Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello from Charleston!

Well technically, I am about 20 minutes outside Charleston lol. 

I am at Mom and Dad's with the little brother.  Hubby is still home working but should be joining us later this week along with more friends and family!

So Monday night Dad came into town and picked me up and drove me down here.  We got home pretty late and it took forever for me to fall asleep.  Tuesday morning it was just me and mom at home so we sat out on the deck in the lovely weather (sunshine, cool breeze, low humidity) after she made me a delicious breakfast.  Cheesy eggs and toast.  Lots of coffee was had. 

I lounged on her second story porch and did my Bible study/quiet time.  It was glorious. 

I could get used to this!!!!
Ok so then we got ready and went and grabbed lunch at like 2:30.  Chick fila baby.  I got the cobb salad with grilled nuggets on top and used about half a pack of the salad dressing.
 It was so nice having some alone time with Mom, I really miss her!
After that Dad picked us up and we went to the airport to pick up the San Diego beach bummin little brother! 
I got a dunkin donuts coffee at the airport but it wasn't that great.
This was pretty great though! 
After that we went and got Godfathers pizza and brought it home but Jonathan promptly conked out on the couch.  Bad bad jet lag.  Plus a three hour time difference.  Plus he had been awake since the day before at 5 pm his time.  And it was then about 6pm our time. So he napped for about 3 hrs and me and mom went on a walk around the neighborhood then to publix for a few groceries and a redbox. 
We also had some of Moms sugar free ├ęclair for desert.  It is SO GOOD.
Jonathan is so funny.  He woke up this morning and opened my door to my room then shut it.  I woke up and was like "what?" No answer.  I thought maybe it was Mom but she wouldn't be that loud.  Little later I wake up and go in the bathroom and I hear Jonathan running up the stairs and I can hear him telling mom I have been asleep long enough and he is going to wake me up.  LOL.  I was like IM IN THE BATHROOM! haha. 
Now this kid is making me run. 
Then I am making him got to the pool! 
Have a lovely day my friends!

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Foods for Thought

Hey lovies!

It is a beautiful Friday morning in North Carolina and I wanted to come on today and share a little bit about what I ate yesterday.  I told you guys I am still struggling but I wanted to say that my meals yesterday for the most part were good, just the M & M's were not LOL.  I had them after lunch and last night. Which they are almost gone and I am not going to buy more until later in the fall for trick or treaters! That is the plan. 

Ok So here goes:

Breakfast: orange juice (trop 50) coffee (with half n half/splenda) bagel with blueberry cream cheese and banana. 
Lunch: Turkey on whole wheat flatbread with aldis brand of spreadable cheese, mustard and lots of veggies.  Apple on the side. 
Snack: Before dance cardio I had a yogurt with blueberries.  I wouldn't recommend this yogurt though it was not the best.  I LOVE putting blueberries on yogurt right now though!

Dinner: A Healthy Choice Chicken parm meal that I dressed up with cheese and little fried onions.  I also had some oven roasted squash that I put a little cheese and onions on too.
While watching the Odd Life of Timothy Greene (cried my eyes out, sweet movie-highly recommend-free-library!) I ate popcorn.

So if I hadn't ate candy I think the day would have been pretty good, especially since I did dance cardio.  Ok so todays plan is I have to go pick up Jacob's check and go to the bank and I need to pick up a few household items at Walmart.  I hate shopping at walmart it is such a necessary evil.  Anyways I am hanging in there and trying guys!  I had coffee, OJ and cereal this morning with almond milk so we are off to a good start.  Love yall!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Blame it on Date Night

So yesterday was well....interesting. LOL. 

I totally fell off the schedule bandwagon but that is OK! Life happens. 

Yesterday I went ended up going to Verizon and getting that done and then I went to the gym for Dance Cardio class.  I could not decided what I wanted to treat myself to for lunch.  I was still trying to be healthy.  I saw that the Asian restaurant at the mall had a deal for sha cha chicken and rice for 5.00.  You also get an egg or spring roll ( I got spring roll) with it.  I also had white rice.  So that really wasn't too bad.  But then I went to the library and then the coffee shop and got a blue berry crumble iced coffee.  Not to bad either.  The coffee is flavored and it smells just like blue berries!

Later on I got home and hubby woke up so we decided to go to eat Mexican because he actually had the night off and it was dollar taco night!  So we went.  Ended up eating pretty bad. UGH.  Then we went shopping and first stopped at Target.  We needed a desk chair badly.  We had been using an old kitchen chair and it was about to fall apart.  So we found one but it was put in the wrong place and more expensive than we thought so we put it back.  I did get a rug for the bedroom though.  I will take a pic later and let yall see.  It was like 25 bucks.  Hubby got some seat covers for his work truck.  We ended up going to see a late movie, Ninja Turtles!  It was really good.  I got the kids popcorn meal.  (paid for that with awful acid reflux this morning). 

We then went to walmart to look for a chair.  We found a cute chair there!

Our old chair is in the background hahah. 
I love it!! It was only about 40 bucks, even cheaper and prettier than the one I was going to get at Target!
I also got some cute curtains for the office that I had been eying for a while!  I will have to take another pic when I put them up!
I think they will look super good in here.  We have one huge window and the room is painted grey and the desk is black, light wood and grey.  Anyways after that I came home and ate a bunch of m & ms! UGH. And I stayed up until like 2am.  Talk about NOT going to bed on time. 

Thus, we slept in this morning and I have still not eaten lunch and I think its like 2pm.  I have lots to do but I wanted to check in with yall!  I will try to put all the house stuff up and take pics.  I am thinking of taking food pics again soon too because I am having such a hard time with staying on track.  Sorry to keep reporting failures!! Anyways.  I am still trying.  Hope yall have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Im a Princess Y'all

Well it's official. 

I am finally a Princess!!

I got my CROWN! hahaha.  A very expensive crown that I never wanted! LOL

I went two weeks ago for the temp to be put on and today they put the permanent one on!

I was not thrilled about the appointment this morning, I really wanted to get it over with but, now its over and hopefully it will stay in for a good long time. 

Anyways it is 11:30 and I have a gym class at 12:10 so I need to get ready in a few minutes.  My day was off kilter yesterday.  I did manage to get the floors clean but I did not go to the library.  I did not go to the gym but I did go to book club.  I still have some errands to do today but I am glad the floors are done and I can somewhat relax outside of doing my daily chores.  Ok so I went to one towns library on the way home from the dentist but I am still planning to go to the one near my house after the gym. 

Eating has been going OK.  Last night I had a weird dinner and a cake pop at starbucks then I ate about half a small bag of chex mix last night.  UGH.  What is wrong with me. Anyways moving on today!  I will check back in tomorrow, bye!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Healthy Summer Dinner

Hey loves! Yesterday went very well and I feel like I got a lot accomplished and even went to bed at a good time!  Having these routines written down really helped I feel like.  My eating was GREAT yesterday.  After dinner I had nothing else to eat.  No sweets, no popcorn, nothing.  I weighed in 8 ounces less this morning LOL!

Anyways our dinner was super delicious.  We did the chicken kabobs on the grill with couscous and some delicious roasted zucchini. 

Everything was SO YUM!  Anyways I just wanted to check in with y'all.  Jacob is sleeping in again this morning from getting in from work at 5am so I cannot make the bed or anything and I am trying to be quiet.  The plan for today is to finish this blog post and then drink 2 bottles of water.  I want to also balance the check book and check on some dates to put on the calendar.  Hopefully after lunch (probably eat around 12) I will get to head into downtown to go to the library and probably pick up an iced coffee from a super cute little coffee house we have as a treat :) Not a unhealthy treat, still sugar free with half and half! LOL.  I seriously cant wait for crisp fall mornings and their Charlie Brown coffee, its amazing! Somehow they make it with hazelnut and pumpkin spice flavored coffee.  It is SO GOOD.  AH, I love fall. 

After the library I need to come home and dust, then sweep and mop the floors.  That is my big chore today along with the normal daily chores.  At 5pm I have Shake N Shape at the gym for an hour and then at 6:30 is Book Club.  We are almost done with Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph.  It is a great book and I highly recommend!

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Morning Routine!

Hey loves! 

Well I must say I did actually create my routines this weekend to start implementing today!  I created the following:

-Morning Routine
-Evening Routine
-Everyday Chore List
-Daily Goals
-Weekly Cleaning Routine
-Meal Plan for the week
-Gym Routine for the week
-Decided what night will be my cheat meal (dinner) and what will be my desert splurge

Ok so today I wanted to go over my Morning Routine with you guys.  Now this will be different for everyone because we all lead different lives.  I am just sharing to maybe give ya'll a glimpse into my life right now and maybe it will encourage you to create your own if this is something you struggle with like I do!

Morning Routine (subject to change on a daily basis! lol)

-Get up on time!
-Use the Bathroom
-Weigh Myself
-Make Bed
-Feed pets
-Coffee/Orange Juice & Vitamins
-Quiet Time (reading Bible/Bible Study/Prayer Journal)
-Eat Breakfast while watching the Rachel Ray Show :)
-Work on our business stuff & balance all checkbooks
-Start Daily Chores

And that should conclude the morning!  Now let me show you how this morning has went so far!  I already had to alter my routine because I had to workout this morning while Jacob sleeps instead of this afternoon.  Plus, I am not striving for perfection.  This is a reminder of what I need to do and I hope to learn to automatically do these things and not become distracted like I USUALLY AM.  Ok so here goes!

Alarm set for 7:01 AM
Got up at like 7:15 after hitting snooze at least once.
Used bathroom
Weighed (186.6 in case you were wondering)
Recorded weight
Fed cat
Made coffee in keurig (I will usually make a pot of coffee if me and Jacob are up at the same time)
Poured glass of OJ (about 8 oz) and took vitamin (the trop 50)
Had my quiet time while drinking OJ and Coffee
Ate breakfast around 8 am got on facebook a bit
Out the door by 8:25 to go to the gym for my 8:30 Dance Cardio Class
It was a bit heavy on the squats and latin dancing but I did get to hear a Dirty Dancing Remix #baby
9:30 left class and went by Verizon which was closed.
Came home and WOULD have taken a shower except Jacob is sleeping and I realized my hair comb and stuff are in the bedroom/master bath.
Fed the dog
Balanced business and personal checkbook
I also need to clean this desk and file receipts for the business.

Now, not every day is like today.  Most days I probably wont have to sneak around the house and try to be quiet but here lately hubs has had some CRAY hours.  So anyways he needs to sleep until at least 11:30. 

Speaking of 11:30 that was about the time I made it to bed last night, so I am getting better!  I really hope to go to bed at like 10:30 or 11:00 tonight.  Not perfection, but progress people. 

I plan on having lunch in about an hour and a half.  I already drank one whole water bottle at the gym.  I want to drink two water bottles between breakfast and lunch everyday. 

I am planning to do a Morning Routine with pictures if ya'll are interested.  I want to share my other routines too.

Tonight I am planning to make chicken kabobs, couscous and roasted zucchini for dinner! I plan to take a pic of that and show ya'll tomorrow too.  I hope you are all having a great day!! What are your dinner plans tonight?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Routine for a New Way of Life

Hey guys! I guess its time for an update on my part....sorry about disappearing for a while, I am trying to get in the hang of this stay at home with no job thing! LOL.  Like, its hard.  Its not.  However I have not felt like blogging lately.  I have went from a strict "get up early go to bed by like 11pm" schedule for three and a half years and last night I stayed up until 3am.  I have adapted my schedule to my husbands and it is just NOT good for me.  Even if he has to work late sometimes I need to be on a regular schedule so I can get stuff done!

Also I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight back. 

Yep, scale is higher than it has been in like two years. 

I have got to get a routine going. 

Ok so I have decided on a little food plan that I am going to try.  NOW, things may get switched up because I am probably going to be at my parents the last week of August in SC but I still hope to keep this up. 

I have found what one of my problems is, and that my friends, is variety.  I have too many choices and options.  I need to think of food as fuel and not as my happy times of the day.  I need to eat a little lower in cholesterol and pretty much develop an eating system that will take me through decades in life.

I am sick of counting points.  I am sick of counting calories.  I have no job and I still cannot even bring myself to track all my food. LAZY.  Or burnt out, either way I need a new system.  And that my friends is what I am going to do. My plan is to eat the same breakfast and then give myself maybe two options for lunch and then a healthy dinner.  Maybe one night of the week splurge on a not so healthy dinner and one desert.  Or part of one desert.  My workout plan is to keep going to my classes at the gym, which I love. 

I also love these two cutie pies and I want to be healthy and on a good routine for them.  If mama aint happy aint nobody happy! haha. 
I have messed around and tried different things for about a month and these are the habits that have stuck:
Monday-grocery shop, clean
Tuesday-library, do something fun, clean more
Wednesday-no routine really
Thursday-same here, maybe clean more
Friday-Always feels like I need to go shopping and eat out.
Saturday-still feels like I need to eat out.
Sunday-Church, eat out, be lazy, help hubs with his invoices. 
I started out for sure cleaning on a few days but that fell by the wayside.  I need to write a schedule and post it and go by it.  That is my goal for this weekend.  Create a schedule and quit thinking of the weekends as eat out days.  I do not plan to eat out today but I probably will after church tomorrow. I also like getting ideas from people but I want to quit comparing myself and thinking that if someone does something I have to do it too.  I want to create something that works for me and my lifestyle. 
Do you have a weekly routine?  Do you work inside the home or do you leave for work? I am going to try to post my Monday schedule on Monday to hold myself accountable!