Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitchen Remodeling & Other stuff

Ok so I was telling y'all that we finished the kitchen this past weekend and it seriously makes me happy just looking at it. So I decided I would share with you...if you have the dreaded 90's kitchen plague like I did...a few simple things can really vamp it up! 

and After....
We switched out all the appliances for stainless steel.
The dishwasher was broke anyway and it didn't come with a fridge. 
Hubby also put new vinyl flooring down in the kitchen/laundry.  We got it from Lowes, Pompei something.  One of the cheaper ones and I absolutely love it!

I went way out of my comfort zone with a gorgeous blue.  Cant remember the name but I can look it up if you want me to.  It was from Lowes and cheap!
Hubby changed out all the hardware except the hinges.  I hate changing hinges.  They are fine for now.  He also watched a youtube video and learned how to change the laminate out on the countertops.  He hated this project but I think he did great.  Lets just say it wasn't his favorite and he will probably never attempt it again lol. 
We also went to Lowes and got this stick on backsplash stuff.  It cost about a hundred dollars to do the backsplash and behind the countertops and we are in love with it! 
On another note I spent about an hour at Ross trying on dresses for a million different occasions that I will need them this spring.  Showers, wedding things and Easter.  Then hubby got mad that I brought a bunch home because I couldn't decide. :(
Why do men think we can make super big decisions like that in the store? 
Oh and I got this book today...was on a waiting list!
I love and take full advantage of our public libraries.
Have you read this?  She has an awesome last name, just sayin!
I want to read it then see the movie!
Oh and here is a pic of the waffles I have been eating lately.  I had another one tonight.  However this is a recycled pic.  Haha. 
Blueberry is my fave. 

Bein reeeeal & it's gettin reeeeal!

Well I am just going to be real with yall.  I barely did one single day of that hungry girl diet.  Now I guess I will just use it for food ideas or maybe try it when life calms down a little! But anyways.  I still recomend the book but I feel like eating what I want just counting calories is what I will do right now.

Last week I weighed in at 181 and now I am at 177 as of this morning.  I have been counting calories for the past three days and incorporating 30 minutes of cardio in the morning.  I have also had a sensible bedtime and tried to keep up with my housework this week. 

I feel like when my house is in order and my kitchen is clean that I can have a much more successful day. 

I LOVE living so close to civilization now.  I mean it has its drawbacks.  I hear much more trains and sirens now, lol.  But it's so nice being close to everything. The gym is five minutes away.  Grocery store five minutes.  Target like THREE minutes :)

My drive to work in the am used to be like 30-35 minutes and now it is like 8 minutes max andn usually the drive home is shorter.  I just have to thank the Lord who is always so good to us and knows just what we need!

So anyways.  I have been tracking food on myfitnesspal.  I have been eating at home a lot more now that we are settled and we are DONE with the kitchen.  YAY! Hubby finished that last weekend! So proud of him.  He put in new laminate countertops and a gorgeous stainless steel looking backsplash.  I will post pics soon. 

I have been loving tomato sandwiches with low fat mayo.

I have been loving waffles as deserts with sugar free syurp (just a little). 

I like popcorn at night too, the 100 calorie bags are perfect. 

I have been watching 19 Kids and Counting the past two weeks, LOVE that show!! Got to see a wedding eppisode last night and it was so precious!

Speaking of weddings, Bestie's wedding shower is this weekend!! Things are getting real, FAST yall! Eeeek.  I am contemplating doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred the 30 days leading up to the wedding because it seriously shaped my back when I was doing it I felt like.  I did it like 17 days before I quit, boo! 

Anyways, how are yall?  I will come back with more pics soon, just felt like writting to you all.  Lots of love!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Hungry Girl Diet

Hey everyone!  Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth there for a while.  We had moved last Jan 2013 and we were living WAY far from our jobs and families and civilization in general and everything took longer.  I had to leave for work early and got home late and it was just not fun and I was tired all the time.  Now we have moved back into "town" and we bought our first house!

 We love it!!!!  We closed on February 28th and spent basically the whole month of march painting it and putting down new floors...(ah the perks of being married to a flooring installer ;) It is three bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen and living room with a fenced in back yard.  I also have a pretty big laundry room that I am stoked about ...and hubby even painted one of it's walls chevron for me. 

Anyways due to my life being in upheaval...a blissful upheaval at least....I have been sucking at eating right and exercise has been very non existent.  SO...there is that. Haha.  Oh and my scale is packed somewhere and I have to dig it out tonight!  Tomorrow I am going to try the Hungry girl diet! I still plan on eating two meals out a week but this will get me back in the groove of not eating out every MEAL.  I am not kidding. I have been a bad girl!  I really like this book!  It was only 18.99 at Target and of course I bought it with some chocolate mini eggs.  See. Bad.

Anyways.  I want to update you guys!  My parents are doing ok....Dad just had a birthday and found out he has diabetes!  Poor guy...but mom made him a sugar free ├ęclair for his birthday.  We celebrated at Logans.  Oh and my Dad took a job offer in Charleston. SO my parents are leaving me!!! That is right.  No immediate family in the same state. SUCKY.  Not even inlaws.

My brother...well I haven't seen him since Christmas.  He is still in San Diego.  We might get to see him in August.  Please say a prayer for him he has had an awful stomach virus this weekend. 

Bestie is getting married!  She got engaged in January and yours truly is the maid of honor. We are having a lot of fun and time is flying by at a rapid pace! She has the most gorgeous dress bought too...yall will love it.  Oh and that means I have to fit into one of these suckers in a matter of weeks...

Hubby is his own boss now.  He does flooring for a big company but he is the owner of his business if that makes sense.  Let me tell you that was SCARY at first and we really had to trust God, but I really think this was a blessing from the Lord. 

We have also been really active at our church, we love it!  We volunteer every other Sunday night as greeters. 

Well yall that is it in a nutshell!  Oh miss Noel has been as happy as ever.  Rotten, but happy.

I hope you all are doing good!!! How is your weight loss going??  Please let me know! Let me know if you have this book too!!! I will give yall a day one recap tomorrow.  Nighty night!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Days Ago...& yummy yogurt

One year ago today, my little brother was sworn into the USMC!  Now he is a Lance Corporal living in San Diego, CA!  I cant believe a year ago I was standing with my parents watching him get sworn in.  It is crazy to see how much you can accomplish in one year. 

We all have a brand new year ahead of us in 2014 and I hope this is one of the best yet for you guys and for myself and my family.  2013 was hard.  Hard but good in it's own way.  I dont feel like I have really wasted time with my weight loss.  I used to.  All of last year I kept feeling like it was slipping away but now I just feel like I was learning. 

Here we go with the rest of yesterday's food recap...

Grapes for a snack, half a cup!  Meal prepped and portioned out!

Then when I got home we had yummy chilli dogs with turkey franks. 

They taste much like regular hot dogs to me and I doctor them up too :) I put some texas pete chilli, onions, light mayo, ketchup and mustard on it.  I had some sweet potato fries (actually less than a serving I think) and about a fourth cup of baked beans.  Hubby LOVES him some baked beans and I do too really.  Is that a southern thing?  Do any of you northern peeps eat them?  I was at a texas roadhouse in PA recently and they didnt have them!!  They certianly do at ours!! lol So weird. 

Last night I managed to keep busy a lot and never ate anything else! Well I had one other hotdog haha.  Oh and I snacked on just a few of these veggie straw thingys hubby brought home but they are super low cal.

Im pretty glad that I didnt stay up late to watch the BCS National Championship because I was going to be mad the SEC lost in like the last seconds of the game.  SUCKY !!!!  Anyways. 

I went to bed before 10:30 !!  Got up at like 6:02 am.  Got my hiney to the gym!!  I drank the c4 pre workout and also had coffee. 

Today was arms and elliptical for 30 mins.  I had a feeling I will be sore tommorow.

It is SO cold that we had a two hour delay of schools in the area.  Its cray. 

Egg and oatmeal, this morning I sprinkled cinnamon sugar instead of cinnamon, better!

I got this yogurt at food lion and its so thick and creamy. I really liked it!!

Lunch was rice and chicken again with asparagus and sweet tater!! 

Well I am getting busy at work right now but I hope yall are having a great day!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Meal Prepping, C4 pre workout, & Gym time!

Hey yall!!!!

Ok I am back. 

Listen, this is probably what is going to have to happen because I have just NO time at night to blog.  I know yall think that is cray because I dont have kids but starting this year I am really going to try to be on top of things!!! And that means paying attention to my house work.  And yall know I have to walk into work 6 days a week.  Happy to have a job but stressed sometimes and trying to get it all balanced.  So I am going to try to blog during lunch!!! Ok so this is a re-cap of yesterdays eats AND today's up until lunch!

Yesterday Jacob was working but I went to church.  I had a bowl of the strawberry chocolate special k (two servings of the cereal and one cup of milk), with coffee.

Its SO GOOD!!! I love that cereal!!! Hubby is at home eating it today! Naughty hubby!!! MINE!

After church I went to the mall to exchange some jeans for my brother that I got him at Christmas that didnt fit and since he lives in SAN DEIGO and all I had to go return them and today will have to send them to California.   I also went to the VS SALE! Holla!
Oh, the above pic is thai food -rice, grilled chicken, steamed veggies (sorta steamed, no sauce that I could tell).
Then I went to Old Navy and got a few workout clothes on sale! Woot ! And some red rockstar jeans on clearance as well as a cute shirt for work on clearance.  I love a good deal!
So I came home and cleaned and paid some bills and meal prepped for this week! SO easy and I didnt even plan out a meal plan haha.  I just grabbed sweet potatoes at the grocery store but you could sub that for rice if you wanted to do something similar.  I baked the sweet potatoes in the oven and halved them, one half per lunch.  Baked up a bunch of grilled chicken tenderloins with Ms. Dash and threw in some steamed asparagus in two of them and italian cut green beans ( I split one can in two) in the other two.  Healthy and easy peasy!
This should last me for four days.  I will probably grab something to go on friday or have leftovers of some sort or a frozen meal.  I am so sick of frozen meals though!

Dinner was before my food prep though and I had a salmon burger (my last one! eek!) from Costco and steamed asparagus (7 spears are 20 calories, I think & I think I counted out seven) from aldis also about a half a cup of rice with spray butter!

It was SO good yall!!!  Ok so then I went to bed before 10:30!!! Yay!!! I got up around 5:50am. 

You read that right!!!

Got my stuff on and everything packed up and drank my C4!!!  Its pink lemonade flavor and AWESOME!!!!  You mix it with like 4-6oz of water.  Awesome, yet expensive.  For a 30 serving container I paid around 31.99 (gold card member price at gnc) although you might could find it online cheaper.  But honestly I looked foward to trying it out and getting up to workout.  I also took a coffee to go. 

I really feel that it made a difference.  NOW, I would not go around drinking this stuff like they do spark and what not.  It gave me a TON of energy but I was a bit jittery after a few hours.  Still love it, still will drink it, but ONLY before a workout. 

I got my hiney to the gym and did two ab machines.  Yall, I know I have NO IDEA really what I am doing weightlifting wise but I just want to slowly dip myself into it.  One day abs, one day arms, one day legs, everyday cardio!

Ok so I did the two machines then ran on the treadmill for 5 mins.  Nearly fell out. UGH.  Running is something you have to use or you lose. 

Then I did the elliptical (my fave) for 40 mins. 

Hott MESS.

Got to work and had breakfast.  Oatmeal from a big canister (aldis) with cinnamon and cinnamon applesauce (half a single serving).  Also a hard boiled egg ( I also prepped four of them last night). 

I had a 100 cal yogurt for a snack.

And then for lunch...half a sweet potato (with a bit of butter and cinn sugar -very small ammt) along with green beans and chicken.  I had a pack of chick fila bbq sauce with my chicken!

Yall meal prepping was honestly not hard and only took like 40 mins-1 hr to make!  I am so excited and I want to do it every week!!  Very cost effective too!!!

I hope yall are having a great day!!!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Spaghetti, Super Hubby & New Sheets

Hey loves!!

I hope you all had a great Monday and are getting ready & preparing your hearts for the Christmas season!!! I am loving it!!

I was really sick last week.  Tuesday night me and hubby went to watch the Hunger Games and eat Mexican.  My parents had given us a card with a bit of money for an anniversary present and so we went on the 5.00 movie night.  We had a great night and only paid 10 bucks out of pocket I believe!  And that is because we wanted popcorn and drinks, haha.

Well that night I realized I was feeling a bit froggy in my throat and then the next morning I woke up pretty congested.  Then fever followed with lots of sneezing, running nose, and now just a bit of coughing with a congested voice.  I feel MUCH better compared to last week. 

This weekend I stayed at home and watched Christmas movies all day.  I couldn't go to church Sunday so I watched it on tv & then the internet live.  I love my church!

Hubby has been so sweet.  He has cooked and cleaned and took care of me and grocery shopped and picked up Chinese.  He even wrapped all the rest of the presents for me Sunday.  And if you ever get a pretty wrapped present from us you can thank Jacob because I suck at wrapping presents.  :)

But tonight I came home and the floors were cleaned.  The house was cleaned. Laundry was done and he had spaghetti, garlic bread & salad all ready.  Complete with an ice cold diet coke. 

He is the bestest.  Ever.
It was so good. 
But today I went to Target and got us flannel plaid Christmas sheets!!!
I came home and decorated our bedroom a little bit and plugged in a new winter scented febreeze.  They smell the best the longest!
I hope yall are doing good, I wanted to check in and let you know what I have been up to!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Hey loves!!

Sorry I didnt post last night, I was busy cuddling this little sweet baby!!!

If anything at all makes me want kids...its tht moment when I am holding a newborn !

Ah, seriously yall he is EDIBLE!!!!

This is my cousin April's baby, by the way...I know I have mentioned his shower and such on the blog...

He is just the sweetest thing ever and his nursery is beautiful!! 
He was born on the day we left for vacation last week :( So this is the first I have gotten to see him!
I took Mommy and Daddy some KFC and got myself a chicken little and it was all downhill from there.  I suck at dieting.  But I am going to spare you those details and show what I had from lunch and breakfast!
 Pretty sure I didnt eat that banana, but the oatmeal and one egg I did eat!

I had this sweet and sour chicken Healthy Choice meal and it had one really piece of burnt chicken in it, other than that it was SO good!!

So, I contacted Healthy Choice and a few hours later they sent me an email appologizing over the burnt piece but saying they would send me some coupons in the mail so I could give them another try!  So sweet of them!  It was relly delicious despite the burnt piece I had to throw away LOL.

Later on I had one of these Kashi bars which are really good!  I love the chocolate chips in them!

Well today is Hubbys company Christmas party and I am excited to meet him over there for lunch.  They always have a delicious spread, I will try to snap a pic!
Happy Friday Everyone!  What are your plans today?