Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November my favorite month EVER!

Hello beautimous people!!

And welcome to my favorite month of the year. 

And why is November your favorite you may ask?

Is it your birthday?


It's Mom's Birthday, Election Day!, The Southern Christmas Show, Our 6th Anniversary, Vacation & Thanksgiving!!!! All rolled into one fabulous month!! So many things to be excited for!


Breakfast was a total fail.  I tried an older packet of oatmeal and it tasted really I decided to not eat that.

Instead I had crackers and a reduced fat cheese stick. 

280 calories including my creamer in my coffee
Then I had to run to the mall to grab a last minute bday gift and some of Bath and Body Works new Christmas Soaps!
0 calories (haha)
So I decided to pick up some Chickfila for lunch!  I had a coupon for a free small drink and I was in a big rush this morning and didn't pack anything.
450 calories + 100 calories for Reduced Fat Honey Mustard Dressing
Which I dont know if I even had that many calories because i think that Chickfila includes the sunflower seeds and crutons into their calories, which I don't eat.  But I had about half a pack of bbq sauce.  I got the chicken tender salad or whatever its called.  NOT grilled. I HATE the grilled chicken (only on the salads)  it grosses me OUT THE DOOR!
Ok so no snacking today :) YAY!
Then I went to kickboxing and burned 830 calories according to MFP.
Hollaaaa atcha girl.
Then came home and made these awesome flat out pizzas that I have been craving ever since Alissa ate them the other day!
568 calories
Yes, I totally ate both.  They have the following toppings:  Classico spaghetti sauce, arugula/spinach mix, onions, roasted red peppers, turkey sausage, turkey pepporonni, mozzarella cheese. 
It was really good. 
For good measure, just because I didn't want to be TOO perfect today (yeah, right hahaha) I decided to eat a Reese cup (these are even smaller than normal ones).
105 calories
I put the cat in the picture so you could see a softer side of my little terror.  :)
Nighty Night !!!


  1. The kitty was only being good because it was on an inhaled chocolate/pb high! Haha That is so funny that grilled ckn on a salad grosses you out! We all have our quirks... mine involves toilet lids and yours involves chicken on salads. haha :)

    1. hahah actually what I meant was THEIR grilled chicken salads grosses me out. I LOVE their grilled chicken sandwich but the chicken they put on salads is sooo nastyyyy. lol. Yes kitty prob would love some reese cup, however she is a freak about some whip cream!!! ADDICTED!!!

  2. The flat out pizzas look so good!! I have defiantly got to try that!!! and GO YOU!! only one Reeses cup!! I wish I could say the same!!

    1. LOL!!! Girl I tried not to eat the candy but now all the tempting stuff is gone i think all we have left is whoppers which i can do without LOL!! Thanks the pizzas were great you MUST try them!!!

  3. I have to get to Bath & Body Works too to get some stuff. How much do you love that store? Those pizzas look so good I am going to try those soon. I may need to check out a kickboxing class too. Wow it burns a lot of calories huh?

    1. Oh yesss my dear and if you cant find a class, do the jillian michaels dvd kickboxing fast fix its like the same thing almost! I loveeee me some bbw girl!! they KNOW me in that store hahahaha.

  4. Replies
    1. Girl you need them in your life!! haha :)

  5. hehe I love the 0 calories under the soap. :) Aren't those pizzas delicious!? And so easy!

    1. LOL ! I was hoping someone would notice that haha. YES girl the pizzas were sooo yummy!!! I want ham and pineapple next!! LOL


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