Friday, January 11, 2013

5:44 AM.....Hollar for a Dollar!!!

Just wanted to give yall a quickie !! Hubs needs me to go watch a movie he rented on redbox so this is a fast one!

Woke up at 5:44 am, WOOT!!!! Had a coffee, did some quiet time with my Bible reading, and then headed to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, YOU read that right!! I WENT TO THE GYM!!!

Boo ya!!!

I did elliptical, walking, running 15 mins, and some weight machines.


Sorry Im just happy with that.

Anyways! Breakfast...

I had about 25 cals worth of this after the gym for protein to rebuild my muskles!!!
The usual!
Lunch was crazy busy!!
i only had like two slices of those oranges and the chips are 100 cal pack and that jello strawberry cheesecake thing is flippin ridonkulous good!
In case yall didnt know, you can take an empty bag of Starbucks coffee TO Starbucks and get a free tall coffee.  Your welcome
I had a coffee with half and half and splenda this afternoon.
Fijitas with the Hubby for dinner!!!! Chippys!!!!
Fiestaaaaaaaa Arrrriiiibaaaaa.
Haha. Sorry I am in rare form tonight.
Got these Valentine's candies at the dollar store!!!

Hollar for a Dollar !!!!
Sixlets are only 30 cals a tube by the way...
and Starburst are 20 cals per square.
All red starbursts.  Flippin sweet.
Anyways I am going to watch a movie with hubs, something with Vince Vaughn in it, should be quite the hilariousness. I love me some ViVi.
Alright you hot messes, have a great weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like a great workout :)

  2. So proud of you for getting to the gym. I hope you had a much better day today. You are killing me with the mexican food and candy! Hahah. Ok have fun w/your honey!

  3. What did you spike that lunch meat with this morning???? Lol Yay for getting to the gym! :)

  4. 2 thumbs up for the gym!!!
    Yummmy Mexican food = love

  5. I love the free coffee thing at Starbucks! I am a Starbucks gold card member lol. I have a free drink waiting to be used too. Yay! Have a good week!

  6. Oh sixlets. A dear friend of mine! haha a way to knock out a workout AND some quiet time in the AM. That is on my list of stuff to work into my day. I need me some Jesus!

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