Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bang Bang Shrimp!

Yesterday was my first time in all my 27 years of trying Bang Bang Shrimp!

My plans yesterday was to leave work, go pick up my Mom something for her birthday and go to the gym.  However, Hubby was comming into town the same time and didnt have his gym clothes so instead somehows I ended up shopping and eating Red Bowl at the Mall.



I stared at the menu until I felt like a crazy person and the waitress decided to give me more time.  I wanted the shrimp and broccoli but they didnt have a smaller portion and I wasnt hungry enough to justify 13.00 on it.  So I got a bento box and decided to try the bang bang shrimp.  It was OK.  I loved the sauce but it was a little tooooo breaddy for me.  I ate about 3 pieces and then shared the rest with hubby.  He let me have some of his healthy chicken and broccoli which was awesome.  That is what I SHOULD have got. LOL.  I also got a spring roll and some white rice.  That sushi on my plate was for him. I do NOT like sushi.

Sorry that all the food was almost gone before i rememebed to take a pic. LOL.

Oh this would have been up last night but I was too lazy and decided to relive the 90's and watch I Know What You Did Last Summer.  LOVE me some Freddie Prince and Sarah Michelle!  I wanted hair just like hers when I was 13.  How weird that that movie is like 16 years old?!  CRAY I TELL YOU!!!

Ok so anyways for breakfast yesterday I had a weird montage.  I was running out the door and decided i would take crackers and I had some peanut butter at work.  I also had part of a banana. 

Oh and I was so happy that my candles finally came in from Bath and Body works. 

I go tthe Leaves and Pumpkin Cupcake.  PUMPKIN CUPCAKE SMELLS SO GOOD!!!!

Yall. I am for reals.  I burned a lil one in my office and it smells good enough to eat.  I also have the air freshner for my car.  SO YUMMY!!!

Lunch was kung poa chicken by healthy choice cafe steamers and some veggies from the night before.  I also got come carrot chips and about one tbsp of blue cheese on the side. 

Loving my pears with cinnamon however really mad that the whole can is like 200 cals.
My favorite yogurt right now!!! Its like a desert, so good!

Anyways I hope yall have a great day...and in honor of National Cat day yesterday, here is a hello from Noel!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Lookin Hubby Cookin!

Hello loves!

Well, it was a Monday! Glad that is over haha. 

Hubby had the day off was a cold, rainy, and dreary morning, nice to be inside!  I had to leave for work though so he made me an English muffin with egg, turkey sausage and a bit of cheese.  I had part of a really old banana.  He made me some pumpkin spice coffee too.  He is the best. 

Then for lunch I had a Healthy Choice Bake, the turkey one.  It is really good and only 190 calories!
I had a salad with a tiny bit of cheese and real bacon on top and some light thousand island dressing. 
Then for a "desert" I had some canned pears with cinnamon on top.
That was probably a bit too much cinnamon.
I also had to make a stop at target today for some things for work and I got an iced coffee.
My sweet hubby also cooked dinner tonight!  It was ready when I walked in the door! 
Orange chicken, mixed veggies, rice, egg roll.  It was so good!
I had a bit of candy corn and one dark chocolate Hershey kiss.
I also had one 100 calorie pack of the dole dippers.
Anyways, now we are watching tv and relaxing.  I am so tired.  I am trying to decide whether or not to work out in the morning or tomorrow evening.  When do you do your workouts?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm a Mighty Kid.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Hubby said when he went to work this morning it was 34 degrees! Wowzers.

I went to work and then to the dollar store for a few items.  After that Walmart, for what felt like three years. Walmart is very similar to a black hole.

I came home and started a potato soup in the crockpot and started cleaning.  I still need to finish laundry before I go to bed but I wanted to share my eats! 

Breakfast was a Yoplait light raspberry cheesecake yogurt (MY FAVE) with a banana and coffee.

For lunch I had McDonalds because I was hungry and there is one inside Walmart.

I got the Mighty Kids Meal Chicken nuggets.  It comes with a small fry and apples.  I had BBQ sauce.

I love the buckets, they used to do ones like these when I was a kid!

Then right before dinner I had another yogurt, which was really good too! 

Dinner was a crockpot copy cat Outback Steakhouse Potato Soup recipe that I found on pinterest!

It was so easy and SO good and only 151 calories per cup the way I made it.  It made 11 cups for me.
I used green onions, cheese and real bacon bits for toppings. 
Poor hubby ate dinner and fell right asleep on the couch.
Well I better finish the laundry and get my butt in bed!  Night!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Sundae on a Friday


Today was cray cray.

Ok for one, hubby got me four new tires and an alignment on the car and then discovered we apparently need to replace the starter. Ayeeee.

Oh well, I prayed and prayed and by the grace of God it hopefully wont cost much.  One of the perks of working at a dealership I guess. But still, no fun.

Anyways.  Breakfast was good.  We went by one of our favorite coffee shops for the "Zombie" blend this morning! I loved it.  Hubby then brought me an egg mcmuffin and apple slices from McDonalds.

DANG it my pic didn't upload and I don't feel like getting up to get my phone.  I am so relaxed on the couch right now.  Aunt Flowe has been visiting for about two solid days now and my tummy has been a bit cramped.  So I have  heating pad, blanket and a nice warm hubby beside me.  Oh and a new Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle burning, SMELLS SO GOOD!!

Ok so lunch was a smart ones chicken fajita which I totally forgot to take a pic of. :(

But then me and hubs shared a butterfinger in the midst of our car problems.

I had about half, maybe a lil less.  But we will go with half.

Then I had 522 cals left for dinner.  Oh I had a banana with lunch.

We went to Red Bowl and got potstickers because they had half price apps. 

I had three.
Then I got the special Honey Chicken and it was basically sweet and sour chicken pieces but covered in honey instead.  It was kinda weird and a bit strong on the honey.  Would not order it again.
I asked for some sauces to dip with it. 
Ok so then after we went walking around the mall we got our free cookie sundaes from Chick fila.  It is part of the calendar they sell at Christmas time every year.  Every month has something free and this month it was a sundae.  Pretty sure I missed out on the last two freebies because I ran out of time/and forgot. LOL.
It was good but I got full and let hubby eat the rest of the cookies at the bottom.  It was pretty little so that is a good thing LOL. 
Anyways, yall it wasn't a great day but it could have been worse because by the end of the day I really wanted to face plant in some chips and queso. 
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ta Da!!!!

I'm Backkkk!!!!

I missed you all terribly I just have been insanely busy!! And when I am not busy I am tired. 

So, part of the busyness was due to this guy...

The Little Brother actually got to come home for about two weeks before he left for San Diego, his new home :(
And yes, I am totally jealous, especially after seeing all his cool pics he posted today!!!
So anyways...weight loss...well lets just say I have been scared to weigh!
I have spent a lot of time with family and any time my brother is home it feels like a holiday!
I am not going to lie yall..this year has been ROUGH. 
But I am back and really ready to get back on track. 
I honestly hate feeling gross and eating crap. 
Anyways I want to kinda get back to basics so I decided I would take food pics today because I think yall like those??  Give me some feed back on what you would like to see on the blog...if anyone is still here! LOL.
Ok so breakfast was a yogurt and banana and coffee.
Then lunch was a smart ones pepperoni pizza with a side salad.
No more snacking!
Then I got home and I had some fun mail! I love fun mail!
And I came in from the cold to a warm house with beef stew simmering away in the crockpot.
I made some rice to go with it.
I had about a half a cup of rice and maybe 3 cups of beef stew!
I could NOT stop eating it. BAD!!
Then I made some pumpkin fluff and had a lick of that before I put it in the fridge. 
Then a cherry poptart.  ONE poptart and not the whole pack.
And a small glass of milk.
Well, its a start!
I hope yall are doing great and I am going to try to record my food daily again. 
Is it cold where you are? It has gotten SO cold lately and I love it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee. You are me amigo.

I have seriously. Seerrrrrrrr-issshly. Been loving some coffee lately.

I drink it like all the time. 

Espically now since I am trying to eat very little at night.  Unless I am truely hungry.

Usually I am just truely snacky.

But I love sipping on a decaf coffee with fat free half and half. 

However today I bought these portion controlled babies:

Gettin my pumpkin on, ya'll.

Ok so yesterday I made a delicious rendition of a stuffed baked potatoe. 

I had chicken deli meat cut up and cheese sprinkled on it, with some spray butter.  I had soup on the side.  So good.

And speaking of coffee they are giving away free coffee at mcdonalds.

Something about national coffee day?  I think its going on till October 6th.

Ok yall....I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!  Stay AWAY from the Halloween Candy!!!!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Munchkins & Dinner

Hey there :)

Ok so I totally should have blogged last night but Jacob has been home and I have been lazy :)

Or...blazy...(Blog+Lazy) haha.

In fact last night, after I cooked dinner I proceeded to watch two random, yet beloved 80's movies that completley drained my time, Thank you ABCFamily.

Pretty in Pink.  And Sixteen Candles.

In case you were wondering. 

Ok sooooo yesterday I was feeling a little bit like I needed a fall treat.

I went by Dunkin Donuts and they had no sugar free pumpkin syurp to put in my coffee which was quite disturbing, however they did have pumpkin munchkins :)

I ordered two munchkins and a medium coffee.


It totally hit the spot and I ate them as slowwwww as possible.

Ok so then last night I made spanish rice (box mix from Aldis that you add canned diced tomatoes to) and porkchops. Or tenderloins....whatever they are.  They were frozen so I baked them with Ms. Dash fiesta lime seasoning and salt and pepper.  VERY GOOD.

I cut mine up.
Also had a small side salad.
Ok yall I saw another great number on the scale and I am soooo happy. If I can just keep at it now!!
Oh I need to show yall my fall decor that I got from Michaels, Walmart and Goodwill! Haha. I will try to post that this weekend!! I am loving it all! Now if we can just get a bit more cooler temps and prettier leaves :)
Oh and my cousin Ashley made a fall TREE!! Its soooo cool!!!
I really need to get back into the groove of exercising.  My bank account reminded us yesterday when it's annual $29.00 fee came through for both me and Jacob.  Blah.
So a gym trip should be in my near future!
Love you all and hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Today was a win for various reasons folks!

Firstly, I lost another 2.2 lbs at weight watchers!  woooot woooot!!!

That brings my total to 4.8 and I am currently the lowest that I have been thus far in the past YEAR!

Also we ordered papa johns at work today.

About 3 hrs before my weigh in.

I ate nothing.

I had very low willpower too when I could smell it!


I would have totally had a piece but it was my weigh in day! No thanks!

Plus I looked around and thought it had all been eaten.

LATER I found out there was a piece left!  Good thing I hadn't known that!!!

Hubs finally came home after being out of town for the past 5 days just in time to get me a new car battery and take me out to dinner. Winning!

Haha. Love him.

Oh, and the little brother gets to come home in 7 days.


I love you all.