Friday, January 25, 2013

Fried Naners & Off work early!

Happy Friday!!!

Today was pretty great. 

But first...for Staci

a pic of my dinner last night! haha

Breakfast was another success.

268 cals
Lunch was Subway!  I almost made tuna salad to bring for lunch but it was payday so I decided to splurge AND I didnt feel like dealing with stinky tuna this morning.
640 cals
I calculated it over on, which I love!!!
I wanted a footlong SO bad, but didnt want a 900 cal 5.00 chicken cheese chipolte.
So, I ordered THAT, but didnt get cheese or chipolte on it, I just got veggies and mustard with the chicken on flatbread and it was so good.  No chips or anything else.
Well, let me just tell you about the weather today.
One word pretty much sums it up:
Icy Rain.
Ok thats two words, but the roads were BAD!
Luckilly boss let us go home at 3pm!  AND I had even planned on working late today till 7pm because I am off tommorow to finish moving!
Lucky lucky ducky.
Also, the sweet cable man still came and hooked us up!
We got cable, phone and internet, holaaaaa atcha girl!!!
So I am able to blog, woot! (new word there for ya suzi)
I made chilli as soon as I got home...although this was not accomplished without a run by aldis on the way home. In the ice.
I got the recipe for the chilli on this youtube video....its great, I have made it twice now. 

I had about a bowl and a half and hubs ate the REST of it. Haha.  Light sour cream and about a half of a fourth a cup of cheese. Ended up being about 10 saltine crackers.

If you count it as 8 servings its like 216 a serving.  I have no clue though, I had about a bowl and a half and hubs had more, but I counted it as one and a half serving.

Hubs said either he was really hungry or "its the best chilli youve ever made"...i was like COOL! ha

It is a bit spicy though!  Just beware :)

Man...a cold night at home with the hubs and homemade work early...and off all weekend=a veryyyy happy Lauryn !

Then after dinner...for a snack I made Ashley's Healthy Banana Foster, and MAN was it good!! Go check her out, she has a great blog-love this recipe~!!!

Two ingredients people. TWO.
Banana and coconut oil.
Slice up the banana in "coins", melt one TEASPOON of coconut oil in a pan, and put the banana coins on the pan, turn after just a little bit. 
Dont walk away its really quick.

Oh it carmalizes sooo nicely.
I topped mine with reddi whip from aldis (their brand) and a bit of caramel drizzle for only 214 calories!!!
SO healthy too...and you weight watcher people, a banana is 0 pts and coconut oil is an oil you can count for the day!
Then I probably over did it, but me and hubs had some cereal later on...
175 cals
Well that is all she wrote ladies and gents, I am either going to snuggle with hubs and watch a movie, or clean.  He is currently watching Malibu's Most Wanted, so cleaning is looking all the more appealing. :/

Later gators!


  1. I bet with all that chili, the snuggling gets cut short! ROFL ;) Thanks for that pic. I was all up in the air about it!!!! Love ya!

    1. Haha you are too funny!!!! Love you too girl!!!

  2. I left work today at 11:30. Not sure how it was in your part of NC but mine was getting bad and yes I stopped by Aldi too before I headed home. That chili looks so good. I just laughed at the cereal b/c that's what I get for my girls at Aldi all the time. Glad you have a real weekend off.

    1. Haha that cereal is awesome!!! Yes the weekend was great girl, thanks :) And you need to try the chilli, it was SO good!!!

  3. Replies
    1. LOL I know right, that movie IS funny lol!

  4. Hope you had a great weekend. Bad weather conditions are the worst when you are trying to drive somewhere. Stay safe.

    Food looks yum :)

    1. Awe thank you sweetie, it was great!! Hope yours was too!

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