we are organizing the house and still trying to get it straight or going to see other people. 

I just want to stay at home and enjoy my house and organize things and garden.  LOL.  I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I could at least focus on something 100% then!!!!! 

Who knows what the future holds but I hope I get that opportunity one day. 

I also feel like such a slacker BLOGGER.  Not to mention DIETER. 

After the wedding (I will try to do a post on that soon) I just totally fell off the wagon and hit every rock on the way down.  I have been eating HORRIBLY.  And exercize?  Zilch.  Even cancled my gym membership.  Because I have an elliptical now, bought from my mother.  Have I used it?  NOPE! 


Besides the fact I am even scared to weigh right now...

One day last week I ate two taco salads.  With the shell.  Two.  One for lunch, one for dinner. 

I am also hosting a book club once a week at a starbucks and then Bible Study once a month. Which each of them get about 50-75% of my effort. 

Anyone else feel like this latley?? I hope I'm not alone! 

Well I am going to try to turn this around today.  I am have already tracked MFP and I am going to get subway for lunch.  Lets make it a great day!

My cute wreath I made for around 12 bucks for Independence Day!