Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mom's White Apple Dip

Today my friends you are going to be introduced to one of the most delicious little concotions ever!!

But first you get to see all my food from today...arent you excited?!

I got up early this morning and met my cousin to walk again.  I burned 195 calories in 37ish minutes. Not too shabby.

Then I had my YUMMY Protein shake on the way to work.


This shake is DA BOMB DIGGITY.

Yes, I totally went all old school 1990's on you guys.

It is THAT good.

It's thick and has just the right ammount of sweet without tasting fake and nasty like some protein shakes do.  Or chalky nasty.

It was like vanilla bean goodness in a melty milkshake form. GREAT stats too!!

160 cals
I was SAD when it was gone.
You can get them at a Sam's club, supposing yours has them.  However they are a bit pricey :(
18.00 some odd dollars for 12.
But I plan on making them stretch for two weeks worth of breakfasts (M-Sat).
Cool deal?
Then at my desk I had a boiled egg mashed up with some dijonaise
75 calories
Later on I had a mid morning snack.
I got this at whole foods on our anniversary trip to fancy town a.k.a. south park area.  It was 230 calories of yummy goodness.  I think I may even like this better than Lara Bars!
It tasted kinda like a brownie too and soft, not hard and dried up like some protein bars, and it had a good sweetness to it, not a fake one.
And when lunch time rolled around I headed to aldis to get some chips my cousin had told me about.
These, on the other hand are cheapy goodness for all you Frugal Diva friends of mine :)
$1.79 a bag!
Vegetable chips 130 cals (about a cup) and Tuna salad 185 cals with onion and pickle chopped up which I didnt count cals for.
SO GOOD and filling.
I also had some cottage cheese with it- 90 cals.
Then I had a MOST delicious afternoon snack.
This is a concotion that my mother was telling me she has been eating with apples latley, although its so good you could probably dip your shoe in it and it wouldnt be so bad.
Ok gross. I was totally kidding. DO NOT DIP YOUR SHOE IN IT.
Anyways here is what you need:
Low fat cream cheese (1 TBSP) and marshmallow creme (2 TBSP)
This comes out to 80 calories. It makes enough to eat a WHOLE apple with.
I mixed together both of them. 
(You could also use less, like a teaspoon of each to cut the calories it would be the same)
Also if you use kraft not the aldis brand of marshmallow creme then its 75 cals :)

It is the yummiest marshmallow dip EVERRR!!!
You could also get those little 35 calorie pack of apples at like mcdonalds and it would be a 100 calorie snack!!! Boooo yah.
You are welcome.
Thanks Mom!
Anyways I was a slacker and didnt go to kickboxing tonight.

At least I did go to the gym once today though.
But dinner was amazzzzen.
Costco angus patty 280 cals/broccoli steamed about a cup and then 47ish cals of cheese on it/160 cals of rice and maybe about 50 cals in sauteed mushrooms and onions.
I had a very good on point day with my eating! SO THANKFUL!
I need to create another goal I think.  So I am going to set one for Christmas.
I want to be down another 5 lbs!
Hopefully more but we are not going to set our sights too high with Christmas parties, etc comming up. 

We are trying to survive and thrive!
Lets do this.
Have a good one! And go make you some apple dip!!
Oh and if you have children I know they would LOVE it, and a great way for them to eat their fruits! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being REAL

Hey guys!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful wednesday!!

I woke up and went walking with my mom and cousin before work this morning!  Time flew by we were having so much fun talking!

My cousin actually told us about these awesome protein shakes she buys at Sam's club and mom went and picked them up! They are 160 cals 1 gram of sugar and 3 g of fat and 30 GRAMS PROTEIN! 

I cant wait to try one for breakfast and report to you all how they are!

Anyways breakfast this morning was :

2 egg whites/1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/4 cup applesauce
I had subway for lunch
turkey on wheat with mustard and vinegar and veggies and cheese
potatoe chips 150 cals
Later I had an apple :)
Which by the way...if you want to follow me on instagram I am lauryn1118
And later I had a cheese stick...same one i have been eating the past two days.
Then i got home and I was STARVING.
I am telling you I need to buy more popcorn and have that at work that really seems to help at dinner time.
I had another dang 100 calorie pretzle pack. UGH.
THEN it was my grandpa's birthday so we all went to the fish camp.
I was a totally naughty girl, I had popcorn shrimp with about 3 (maybe) hushpuppies, a baked potatoe and a little cup of slaw.
Not cool lauryn. Not cool.
But you all know I am going to be real with you and not say i had a salad with extra carrots for dinner.
This is real life and sometimes I really mess up and regret my choices.
But what is different about NOW, is that I move on. I try my best to make better decisions the very next MEAL not the next monday.  You cant give up one night because you ate too much shrimp. 
How will you ever succede?
One foot in front of the other.
Lets look at the good choices I made.
I had great healthy snacks (minus the 100 cal pack) and a great lunch and breakfast. Plus I got a workout in! Burned 183 cals!
Tommorow I am excited to try the protein drink and I will probably have tuna or something heavy in protein for lunch.  Who knows :)
I hope you sweetie pies have a great night and thank you all SO much for your sweet comments yesterday, I LOVE ME SOME COMMENTS!!! :)
Nighty Night ! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hungry Hippo

Do yall remember that game?

Hungry, Hungry HIPPOooos! lol

Well that is how I have felt.

All day.

HONESTLY hungry. Not bored hungry. In tune with my body and ravenous.

Dont know why. Maybe my body is in shock that its not on vacation anymore LOL.


Breakfast was an old faithful.

Lean pocket Breakfast: Sausage egg and cheese
180 calories
I used to eat these ALL the time. So quick and good and cheap only like 74 cent or something at walmart.
Then I was HUNGRY at like 10 something so I had a cheese stick
70 calories
Is that not the CUTEST Tervis tumbler EVER?
They were having a FANTASTIC black friday sale so me and hubs picked some up for us and a marine one for my brother for Christmas.
That was lemonade crystal light in it. So good. I have been loving it today.
Deli chicken sandwich with dijonaise on walmart brand wheat bread with baked bbq chips from aldis and a 50 cal peach cup.
Bread=120 cals/meat=50 cals/chips=120 cals
ALSO i was still HUNGRY so I had a 100 cal pack
Then around 4 ish I got HUNGRY again and made prob the best choice out of the crap food in the vending machine and got a bag of goldfish.
200 cals
I had SO many empty calories today...NOT happy about that. So I made dinner a hearty one.
Salmon burger=170/green beans=60 cals probably -I bet I had aa cup and a half
Rice was probably a cup and a half prob 320 cals (too many i know) and then a cup and half of hoppin john 240 cals
I ate a lot for dinner, but it was all healthy except the rice, which is probably better for me than a lot of alternatives so I am not upset, I listened to my body and I am not going to have a desert tonight I am full.
I am so excited because my cousin just joined my fitness pal and we are supposed to go walking in the morning! Stoked!!
I love having new fitness buddies and if you want to be my friend on MFP my name is lauryn86 just friend me and mention in a msg that you are from the blog, you dont have to, but i like to know :)
And to answer a sweet reader of mine, I LOVED the PB and J lara bar!!! I would definetly repurchase it and it has sweet and nutty/salty i loved it.
Have a good night beautiful people!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap & A Day OFF!

Hey there :)

Let me just say, I have had a fabulous day off of work today!

As you know, if you have been reading, we went on vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and just got back last night!  We left Thanksgiving morning, bypassed the Turkey & Dressing and headed straight for the mountains!

My eating started off great, but ended Ehh...

However I only gained 2ish pounds! yay. Sorta.

Oh well, on to loosing those pounds again and many more.

I got all comfy and we headed out!

And arrived at this lovely hotel: The Edgewater
On River Rd. in Gatlinburg, TN


Good hair day



Haha so thats our trip in a few pictures! Too much to write about as I have a tons more to do tonight!
I took today off work so I could rest up, restock on groceries and get our the Christmas decor!
This morning I slept in until the liesurly hour of about 9am.
Then I got up and had my quiet time with God, reading the Bible.
I had a Peanut Butter & Jelly Lara Bar and some coffee with FF Half and Half
210 cals for the bar
Then I went to Target...because what girls day off doesnt involve Tar-jay?
Grande Thanksgiving Blend with half and half and splenda
Lunch was at Grandma's house (she's home now! yay!) with Mom, who made Oryster Stew...YUM!
405 calories
Then I had to grocery
Then I came home and started decorating more! 

We put our tree up last night, but today I added a mini cupcake tree and an Elvis/pink tree!
Mini cupcake tree
0 calories
70 calories
I had a weight watcher colby cheese stick before running out the door to the dollar store.
For dinner I was super tired and Hubs was working so I had grilled cheese, chips and soup.
490 calories
And desert was a skinny cow ice cream
Tommorow is back to work!
I hope you all had a great holiday!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winner Winner Cupcake Dinner!!

Hello Lovelies!!!

We are back from a much needed fabulous vacation in Gatlinburg, TN!

It was so pretty there!

I will do a re-cap and post some pictures with tommorow's blog post & food pics as we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming!

But I did want to quickly jump on here and post the winner of the giveaway I posted for Thanksgiving!

See guys....
I am old school....
So you all who commented recieved one entry, then as I stated you recieved additional entries if you tweeted, blogged or facebooked about it!
So I put all the names on pieces of a *special* orange cup
And SHOOK it up realllll good.
Then Hubs picked one out of the cup like so...
Then we opened it to see who the lucky winner was!
And it was AMY!
Congrats Amy!!!
Please email me your address to so that I can get your prize pack out in the mail!!
Here is a little teaser for tommorow...
Thank you all for entering!!! I hope you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Lots of Love from me to YOU!!! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving Eve my sweeties!!!

Actually in about 8 minutes it will officially be Thanksgiving!!!

I have a givaway for you all...items purchased with my own money that will be shipped by me, just because I love you guys and I am SO thankful for you!!!

I am so very thankful for this little blog and all of you sweethearts that keep me going with your kind and encouraging comments!

I am thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins.

I am thankful for my precious family: Husband, Mom, Dad, Brother, In laws...

I am thankful for my Bestie, Bible study girls, and my Kickboxing class...

I am thankful for a job and a roof over my head.

I am thankful for the weight I have been able to loose so far!

I am thankful for my education and teachers who impacted my life on a huge level.

I am thankful for a healthy body, that I am learning to take full advantage of, and to be able to live a healthy lifestyle!

I am thankful I have reliable transportation...

I am thankful for my mean cat and sweet dog...

I am thankful for another beautiful day that I got to live today....

And in honor of Thanksgiving I am giving away a CUPCAKE prize pack! Haha.

It includes:

An Adorable Cupcake Calendar!

A cupcake soap!

A Cupcake Ornament for your tree!

And a pack of Cupcake Bites candy!

And who knows if I may throw something else in there as well? :)
Here's how to enter!
(top right corner)
1. Leave a comment telling me one thing you are thankful for.
2. Recieve another entry if you post this giveaway on facebook and leave a comment telling me you did so.
3. Tweet about this giveaway (if you have twitter, personally I don't) haha.  Leave a comment telling me you tweeted!
4. If you blog, blog about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did.
This way you can have up to four entries!
***Remember if you leave a comment under anynomous please tell me your name! 
This contest begins now and will last until Sunday night at 8pm. 
We are going out of town for Thanksgiving and will be back on Sunday night, I hope you all have a fabulous, safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of Love!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lunch with Mom!

Hello there!

It's late and I had to finish Mockingjay so I can return it to the liburary tommorow sooo this will be breif. Sorry. lol.


Same as yesterday-oatmeal, honey and banana!
Lunch was with mom at a favorite local restaurant!
Sweet Mom treated me today :)
Best thing I ate all day!
Hamburger steak with grilled onions on top. Green beans a roll and a side salad with ranch.
Check MFP for cals today if you are interested lol, iam too tired. Sorry loves!
I went to Zumba, which rocked tonight!
Then I came home on a mission to get a ton of things done.
We are leaving to go out of town Thursday!
I hurried and heated up half a cup of leftover chilli from last night and put it on a bun with a piece of cheese!
I did a few chores and cleaned some then had dinner part B!
Flat out with turkey sausage, pep, and mozz cheese
I saw a friend of mine at the gym today and she told me I was looking good and asked how much weight I had lost. I love times like this!!!
She actually movitaved me to loose the weight, she has been so great loosing weight here recently too!
Anyways, stay tuned because I MAY do a regular post tommorow AND a giveaway or maybe JUST a GIVEAWAY!!!!
I cant wait for yall to see all the "sweet" goodies! Muwhahah.
Nighty Night!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Seconds More

Hey ya'll.

Happy Monday.

I have to say, it was not bad for a Monday.

My day went by pretty quickly and I hope yours did too :)

Breakfast was a heat and eat!

Coach's Oats with a teaspoon of raw honey (from the mnts) and about 2/3 of a small banana
236 cals
Later on I had some coffee with Bailey's French Vanilla Creamer
40 cals
Then I went by the Dollar Tree.
Um...are these not the CUTEST window clings ever?
They are on my office door :)
I also have like the most ADORB little tree set up too! I will have to take pics tommorow!
Then lunch was a quickie- from McDonalds.
Southwestern grilled chicken salad w/SW dressing 390 cals
diet coke 0 cals
Then the day just flew by!
I come home and got ready to go to the gym.
First I cant find my license.
Then I lock myself out of the house.
FINALLY I get my butt there.
I ain't gonna lie.
I was TOTALLY not feeling it.
But I started running.
Then I didnt stop until 18 mins and 30 seconds later.
Then I finished my 45 minutes walking around a 3.0-3.5 pace.
Did you see that?
I ran 30 seconds longer than last time :)
But like I said..I had to push every last bit of energy out of my body to do it.
And really....It amazes me...what my body is capable of.
So many times I have thought I could only do so much...
...only because that's all I was trying.
You look at the people who are on the biggest looser...and you are like..HOW in the world do they DO that?
Now, I want to sweat.
I want to have to come home and have to take a shower because I made the most of my workout time. 
And it feels good.
Then I got home and was PRETTY give out.
Like I am now.
So I showered quickly and got to makin my dinner for one tonight!
 I love this stuff. Its only like 210 cals for a cup AND like 3g of fat!
I drizzled Texas pete on it and put about a half serving of cheddar cheese on top with one serving of tortilla chips on the side.
405 calories
Then...I still was able to have my desert!
skinny cow with caramel drizzle!
If you ever feel like giving up...just PUSH through.
Get some movitation going.
Some of my favorite motivators:
1. A new magazine-fitness related
2. You tube weight loss videos
3. Biggest Looser (if its on tv)
4. A pic of yourself you HATE.
5. A pic of yourself you LOVE.
6. New workout clothes.
7. Exercise-It always makes me want to eat right.
I hope this helps my sweeties!
Thank you all so much for the kind words and comments about the wedding dress challenge! You all motivate and inspire me...every single day.