Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guns and Roses

Six years ago today I married the love of my life.

I'll give you a background story ;)

It was my third day of my senior year of high school and me and my friend Amanda were driving home from a friend's birthday party.

Well according to my little license cerfew I was supposed to be home by 9pm.

My friend Amanda begged that we stop for Cici's pizza.


Being the teenage rebel that I was. I decided pizza would totally be worth risking my cerfew.

We walk in and hear "Welcome to cici's!!"  Of course.

I look over and there is this really cute guy behind the counter.  I was like woah

Amanda of course, requests a specialty pizza. Barbeque.

Well here comes cute guy bringing us our pizza a few minutes later.

Im sure I batted some eyelashes or whatnot.

Well Amanda eats her pizza, all happy and we get up to leave.

Cute guy is sitting with some co workers apparently on break and we for some reason I cant remember, stop to talk to him.

We find out he is from Tennessee, which gives him cool points, because that is like the new hot thing.  New boys in town from the time were a hot comodity at my school.   I immediatley notice how cute and outgoing he is and what a great personality he has to go with those looks :)

Somehow....he ends up with my number :) probably on the pretense we would show him around town.  haha.

Well, he calls me the next night. At like ONE AM.

I was actually on the phone with ANOTHER Jacob. Hahahah. You gotta love call waiting!

Anyways, I was thrilled and we hit it off.

A week later we went on a date.

Three years later we got engaged.

Four months after that we married on November 18, 2006.

The.Best.Day.(And Night).Of.My.Life.

Loyal. Loving. Spontaneous. Intelligent. Hilarious. He is my best friend.

He can make me laugh like no one's business and make me yell like no one's business. Haha.

We had the most amazing wedding day, reception, cake and honeymoon. 

We took off to Gatlinburg and on the second day woke up to snow falling.

I just have to thank God for putting us together. 

My husband likes to say that I was his angel that God sent him to help him through the hardest parts in his life, but I have to say he was just as much mine too...when two broken pieces get together they become whole.

......So today was a great day!

We got up and went to the early service at church and then went to see...

Which was AMAZING by the way! Has a crazy twist at the end that makes you FREAK!! LOL But its really good. Am I the only one that cried at the end? I am SO sad to see these movies end! LOL
Anyways I had some chewy Aldi's granola bar thing for breakfast before church.
At the movies we shared a large bucket. I know, but in my defense I dont think I have been to the movies or had movie popcorn since like April??  AND I probably wont do it again! This new theatre we have is great BUT their popcorn is NOT made there, its like sitting in the back in big yellow bags and is appparently "warmed up"?? Weirdness.
I also had a pack of sour patch kids and a peppermint patty. Ugh.
Then we had to run some errands and I got a 6 inch ham sub from subway with no mayo only mustard and cheese and veggies.
Then I didnt eat again until we went out for dinner tonight.
Oh Hubby gave me the most beautiful red roses, a sweet card and my pink gun which I had gotten early :)
My parents had given us a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse gift card LAST anniversary and we had yet to use it, so we went tonight!
It was pretty fancy shmancy.  However we had to wait a while for our food and they forgot our salad :(
But to make it up he gave us a free awesome desert and coffee.
I didnt even have to ask or make a fuss so that was nice!
I got the petite serloin well done and we shared the mashed potatoes.
You have to get everything a la carte there but their sides are big.
I had bread and butter too. Shame.
My yummy husband and my yummy desert :)
We had water with our meal.  I dont think they even offer soda.
Oh we could have had 7.00 fiji water hahahaha.
A lady started freaking CHOKING behind me and this man had to do the heimlech maneuver on her!! But thank the Lord something worked because she ended up ok...
Jacob was like..."Should we clap?" lol. It was crazy bizarre yall! Like on the movies!! LOL
I am so glad she is ok though, poor thing!
Anyways THEN since we were in the ritzy part of town (South Park) if you are familiar with Charlotte...I came across my VERY FIRST Whole Foods!!!
Hubby indulged me and I went in and browsed around.
I got some organic coconut oil and a lara bar (pb and jelly) and a think thin brownie bar.
Um yeah that was $10.49.
Whole Foods is cool but its like a Harris Teeter on steriods.
Unless I was making $300,000 a year I would not do my regular shopping there lol.
But it was totally cool and I may have to go and get their amazing salad bar sometime!
NOW...for what you have ALL been WAITING for....
The Results of the Wedding Dress Challenge!
Well guys....
IT FITS!!!!!!
like a glove baby!!!!
How about them apples?!?!?
This is totally worth every drop of sweat in the gym....
...every tuna salad I had instead of the McDonalds I wanted.....
This is WORTH IT!!!
 Dont ever forget what you are fighting for!!
There is gold at the end of the Rainbow.
Just because you have never seen it doesnt mean its not there.
I was so stinking happy!!!!
Oh and my hair....
Excuse the crazy eyes.
I liked it.  Only problem was it didnt get near my roots.
But isnt that look in right now?
They call it Ombre right?

Have a good night folks!!


  1. i am SOOOO excited that you fit into your wedding dress!!! That is seriously sooo exciting!!! All that hard work pays off!! Great Job! What is your next non scale related weight loss goal?

    1. Thanks Meggan!!! Yes I was TOTALLY thrilled!!! My next non scale goal will probably be a size 10 or under sun dress for Easter!! I love sun dresses and I always feel like I can never fit in them right, so that will be awesome!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! Do you weight less, more, same as wedding day now? Just curious? I know even if I weighed the same as my wedding day I would still not wear the same size, but I've had 4 kids to weird out my belly and you haven't. Haha Happy Anniversary!

    1. LOL !! Thanks girl!!! :) Actually I do weight about the same as the wedding day! I know I was like between 175 and 180 although back then I wasnt as obsessed and didnt weigh myself regularly but I had a good idea because I was dieting for the wedding! lol

  3. Ask me how much I freakin love the cuteness of the title you chose for today??? I knew that dress was gonna fit & that is one exquisite dress! And you look gorgeous doll!!!! Seriously, smashingly beautiful!!! I'm so glad y'all had such a great anniversary! Love ya!!!

    1. Awwe you are PRECIOUS Ashley!!! Thanks so much honey!! And I have to give credit to Jacob for the title...he TOTALLY came up with that!! How cute is he!?!?!?

  4. My goodness! This whole post should be given an award or something! Ashley is right about the title! How absolutely appropriate and super cute!! And you did look so incredibly beautiful on your wedding day and on your Anniversary!! I am SO proud of you baby girl and even if I am your Mama, you seriously have a terrific writing style! Not to mention the fact that you are acing the weight loss hurdle! Write that book sweetie!!! I love you so VERY MUCH!!!!!

    1. Awe thanks SO much mom, that means SO much to me!! Thank you and dad for such a beautiful wedding 6 years ago!!! Time just flies!! As for the writting...that may commence soon!! You know it's always been my dream. That and to be skinny!!! HAHAHA I love you so much mom, thanks for being such an inspiration to me!

    2. I didn't know that was your dream!! That has always been my dream too! Especially as an adult with all the reading I do, I am always thinking about what it would be like to write a book. Weird that we had that in common & didn't even know it. I think I'd write a romance novel hehe :)

  5. Yayy! We all knew that dress was going to fit because you have been doing an amazing job. You look beautiful and your hair is very cute. I think I am going to try and do mine at home too. The chicken fajitas turned out not so well. I tried a recipe from Pinterest but I need to work with it some so don't be too jealous.

    1. Hahah you are too funny Sheila! Was it the bake in the oven one? And thank you :) You all have been such an encouragment to me!!!! And yes girl definetly try doing your hair at least once!!

    2. No, it was a crockpot recipe and used salsa which I think made it too saucey. I think baked ones would be better. I am trying to decide on a color. I'm a brunette and I want something a little different. I have done darker reds in the past and liked it so I may try that again.

    3. Oooo auburn would be cute or even like a darker chocolate color. I LOVE rachael rays hair. Like seriously if I had dark hair...I would want it like that. So stinkin cute.

  6. I am soooo happy for you! AND I love your hair- it looks great!!!!! SOOO EXCITED GIRL!
    & yeah i cant shop @ whole foods, I hit up fit and activ from aldi's lol ;)

    1. Thank you so much girl!!!!! The hair turned out not too bad I must admit, thanks so much!!! Yes I love the fit and active too!!!! No whole foods for a while prob...LOL!!!

  7. YAY!! Your wedding dress is gorgeous!! Way to go! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! CONGRATULATIONS Your dress is gorgeous and you are to!!! All that work defiantly pays off!! I can not wait to see Breaking Dawn!! (Wednesday night!!)

    1. Aweee thank you Ashley!!! Girl you will LOVE IT!!! I want to see it again!!!!

  9. I am so happy for you Lauryn! I am sure it felt good to wear your wedding dress again! Cute story on how you met your husband. Love your hair too! I will be going to see Breaking Dawn II this Friday. I cannot wait! I just hope it works out that we can see it with it being Black Friday and all. I love reading your blog posts, you sound like a person I would get a long with. :)


    1. Thank you Whitney!! SO sweet of you!! Girl you will love breaking dawn! Its so stinkin awesome!! I love your blog as well girl...I love how you are always trying cool new recipes..i love me some hungry girl recipes too!!...great minds think alike !!:)

  10. You are seriously adorable :)
    You look wonderful in your wedding dress now and then! The hard work was worth it.


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