Monday, January 14, 2013

Suprise Giveaway!!!


Guess what?

I totally did a suprise giveaway!! 

This morning I did a really special post that meant a lot to me and I wanted to do a suprise giveaway so that the sweet readers that always comment would be one of the winners!  I like big announced giveaways but I wanted one of my readers who was kind enough to comment on the regular, to be entered without them even knowing it!

One of you lucky readers is getting a Cupcakes Calendar mailed out to them!!!

So, out of all the comments that was posted on this morning's post, Hubby picks #2 which happens to be Sheila!!  Yay Sheila I am so happy for you!  I actually think I already might have your address (from Christmas!) but you can email it to me too for good measure

Sheila, I did want to take a moment and THANK YOU for your unwavering support of me and for ALWAYS knowing what to say to encourage me and inspire me and make this journey so much brighter for me!! I hope you enjoy your calendar, it will be mailed out wednessday!!

Anyways thank you ALL for your sweet comments all the time I love reading them!! And who knows when I will do another secret giveaway! heheh

Today was perfection I tell you!!

Before 8 am I had burned 503 calories!! Thats right, me and the treadmill and elliptical got real close this morning and spent 50 minutes together!!

Ok sooooo onto breakfast!!

255-also including 1 oz of lean turkey post workout
I wanted to decrease cals for my breakfast mcmuffin SO I got a 100 cal english muffin, and used 3 tbsp of egg whites, cooked in the microwave, same way I do my egg. I added a sprinkle of cheese and ate most of that banana. SO good.
Then lunch time!!
460 cals-2 dill pickle spears, turkey on whole wheat with 45 cal slice of cheese with 100 cal baked cheetos, strawberry cheesecake pudding.  Where was that when I was Crying over Cheesecake?
Any who!
I was SUPER bizzaaay at work today so I didnt have much time to snack ! WINNING!
But dinner was a winner. Haha.
345 calories
Salmon marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar baked in the oven at 450 for like 15 mins (maybe cooked too long lol) but it was good!  And rice with brummel and brown and green beans!!
SO low cal and tasty!!
Then I had a crap ton of calories left so I had a cupcake poptart 200 cals and a rice krispy treat that hubby brought me back from the gas station 150 cals.
Then I had three bites of his honey bunches of whatever that he was eating right beside me.  But I think I more than deserve it and I still had calories left anyway! WOOT!
Anyways yall its been a great day and Im about to go to bed!!
Laters gators!!!!


  1. Congratulations Sheila!!
    I love breakfast sandwiches.
    So glad you had a great day

  2. I can't help but notice the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Smack yo Momma! LOL (not really, I know she comments here, hahaha). I used to be all over the diet cherry vanilla ones when I lost weight all those years ago. I can't even find them now. Which is probably a good thing. Anyway, congrats to Sheila. I almost txt you today to see if you were okay because you hadn't posted in a few. Glad you had a good day! :)

    1. hahahah you are so funny!!! WELL I WONDER WHOOOOO made me start thinking about diet dr pepper!!! hahah i saw the cherry and i was sold!! lol i used to like the vanilla coke when i was like 16!! lol thanks for thinking of me :) I ate like a piggy this weekend but I am back on it this week thank the Lord for a new day!!

  3. It does make you feel so good when you do good! It makes me even more motivated the next day. I went out last week & got some of that 45 cal good (although I have to make myself only use one slice lol)! And I made Stacey's banana smoothie this morning but I used a sliced frozen banana, 2 sweetener pks & 3/4 cup skim milk & added a few ice cubes so it was only 157 cals. It made a little over 12 oz & it was SO good! I ended up sharing it with Kayla (who said it tasted like a milkshake) so I only had around 78 cals. That salmon looks amazing! I love fish but hate it when it tastes super "fishy" if that makes sense lol.

    1. GIRL! I want to try her banana smoothie so bad!!! She makes it look so good hahah! I need some more whip cream i left mine at mamas at Christmas! LOL The salmon was sooo good girl. I get a bag of 4 individually wrapped ones at walmart for like 5 bucks and you can marinate them for like 15 mins before you cook...use some terriayki sauce or something quick and usually i throw them on the george foreman but they are good in the oven too!! Not really any fishy taste, i hate that too !!! LOL

    2. Yeah, I really wanted to try it too, but i couldn't justify using 300 cals for it in the a.m. So I just tried it my own way to lower the cals & it was really good! I just went & got some FF whipped cream in a can last night & it's only 5 cals for 2 tbsp so I will def be adding that to the top of my glass next time :)

  4. Awww Lauryn!!! You are so amazing and you totally made my day today!! What a great surprise ;0). Who would ever think of doing a surprise giveaway? See you are creative! Thank you so much girlie I love calendars.

    Just as much as you think I support you you do the same for me. I am in a bit of a slump with my weight loss journey since school has started back. With work, school, my girls, and the bf working and in school too it's very hectic right now. I am always amazed at how you stick with it and always stay so upbeat even when dealing w/personal issues. I don't know if you know it or not but you inspire us in other ways too...not just in losing weight and great meal ideas. Your blog reminds me to be appreciative for what I have and to keep smiling because life is good. One bad day DOES NOT equal a bad life.

    1. aww you are soo sweet sheila!! actually i got the idea a while back when I won something from a lady that i watch on youtube and it was a suprise and i was soooo excited so i have been wanting to do one!! I am sooooo glad you are happy and thank you for those sweet words-totally made my day!!! I am always here for ya girlie!! Its took me a long time to get to this point of taking it each day at a time with my weight loss but its the only thing that works! LOL its my last resort and i know if i dont do it this way it will never happen! Also, I mess up too, i was a piggy this weekend and I am paying for it, I hate regaining the same three pounds. Definetly looking foward to something keeps me going!! Schedule u a beach trip or just a day of pampering or doing what you want to, and make that your goal, just vision yourself doing can make this happen girl i know you can!!! :)

  5. This is a great idea! You're so sweet , Lauryn! I love reading your stuff :)

  6. Girl I am LOVING your blog! So glad I found it! New follower! Can't wait to keep reading!

    1. aww thanks Kathleen!!! I am so glad you like it!! Thanks for following I will go check out yours too!!

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