Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lunch Date!

Hey hey Happy friday eve my loves!

Breakfast was on the road this morning, hubs had a flat tire so I had to carpool with him into town this am.

He had a poptart while we discussed the subject of sugar content lol. 
Honestly I didnt count cals today but I still took pics and stayed in tune with my body!

It actually worked out that I got to eat lunch with hubs too!
We went to our fave mex restaurant!  I had the lunch fijitas, didnt eat all the tortillas or that sour cream.  The lunch is a much smaller portion than the dinner one.
Of course we had a bit of chips :)
So anyways I didnt eat again till almost four and I had one of these DANG OATMEAL PIES THAT IAM NOTTTTT BUYING AGAIN.
So then when I got home I had a pretty light dinner.
Had some chicken and wild rice soup with tuna salad on toast with 60 cal cheese and some crackers.
I also ate the rest of the tuna with crackers.  I put cut up banana peppers, jalepenos, and pickles with one tbsp light mayo and mustard, salt and peppaaaa and half of one boiled egg white.
For desert I had some light sliced peaches with a bit of whip cream on top.
Hoooo rayyyy for friday!!! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chinese & Channing

Thats right....due to the tornado watches that have been going on here combined with my very VERY stressful day at work....there has been some Chinese food...

...all other eats were basically same as yesterday...
I had a truffle chocolate thing (one) and part of another oatmeal pie and some popcorn while we watched tv....WHY DO I ADMIT THIS?
lol I definetly went over cals a bit but Channing Tatum's 10 Years on redbox kept me occupied!
We snuggled & watched movies!
Now Im sleepy and we are going to secure the front door before it blows off the hinges !!
Haha, for reals!! 
Be safe my loves!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That's much better

Hey heyyyyyy!

Today was a better day than yesterday I am happy to report!  There were no drive throughs or vending machines involved :) holaaaaaerrr!

Ok so breakfast ...was FREE from subway!

*Please refer to MFP tonight for cals, I am so tired yall!! Im sorry :(

I got a 3 inch flatbread egg ham and cheese with NO egg.  Yogurt with blackberries!!

Those blackberries have been sooo good and they were dirt cheap at aldis this week.

Lunch was great!  Pickle, deli ham mustard, cheese on whole wheat with a bit of lettuce, chips for 130 cals, and a 50 cal fruit cup!
140 cals
For desert. 
Hey, I didnt say anything about being perfect haha.
This book is SO FAR amazing!! I got it at the library and I am loving it!!!
Later on tonight, I had a lance cracker thing before I left work..
no pic sorry I was in the middle of dealing with like 20 mill different crisis's.  LOL.
Then I went to kickboxing!!
My sweet Mama made me a turkey panini thing with cheese on it and it was SOOO good and I had chips and salsa, which these new cantina chips mom keeps buying are sooo stinkin awesome.  Taste like mex restaurant chips for reals!!
Then for desert....
Three for 130 cals
So I did great today and with kickboxing had plenty of cals left over. 
I took me a nice bubble bath with my stress releif from bath and body works hubs got me for Christmas and I used my lotion and it smells so nice and fresh and minty, I love it.
I am now sipping on Honey chammomile tea with splenda and fixing to call it a night! 

Taco Salad Night & Hungry all day

Hey loves!

Sorry this post is up SO stinkin late, I had a late night last night!

We had taco salad night and my bestie came over to eat!

Anyways I will get right to it...

Now first let me say I hit 30 lbs LOST officially on saturday!!! I think I was at 176.4!!!! Amazed I tell you!!

I did pretty good this weekend but yesterday I was ragin with emotions and cravings!! UGH I started off great but totally let PMS get the best of me.  HOWEVER I still tried to make " good" choices! will see...

Woke up 7am, gym bag packed ready to go, however I was an hour LATE.  FAIL.

Ok breakfast was a winnerrrrr (haha) !

Blackberries, egg and cheese on english muffin with nonfat vanilla yogurt!
Lunch was good STILL!
I cant get the pic to upload on my phone so I will insert it tonight when I get home to my dear Wifi!
But it was an aldi's frozen spaghetti meal and a side salad. 
Nice, good cals...good choice.
I even had a FREE chick sandwich at Chick fila that I gave to hubs because I didnt want to mess up my eating LOL.
Ok SO then I got hungry and mad about something at the same time...hmm funny how much our feelings are tied to our eating habits.
I felt like I didnt get enough protein in lunch though, I should have had at least an egg on my salad.
SO, I went through the Mcdonald drive through! UGH!
However I ONLY got a grilled chicken snack wrap and diet coke, because lets face it, its monday and I need all the caffiene I can get.  I was suprised and happy to find it was only 1.59 for the wrap and 190 cals if you get it WITHOUT DRESSING OR CHEESE.  Which is what I did, I put a pack of ketchup on it.
THEN later at work I got snacky again for a SWEET.
I was hungry ALL the REST of the day!!!
Yall sometimes I have days where I can ignore cravings and not even GET them, not even be really hungry but some days, espically PMS ones, I get ravenous!!!
But in real Lauryn-fashion I am going to show you the good, bad and the ugly lol.
Yes that would be a peanut butter twix in my grubby little hand.  Just looking at this makes me want another one but Im not gonna!!!!!
I picked it, besides the brownies, muffins and reese STICKS in the vending machine because I could see the cals were 250.  Not great but not AWFUL either.  The other items I wanted, I couldn't see cals on...I could only imagin the calorie horror. Haha. Also this had peanut butter which I thought would be more filling.
I ate it in like 2 seconds, but whatever.
Then I drove 30 mins and got home and decided I could use an oatmeal pie, 140 cals.  Fabulous.
After all, dinner takes a while to cook, doesnt it.
DINNER was a winneeerr again.
Baked taco shell!! My friend got me this thing you put a regular tortilla in and bake in the oven and it makes a shell!!!  Mex rice and beans with cheese on them.

Then my naughty bestie insisted we get ice cream.  Yes I am going to admit this even though I dont want to and you will all think I am a fatty but I want you to know iam still CONCIOUS and trying to make good decisions.

I got a ice cream bad that was called Moooo or something. Haha.  It was cheap, 50 cent and low cal, 170.  Hubs was like 210, but I got the less calorie one!!

Well its not a victory but its better than diving head first into a big mac and some ben and jerrys.

Have a great day loves!!! See you again tonight!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fried Naners & Off work early!

Happy Friday!!!

Today was pretty great. 

But first...for Staci

a pic of my dinner last night! haha

Breakfast was another success.

268 cals
Lunch was Subway!  I almost made tuna salad to bring for lunch but it was payday so I decided to splurge AND I didnt feel like dealing with stinky tuna this morning.
640 cals
I calculated it over on, which I love!!!
I wanted a footlong SO bad, but didnt want a 900 cal 5.00 chicken cheese chipolte.
So, I ordered THAT, but didnt get cheese or chipolte on it, I just got veggies and mustard with the chicken on flatbread and it was so good.  No chips or anything else.
Well, let me just tell you about the weather today.
One word pretty much sums it up:
Icy Rain.
Ok thats two words, but the roads were BAD!
Luckilly boss let us go home at 3pm!  AND I had even planned on working late today till 7pm because I am off tommorow to finish moving!
Lucky lucky ducky.
Also, the sweet cable man still came and hooked us up!
We got cable, phone and internet, holaaaaa atcha girl!!!
So I am able to blog, woot! (new word there for ya suzi)
I made chilli as soon as I got home...although this was not accomplished without a run by aldis on the way home. In the ice.
I got the recipe for the chilli on this youtube video....its great, I have made it twice now. 

I had about a bowl and a half and hubs ate the REST of it. Haha.  Light sour cream and about a half of a fourth a cup of cheese. Ended up being about 10 saltine crackers.

If you count it as 8 servings its like 216 a serving.  I have no clue though, I had about a bowl and a half and hubs had more, but I counted it as one and a half serving.

Hubs said either he was really hungry or "its the best chilli youve ever made"...i was like COOL! ha

It is a bit spicy though!  Just beware :)

Man...a cold night at home with the hubs and homemade work early...and off all weekend=a veryyyy happy Lauryn !

Then after dinner...for a snack I made Ashley's Healthy Banana Foster, and MAN was it good!! Go check her out, she has a great blog-love this recipe~!!!

Two ingredients people. TWO.
Banana and coconut oil.
Slice up the banana in "coins", melt one TEASPOON of coconut oil in a pan, and put the banana coins on the pan, turn after just a little bit. 
Dont walk away its really quick.

Oh it carmalizes sooo nicely.
I topped mine with reddi whip from aldis (their brand) and a bit of caramel drizzle for only 214 calories!!!
SO healthy too...and you weight watcher people, a banana is 0 pts and coconut oil is an oil you can count for the day!
Then I probably over did it, but me and hubs had some cereal later on...
175 cals
Well that is all she wrote ladies and gents, I am either going to snuggle with hubs and watch a movie, or clean.  He is currently watching Malibu's Most Wanted, so cleaning is looking all the more appealing. :/

Later gators!


Hey chicks!!!!

I totally hit my lowest number yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO STINKIN HAPPY!!!!!!

Ok, soo yesterday's breakfast you have already saw, which was my homemade egg mcmuffin. 

So on to lunch!

Lunch was wondermous with my potsickers from lean cuisine and an egg roll!!

Later on I got snacky around maybe 5pm-ish?

So I had some bell pepper/cukes with a small ammount of blue cheese dressing.  I just counted 60 cals for the blue cheese.

Then when I left to go home I had like over 800 cals left!!!

Yall....I was SOOOO temped to go through the drive through.

Reasons being...

#1 Hubby was working late-it was just me.

#2 I was tired. And starving.

#3 I had a crap ton of calories left!!!

#4 I passed a billion food places on my ride home, which is about 35 minutes.

#5 All my food at home (besides cold stuff) is still in boxes!

But...instead...I came home and had some crackers while I planned what to eat!

I had settled on SOUP because it was SO cold! I had a can of chicken noodle soup with a sandwich with light mayo, 45 cal cheese and thin turkey breast. I also had a 140 cal bag of doritos and 5 saltine crackers.

Ah I cant get my dang pic to upload!
Well...anyways you get the
I also had a decaf coffee with sugar free french vanilla and nothing else besides diet coke!!
This morning I weighed in at 177.2!  Yayyyy...thats half a pound lower than my lowest!
Lets hope I can keep it up!
Have a great weekend lovelies!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thumbs UP, Thumbs DOWN

Thumbs UP to having internet at work this morning so I can write this post!

Thumbs DOWN to moving ALL last night not being able to blog.

Thumbs UP for a great breakfast yesterday morning!

Thumbs DOWN to hubby having to move without me yesterday :(

Thumbs UP to hubby having to move without me yesterday ;)..hehe

Thumbs DOWN to a lunch that left me HUNGRY.

Thumbs UP to it tasting yummy :)

Thumbs DOWN to Hubs calling telling me my collector barbies fell off the truck and trailer.

Thumbs UP to him FINDING them and them being ok. LOL.

Thumbs UP to meeting hubs and the cousin at Wendy's!

Thumbs DOWN to getting a "snack" of chicken nuggets.

Thumbs UP to seeing my grandma and aunts at the post office, quite randomly!

Thumbs DOWN to STILL being hungry and eating a 90 calorie smores snack thingy before I left work. (recycled pic)

Thumbs UP to getting SUBWAY when Hubs and me had already planned to eat little cesars pizza!!!


Thumbs DOWN to be getting a footlong, which attacked my stomach soon after I ate it.

Thumbs UP to me eating it without chips.

Thumbs DOWN to moving everything in the freezing FREEZING cold last night by ourselves.

Thumbs UP to burning lots of calories!!

Thumbs DOWN to a box full of my perfumes (including my new 3.5 oz Viva La Juicy) FALLING and CRASHING in a parking lot.

Thumbs UP...WAYYYYY UP to them NOT breaking!!! (Thank YOU, Lord!)

Thumbs DOWN to me being starving after 3 hours of packing/moving and getting a KING SIZE rice krispy treat at the QT.

Thumbs UP to it not being a King Size Reese. 

Thumbs DOWN to us having to UNLOAD everything in the Dark and Freezing cold once we got to the house.

Thumbs WAY UP to getting a good night's sleep in out beautiful new place. 

Thumbs WAY WAY WAY UP for having SUCH a hardworking, loving, precious husband that works till midnight moving everything without complaining. 

Have a great day loves!!  No internet in the new house till Friday hopefully.  But I will try to pop in at work and still do posts regularly!!

p.s. even MOVING is NOT an excuse to get a biscuit!!  Dug breakfast out of boxes this morning baby!!

And trust me, I drive by a Bojangles and that used to be my kryptonite!!! Not NO moE!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moving Fast!

Hello there loves!!

Ok SOOO today was crazy!

We had planned on moving saturday right, well hubs found out he has to work, SO him and my dad are supposed to move everything tommorow and the next day, so that pushed up my packing QUITE a bit.  Actually to tonight! HA.

Luckilly I have been packing a little here and there and not totally procrastinating.  So anyways...breakfast was weird...I tried a frozen banana with a cup of almond milk because its less calories....

I had a few sips but it was pretty nastaaaaayyy.
So that was a no go.  I left it at home and I think hubs might have had a bit of it LOL. 
I, instead, had a sandwich with just mustard and half a serving of turkey. 
Weird but whatever. 
It was nothing pretty, but it served it's purpose. 
Lunch, however, was quite amazing if I do say so myself.
Big ole salad with egg, turkey, tomatoe, bell pepper, cucumber and lettuce.  Blue cheese dressing, the aldis brand which is actually really cheap and really good.
I had a cheese pizza put out by smart ones. 
Dinnnerrr was a Weinnerrrr.
We ate the last two angus burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions, rice, mushroom gravy (fit & active from aldis) and broccoli.  I also had some brummel and brown on the rice. 
Yes, that would be my re-created banana shake.
I had one frozen banana, this time with a cup of 1% milk. 
Much better but still not that great. 
Man, the first time with my protein powder was awesome...I dont know whats going on maybe I need more ice. 
Anyways I consumed two snack bags of Doritos while stress packing.
It is, what it is.
At least Im honest. HA!
Y'all keep us in your prayers as we move please!!
Its stressful but I know I am going to be so excited when it's all in there and I can organize everything LOL. 
Let me know if yall want to see a house tour and maybe I'll do a video.  It's nothing fancy but I know Im always curious as to what other peoples houses looks like LOL.   
Anyways have a lovely night!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pizza Pasta Night!

Hello Hello!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Monday...!!  Mine was fantastically spent at work, although I suspect some of you had off today for MLK Jr. day!

Well, today happend to be pretty great eating wise. 

I didnt wake up in time to go to the gym.


But that was the ONLY fail today ladies and gents!

Breakfast was a winnerrrrr.

25 cals
I know you all are super jelly of my cupcake soap in the background, thank you GRANDMA :)
I decided I needed me a hearty meal this am, so I fried up with some butter spray a few slices of turkey lunch meat and put on my egg white mcmuffin with half a slice of cheese. 
275 cals
Also had me a nannerrr.
Then I was pretty full till about 12:30 and I was ready for some lunch!!
Lunch was fab.
sammich w/mustard 1/2 slice of cheese and bit of turkey-90 ish cals
Leftover Cowboy Chicken chilli-117 cals
Later on I had me a birthday cake pudding.
120 cals
By the way, the sprinkles totally make it. 
In fact, I am considering topping everything with sprinkles.
Ok so then I found a little fun size m & m from Haller-ween that I had snuck in my purse for the movies this weekend, and forgot to eat. 
Red Dawn is a seriously good movie by the way, go check it out. 
Completley has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Hemsworth is in it.
Yeah...he's a Marine in that movie.
Makes me pretty happy Im gonna have me a marine brother in case shizz gets cray!
Ok so on to my PINTEREST dinner.
Yep, thank you Budget Savy Diva.
Yep, this dinner was pretty dope if I do say so myself.
I tweaked the recipe a bit. 
I sprinkled my veggies with pizza seasonings from my spice kit thingy while they were cooking. 
You don't have to do that though.
Also I used salt and peppa to taste.
Also I used a 15 oz can of pizza sauce.
And turkey pepperoni!
The cals came out to 384 for a FOURTH which is a giant serving.  Trust me, fat girl likes to eat.
And I used this pasta instead of the penne. 
This I got at Walmart and was recomended to me by my dear cousin ASHLEY!
Its sooo hearty and tasty!  And apparently lower in carbs?
I got it at walmart and it wasnt crazy expensive or anything, in fact I had a coupon!
Just look at that YUMMY goodness.
Your welcome.
Oh, hubs exact words, "I smell pizza"

It's a hubspleaser.
Salad about 150 cals
Aint that a purdy salad?
My portion showcased beside some moving boxed for your viewing pleasure. 
Then while parousing the net I snacked on me a little smores 90 calorie thingy from Aldis.
90 cals
I am really happy with my choices today!!!!
My birfday is commin in hott so I betta get ready for it, this girl wants to look SKINNAYYYYY this year!
Can I get a AMEN?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fortune Cookie Friday

Hola chickas!!!

Its friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!  Ok and in case you have been panged with curiousity all day long wondering whether or not we had snow......well I hate to tell ya, but it was a big FAT let down.

Haha.  We had sleet.

We had rain.

We had snow FLAKES.

But nothing really stuck, we just had a much fluffier whiter sheet of ice covering everything today LOL. 

Anyways I woke up & decided since it was dark and icy that I would do a workout DVD.

Cool, right?

Well hubs was super productive latley and has boxed all of them up to move.


So, I looked up some random videos on youtube to do. AND LET ME TELL you I am feeling it tonight!!!  I could barely bend down to pick up a towel tonight.  My inner thigh is ah hurrrtin.

This one was hard.  And it sucked.  And I discovered what exactly burpees are. 
And I discovered I cannot do more than like one.
I did find a cool kickboxing video though, that you can watch here.
It was really fast, but gave me a good workout and wasnt too unplesant!
Plus those girls are funny LOL.
Anyways, they had like a 3 min dance cardio video I did too. 
I was hungry before I left to go to work so I had two waffles (using up freezer foods), they are my aldis fit and active ones.
Ok I just realized I am too tired to mess with posting calories, refer to MFP lol sorry guys!
Later at work I had some egg whites and cheese.
I really REALLY wanted lunch out today but I need to eat what we have and not waste food, ALSO I need to not waste MONEY.  So I brought a sandwich.
Plus I knew we were eating out tonight so that helped! Ha.
First time all week, I have eaten from a restaurant ! YAY!
Including fast food....
Oh yeah I had a caramel iced coffee when I was running errands today!
We went to Red Bowl and both got the bento box.  Mine has sesame chicken, white rice ( i never order fried anymore ), a spring roll, and I sub sushi for a side salad with ginger dressing on the side.
I love bento boxes because they have great portion control and you get a little bit of everything!
I didnt eat all the rice and almost couldnt finish the chicken!
Oh we also had a potsticker appitizer before our food got out! We had three each. 
And to go with my food I dipped some in some shrimp sauce. 
It was really yummy!
Oh...then I had a fortune cookie...which told me I was going on a vacation.
Hahah wonder where to?
I have to say if I could so anywhere in the world it would probably be Paris.
Gelato, Eiffle tower, fresh baked bread, macroons, and a starry sky <3
Where would you go?