Thursday, October 3, 2013

Munchkins & Dinner

Hey there :)

Ok so I totally should have blogged last night but Jacob has been home and I have been lazy :)

Or...blazy...(Blog+Lazy) haha.

In fact last night, after I cooked dinner I proceeded to watch two random, yet beloved 80's movies that completley drained my time, Thank you ABCFamily.

Pretty in Pink.  And Sixteen Candles.

In case you were wondering. 

Ok sooooo yesterday I was feeling a little bit like I needed a fall treat.

I went by Dunkin Donuts and they had no sugar free pumpkin syurp to put in my coffee which was quite disturbing, however they did have pumpkin munchkins :)

I ordered two munchkins and a medium coffee.


It totally hit the spot and I ate them as slowwwww as possible.

Ok so then last night I made spanish rice (box mix from Aldis that you add canned diced tomatoes to) and porkchops. Or tenderloins....whatever they are.  They were frozen so I baked them with Ms. Dash fiesta lime seasoning and salt and pepper.  VERY GOOD.

I cut mine up.
Also had a small side salad.
Ok yall I saw another great number on the scale and I am soooo happy. If I can just keep at it now!!
Oh I need to show yall my fall decor that I got from Michaels, Walmart and Goodwill! Haha. I will try to post that this weekend!! I am loving it all! Now if we can just get a bit more cooler temps and prettier leaves :)
Oh and my cousin Ashley made a fall TREE!! Its soooo cool!!!
I really need to get back into the groove of exercising.  My bank account reminded us yesterday when it's annual $29.00 fee came through for both me and Jacob.  Blah.
So a gym trip should be in my near future!
Love you all and hope you are having a great week!


  1. Congrats on the loss! Happy Almost Friday!!!

    1. Thanks hun you too!!! Cant wait to watch us some football tommorow! RTR!!

  2. Suddenly.... I want to try a DD chicken sandwich. :) LOL

  3. I'm hoping I can find some sf pumpkin syrup this week! Glad the scale is being good to you :)

    1. Thank you Suzanne! If you have a world market, I think they carry it!

  4. I love Sixteen Candles & Pretty in Pink! Congrats on another great loss at your weigh in this week!!! I have been stuck for a while now & I have started tracking everything on paper like I used to a long time ago. I printed up the same free printable that you did I think from freckleberry. I have actually been trying to calculate points & cals the last few days. I took all my recipes from MFP & calculated points plus on all of them & wrote them down in my book, Then I pretty much calculated points on everything I eat in my kitchen & wrote it all down in my book too just so it would be there & I wouldn't have to do it again later. I just need to get out of this rut I've been in & I have done sooo much better these last few days of writing everything down. I don't know why I ever stopped doing that because you are much more likely to give it more thought if you have to see if on paper I think. Do you think that the accountability of having to go weigh in is what's helping you the most, or do you think that eating more fruits & veggies since they are free is helping to curb your hunger more than before? Or do you just think you needed a change to get excited about? I can see that I'm eating about the same number of calories as I am points but just doing both & writing it all down is helping me to give more thought to what I'm eating. And once I started calculating both, I found myself eating more fruits & veggies than before which we all know is good for us no matter what plan we're I do think WW helps you to eat better & make better choices just because of that if nothing else.

    1. That is awesome girl!! Well actually what I think it is is a combination of three things, maybe four.

      1. I was loving the counting calories HOWEVER during my weight loss, what I was eating...CHANGED. I do not eat as much processed crap anymore. I eat more fruits/vegs and it really REALLY annoyed me that I had to try to estimate calories for them. I LOVE that they are free. And zero points, most all the time.
      2. It is definetly helping me knowing that i have to weigh in and PAY for it now. Its like a subject in school that I really want to ace haha. Its encouraging having the meetings to go to and the leaders give me encouragment when I weigh in and I love the little mini magazines they give you.
      3. And yes I do think that eating more fruits and veggies are helping me. I eat pears and apples and bananas all day opposed to 100 calorie snacks. I still have stuff like that but I rarely eat it. AND I feel soooo much fuller when I have my fruits and veggies. That helps too.
      4. I try not to eat a heavy dinner if I can help it. I really try to watch my portion sizes.

      I hope you are doing good girl, let me know either here or on facebook the points for some of your yummy recipes!!! How many points is your veg beef soup? I need to make that! haha

    2. I probably should measure it out again to be absolutely accurate but I'm pretty sure it makes 18 cups & if so, it would be 2 pp per cup based on adding the jug of tomato juice, 2 cans green beans, 1 can of carrots, 2 cans corn, 1 can of sweet peas & I also add a can of cannelini beans now to add even more fiber & protein. The points are based on counting everything but the green beans & the carrots. I just made it last night but I just didn't measure it out again because I can kinda judge by how many cups I know my pot holds. Like what I do is measure out cups of water in my diff pots to see exactly how many cups each one holds & what it looks like at x number of cups so that if I make soup or chili I can just look at it & say that it's about 16-18 cups. Makes y life simpler because I hate having to measure out all that soup into a diff container then I have to wash something else lol

    3. And the pound of hb meat also. I always get the 96/4 now because I can't tell any diff in that and the 93/7 & it's less calories & fat.

  5. I love love love coffee lol (really love free coffee haaha) is Staci she coming back?


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