Saturday, November 10, 2012

Merry Christmas Y'all~!

Murrrry Christmas Errrrbody!!!! :)


Can you tell Im in the Christmas spirit?

I totally am.

Today was pretty nice.

I woke up and went to work, per usual every saturday.

Paleo Pumpkin Muffin-98 cals, a smear of whipped PB=75 cals reduced fat cheese stick=60 cals and fruit cup was 50 cals
Then I finally got to go home and a I caught up on the Hunger Games!
I am now done with book 2!
Lunch was some very attractive tuna salad with light mayo=225 cals and light chips=75 cals
I am on book 3 and loving it so far!
So then I went to my cousins baby shower, she is having a little girl Kaylie Brook. Cute :)
Then Mom and Dad, me and Hubs and my aunt and uncle had planned on going to The Southern Christmas show.  It runs from Nov 8th-18th and its THE BEST!!!!
Its like the 45th annual one I believe. And its seriously amazing. 
They transform this expo center into a Christmas wonderland with beautiful Christmas tree displays, and vendors and even have people come sing, etc.
Well it ended up that we all ended up going seperately. 
So me and hubs get up there and its just BEAUTIFUL yall.
They have long dangling icecicle lights hanging up when you walk in and just beautiful decorations everywhere, I can barely describe how awesome it is. Luckilly I took pics ;)
Anyways they also have a display of dollhouses that went into a contest.
This is a MINATURE cupcake store!
How stinkin sweet????
They also have a huge train display set up!
This is what the inside looks like for example, how some of the shops are set up.
I thought this Peacock wreath was GORGE, too bad it was 90 flipping dollars.
However much I love the Christmas show, it IS a dieters trap
They have tons of dip samples, coffee samples, wine samples, there was even pickled okra, pimento cheese, apple butter, and rum cake.
So good, but I was seriously not as piggy as I was in years past.
No mini donuts for me this year, no sireee.
However hubs was starving and we got a pretzel twist to share, and ate it with mustard, sorry no pic.
But it was so fun!
I got a CUTE cupcake cup (with lid and straw) and a little plastic decorative dish thingy with animal print..(hard to describe) and we got some amazing pimento cheese that we have had every year. 
Anyways all in all it was a great date night and we ended it at South 21!
It's a legendary drive in, in Charlotte.
They have amazing trout and burgers, milkshakes, etc.
It's hubs reward for trapsing around a Christmas show with me for 3.5 hours.
I got a cheeseburger (regular size) with fries and a diet coke.
We also got a coffee and it was nasty so we poured it out. Ew.
The burger was great though!! I estimated 500 cals on MFP although I dont know if it was that much it was pretty small and no mayo. The fries I gave 380 for. 
Thats what I love about calories, I feel like I have a much better estimate on it than weight watcher points, when I did WW's. 
It just discouraged me all the time.
Not knocking weight watchers, it works great for a ton of people just that was one thing that always set me back.
Which also according to MFP I burned about 947 cals walking for 3.5 hrs. LOL.
Now I doubt it's that accurate but whatever.
Here's me at the Peacock Tree!
Oh and I lost .8 this morning! Yay first loss I have seen since Grandma has been in the hospital!! I have been teetering between about 2 lbs and I was so glad to see that number this morning! 
:) Have a great night peeps!


  1. Replies
    1. I did!!! I love it, love it!!! :) Cant wait for next year!

  2. So what is this paleo pumpkin muffin? Could you email me the recipe or post it, pls? :) Love your blue/green shirt. It's a nice color for you!

    1. I may put up the recipe but if i dont i will definetly email you the link to where i got it when i get back to work monday, i have it favorited on the computer! :) And thank you maam, i love green on me too!

  3. I want to see the cupcake cup!!! I thought you got it in honor of your blog!!! Post a pic please.....Thanks poppit! LOL Mommy

    1. Hahah just for you I will take a pic mommy! lol thanks so much for giving us a ticket!!! Love you!!!

  4. Beautiful decorations and a really pretty pic of you. I can't even think about Christmas yet girl. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I love having time off to hang out with family and cook. I love to cook and I am just going to make Thanksgiving my cheat day. I know there is no way that I am going to be good that day. Do you have a plan for eating on Thanksgiving?

    1. Haha girl!! My plan is to be GONE! LOL We are leaving to go on vacation that day!! LOL Last year though I was on WW's and I did pretty good I think. I indulged in one big meal I believe and then was just mindful the rest of the day (I think) but ONE big thing that helped me last year was I drank a lot of water. Eat whatever but just be sure to get in your water and send the leftovers (the bad calorie ones lol) home with your family!! :)


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