Saturday, June 29, 2013

Supesized Mistakes.

I just seriously laid down on the couch and considered shoving my finger down my throat to throw up everything I just I figured I should probably blog about it. Instead.







I would seriously love to know.

Today started out fine. I had a normal breakfast, peanut butter cheerios, banana and greek yogurt.  Lunch was weird.  Went to my moms house and saw a big fat European chocolate bar on the counter and ate some. 

Logged those calories and moved on. 

Then about 2:30 me and mom went and ate hibachi chicken and white rice (kids plate) and a side of mixed veggies.  I had some of the shrimp sauce of course.

And then I guess out of boredom I came back to her house and ate some like sweet and salty popcorn she had in the cabinet. 

Does anyone else eat WAY more at their parents house? Don't even get me started about grandmas house.  That thing is freaking boobie trapped with Little Debbies and canned Coco Cola.

Ok so I resolved myself that I wouldn't eat dinner tonight but if I did it would be something light, like broccoli or salad or popcorn.  Well hubby comes home and I pretty much tossed that idea out the window.

I ate a handful of marshmallows.

Maybe 3 or 4 junior mints.

He got in the shower and I had a 100 calorie pack of cookies.

THEN we get in the car and drive over to the other town to do some shopping and get a bite to eat.  We are married.  We do not go clubbing or bar hopping. We look forward to food now. haha.

Ok so we get there and its pouring rain, Jacob has only ate breakfast and its after 7pm so he gets a "snack" at taco bell.  I sample his snack and he orders me a churro that I asked for and then DIS asked for.  Yall know yall do it too...I want that...oh no I don't. Don't get it. Im on a diet.  Hubs gets it anyway to be safe. I make him take a bite but eat every bit besides that.

We do some shopping. 

THEN we go to McDonalds.  I got a hamburger, cheeseburger and small fry.  Diet coke of course.  That's how I roll.  Honey, if I'm gonna injest 1000 calories it will be by eating them, not drinking them. 

Then we, I mean, ME tells hubs we should get ice cream.  I get vanilla ice cream and he orders us each a freaking apple pie.  I eat mine with my ice cream.  Im about 2/3 way into the cup of vanilla ice crack that I realize a feeling....


...and sickness from all that fast food I don't normally eat.

...But mainly Regret.  For making HORRIBLE choices. 

I ate right around 1200 to 1300 calories everyday this week and did freaking awesome and in a span of about 5 hours I undid all that hard work on cheap, disgusting food. 

So I made hubs eat the little that was left and lectured him on how he has to help me and not agree to letting me eat this crap and how fat I am and how much I hate myself.

So I laid down on the couch because I just ate myself into a sugar coma and I am thinking how disgusting I feel.  Utterly disgusting. Just this morning I lost 3 lbs!!!! I was so thrilled.

Now I will probably gain at least two back. 

What the eff is wrong with me. 

I know im not the only one but will someone PLEASE tell me how in the free world do you get past these days!!!!????  I figured writing about it would maybe I would GET IT IN MY FREAKING HEAD that even feeling DEPRIVED of food, feels sooo much better than this!!! I hate feeling this way!!! I much rather enjoy feeling "skinny" and flatter and healthier, with a bit of a deprivation feeling thrown in there every once in a while. 

I really have no where to go at this point.  Tommorow I just have to start my butt over, freaking again and pick my fat butt off the floor and get back on the program.  Back to 1200 calories and I need to do some sort of exercise. 

I miss my kickboxing class and my zumba classes. 

I miss my friends in Indian Trail.

I hate living so far out here. 

I don't want to complain but its so hard to keep up my healthy lifestyle here. 

But if you want anything bad enough you will make it happen and that is true. 

I will leave you with an inspirational quote I read this week (since I am being far, far from it myself tonight).
It said..."Its not that some people have willpower and some don't, it's that some people are ready to change and others are not."

Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Reader go bye bye!!!

Ok guys, you can officially say bye bye to google reader this week. Maybe you don't even use it?

 But if you are a blog reader like me, you will be sad that there is nothing to let you know when your fave bloggers are posting! Before/during google reader I would still sometimes just favorite a blog instead of follow it. You can do whatever, but PLEASE don't forget about me!!! :)

I went ahead and added my blog to bloglovin so go click follow me on blog lovin (on the side bar under the about me) so you never miss a post! If you are a blogger I suggest doing this and if you are confused I would like to direct you to the tutorial posts Hubby Jack did on it. They were VERY helpful.

Its also cool because even if you DON'T blog you can still easily import all the blogs you already follow into bloglovin. BUT DO IT SOON!!!

:) That is your friendly public service announcement of the day.

Love you all & talk to you soon!!!! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yummy Din Din & Liebster Award!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you all had a superb Wednesday!!

Mine started out a little cray..breakfast didn't really come together and I forgot my banana but I had my yogurt.

I like these. They are very good and not so tart.
Then I was starving later and had a 50 cal fruit cup that was hiding in my desk drawer.
I didn't eat till 2pm or after...crazy.
But I had a favorite of mine-Smart Ones Mesquite chicken. I LOVE the mashed potatoes!!
Also had some green beans and lots of water today!
Desert was a sugar free chocolate pudding cup
Watermelon for a snack
Popcorn again, recycled pic...again
Dinner was SOOO good!
Broccoli with sautéed onions and a Costco angus burger!
I also added steak sauce to it because someone on instagram told me it was good to add it to the boca burger I had last night. Great idea!!!
Desert was...
And I still have cals left!!
Ok sooo yall I really think the water is helping!!
Also I got this crap out of my house finally.
By forcing Jacob to eat it.
And by forcing, I mean, lovingly heating it up for him and putting it on the kitchen counter this morning :)
Ok sooo my awesome friend Sheila nominated me for a liebster award!! She is so precious to me yall. I love her !!! I have already done the liebster award a few months ago but I wanted to answer her questions!! I think they are so fun! And yall go check out her blog, she is a NC southern gal like me, loving all things frugal and she just did her first 5k! I am so proud of her!!
Ok so here goes!
Questions for my nominees:
1. If you could travel to one place this summer, where would it be? Pensacola, FL to see my brother! And God willing, we should be leaving next week!
2. What would be your dream job? Something part time because honestly I hate being at work 40 hrs a week.  Ok...I got it. A hair dresser. I so want to do hair, and I love talking to people. Yall know that. LOL.
3. Where is your favorite place to shop?  Besides target? Haha maybe VS and Forever 21, but honestly I frequent Ross and TJ Maxx more.
4. What store do you do most of your grocery shopping at? Walmart and Aldis.
5. What is one of your hidden talents? Negative on the talent. And if I had it, it would NOT be hidden!
6. What sport did you play in school or what club did you belong to? I actually played volleyball in high school and I was the Reporter in FFA.  I was in journalism 2 years on the school well as a member of DECA.
7. Who is your TV/movie crush? Rob Pattison, oh the hair! I am a sucker for good hair.
8. Who does most of the chores in your house? Hubby.  But I do a lot too! Its equal prob.  I married a neat freak and its quite nice.
9. What is your favorite meal to cook? Tacos!!!
10. If you have the day off from work/school all to yourself, what would you do? Oh joy...lets see! Right now, it being summer I would probably go to my parents house and lay out by the pool because this white girl needs a tan!
11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Gatlinburg, TN!!!! Or Sevierville which is right beside it :)
Thank you Sheila that was fun!!!
Ok so I need yalls help!! Tell me your go to healthy snacks for a road trip!!
You know...that stuff you bring with you before you get to your destination and eat like crap! HAHA!
Please comment below!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Biscuit Story & Food Pics

Ok yall!!! Its Tuesday which means tomorrow is Wednesday and we are almost to the end of the week....hooray!!

Ok so let me just tell you about the temptation I woke up to this morning. 


You read that right, WOKE UP TO.

So hubs worked 3rd shift and climbed into bed around 6 am this morning, nuzzling and cuddling me ..."I got you a bojangles chicken biscuit" he says...all sweet like.


Um, did we or did we not just have a "my pants don't fit Im a fatty, I have to loose weight NOW!" discussion Sunday afternoon?  Maybe I was talking to myself? pretty sure you said YEAH we will do it together!!!! :) ((((ALL SMILES))))

And now you bring me my crack.  My kryptonite!!!  In case you haven't been reading since October, um Bojangles biscuits are like pretty much my favorite food.

When I was packing on all my pounds (few years back) I would buy breakfast out every morning and most often than not, it was a value meal chicken filet biscuit with bo rounds at Bojangles.

If you haven't heard of Bojangles then just count your lucky stars!

So hubs tells me this, however I mumble about it not being healthy...he mumbles back that he will eat it if I don't want it.

I fall back asleep.

I wake up, and immediately think about my beautiful biscuit chilling in the fridge.

I go check on it.

Yep, its there.



All almost  500 calories of it.

I take a shower, and STILL think about it.

In the end, the Lord blessed me with a breakfast idea, and I FLED from that evil biscuit!!!  I knew it would throw my day completely off track!!

Tons of water.
Banana cut up put in vanilla yogurt, with peanut butter cheerios.
Ok so then later on for a snack...
Red bell peppers, egg WHITE, 5 olives, half pita bread, 1 tbsp. of roasted red pepper hummus.
SOOO good.
Then I was having a stressful day at work because my boss thinks I aught to be in charge of making the break room not smell like garbage. Its a BREAK I solved that problem by getting rid of the trash cans.
Trash cans are hidden and you have to throw your own trash away in your office.
Problem solved, boss was happy.
This is what I deal with on a daily basis.
So I went out to get an iced tea, unsweet with added lemon and sweet and low.
It made me feel much better, so did venting to hubby on the phone.
Came back and cooked this little baby.
If you know me, you know I could eat Mexican food every single day of my life and would be perfectly content.  My only complaint is that its not a lot of chicken, however the chicken is GOOD!  And the rice is great with pieces of corn in it, it had two tortillas with it, all for 290 cals and I think I paid $2.68.
Next time I would bring a side of black beans or something too because I was still hungry so I popped a 100 cal bag of popcorn.
recycled pic, sorry
And then had some watermelon later.
 recycled pic, sorry
THEN came home and made up some deliciousness.
If you follow me on instagram, like all the cool kids, you would have seen my burger box.   These are Boca burgers, (veggie) for 120 cals each. In case you want to be up to date on my totally awesome random pics you can follow me: lauryn1118.
In fact tonight, I just posted a cool new target find :)
Ok so on the burger I put a dash of cheese, bacon bits, (VERY LITTLE OF EACH) and pickes and onions, ketchup and mustard, soooo good!  Then I had green beans and broccoli with.
And for desert...
Not to mention... when i came home to peer in the fridge I saw this...
And its still there.
The End.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Delicious Day!

Hey loves!!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments yesterday, I love sharing really motivates me haha.

Anyways! Speaking of motivation I just got a fitness mag in the mail today! YAY!

Ok sooo last night after feeling like a complete fatty yesterday I went to walmart and loaded up on healthy goodies.

Then I meal prepped last night.

Today I feasted on healthy goodness.

Ok breakfast!

fit and active turkey sausage English muffin with cheese and egg.
Not very good. I took most of the turkey sausage off.
The yogurt was ok.
Oh by the way, I did a complete overhaul on MFP and changed my real weight back and set new goals.  THEY sat my cals at 1200 which I am at today except I didn't count my coffee creamer. WHATEVER. 1200 is insane for me right now so getting in that was pretty awesomesauce.
Beautiful crisp red bell pepper slices, 5 olives, and a boiled egg WHITE only. With only a few dips in that roasted red pepper dressing.
Lunch was a smart ones chicken parm, which I am not a fan of. The lean cuisine chicken parm is mucho better, fyi.
And I had some broccoli, obvi.
So then later on I had to run a few errands.

OH! I got a crap ton of water in me today. Yesss.
Maybe that's why my hunger was so controllable?  I felt very in control today, if you know what I mean.
I like it when I control the food and not the other way around!!!
Ok so next SNACKAGE was...

Ice cold juicy sweet watermelon!
I got a mini watermelon (I aint tryin to be all dirty dancing up in walmart) for 2.88 and it was the perfect size and price and I came home and cut up half.  That is about a third of the half.
I came home and made a pizza pita that came to only 215 calories. I love these Joseph pitas. Go getchu some.
After being a big grump and saying he didn't want NOTHING for dinner, hubby's nose lured him into the kitchen where he sweetly asked for me to tell him how to make one.  I, of course made it for him. LOL.  Nice slice of humble pie, babe :)
In his defense, he is on a random third shift time change for work and he was going to have to leave soon.  He also said his tummy was hurting and he had ate earlier.  None the less, he was a grump.  But I always say ladies, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach :)
Ok I also had a whole can of green beans on the side.
I put a bit of aldis brand of cant believe its not butter in the green beans for a bit of flavor, didn't count that either because I did not drink up the green bean juice out of the pot. Ha.
So then for desert I made a parfait that I got from Weightwatchergirl1.
Sugar free chocolate jello pudding, graham cracker crumbs (1 tbsp.) and a bit of banana.  The graham cracker crumbs MAKE IT!
Then I still had cals so I had a half a pita with roasted red pepper hummus and watermelon yumm.
 I attempted popcorn but my ghetto microwave burned it.
What was your favorite thing you ate today?
Mine had to be the pizza!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Top 10 Motivators

Well another miracle has happened yet again.

I officially suck at blogging, yet have gained another follower.

Must be my beloved inappropriate use of #hashtags and absence of healthy eating and exercise.

Gets em every time :)

Haha. Just kidding. And thank you to my new followers!!  I guess I am going to have to hop on the bloglovin train here shortly due to the impending death of google reader. SUCKY. Just when technically challenged me was getting used to it.

Anyways I was pondering today.

Oh a Bestie Birthday weekend re-cap is in the works.


I have been trying to watch youtube, read books and pin motivational things all morning and its got me thinking.

WHY am I gaining weight and not being successful?

Well lets see.

I pretty much eat what I want, (even though HOW I eat has changed since my weight loss) and I don't exercise. Yep that's probably why I have gained back like 7 lbs.

What seperates me from the people who wake up every day and get to the gym in the morning and eat well and come home and get a good nights sleep?

Now lets be realistic for a minute. 

I know its not possible to be a health nut robot 100% of the time. 

But 80% ?


I could do it.

Its called discipline.

I forgot what I was. 

I have been eating/lazy like the prodigal son here.

Just being honest.

Its been almost a year since July 9th, 2012 when one day I just decided I was DOING it and not looking back.  Im happy that Im still leaner and fitter and weigh less...but disappointed in how much time I have literally WASTED.

I could be at goal weight right now instead of sucky settling for less weight.

So many people have inspired me. 

It can be done. 

I want to finish this and finish this strong.

THEN I can maintain.  But not now.  I don't want to just "maintain" right now.

I do not want bad habits to slip back in. 

What is something that motivates you?

Here are my top 10 motivators (in no particular order)  because I think we all need a little reminding at times:

1. Pictures of myself from a few months ago--loosing weight, proud of myself, fit, energetic.

(this was from my wedding dress challenge)
Sometimes the bad pictures, have the same motivational effect as well...
2. Magazines & Books-Fitness/weightloss related.
3. Youtube videos, such as this one:
Love this girl! Watched her a long time.
4. Reading blogs.  Some of my fave bloggers are on my blog love tab and some are not. I need to add more.
5. Planning a vacation!
I am one of those types of people that HAS to have something to look forward too. I love the thrill of planning the whole thing from hotel, to restaurants to entertainment and it makes it so much easier to pick that broccoli over the mashed potatoes (because we all know it really comes down to little decisions like that everyday) knowing I want to be wearing my cute outfit to _____ when we go do _____. 
6. Reading motivational quotes like this one that is on my facebook page that I'm pretty sure I found on my pinterest. Which in case you aren't on, you need to go click on!
7. Coffee.  Nothing makes me want to get up and move more. LOL.
8. Girls I admire.  You know there are plenty of women who you admire for the way they dress.  Maybe what they wear, how they act. Their lifestyle, their bodies. And you kinda want to be like em.  Maybe its someone you know...maybe its Reese Witherspoon.
9. New Music. This is my favorite song right now and it makes me want to get up and dance or run.
And I like this one too...
And finally...
10.  This guy.
Because he is the love of my life.  And I want to live a long and healthy life.  And look good naked.

What motivates you??

Friday, June 14, 2013

New kicks, Date Night & Fro yo!

What a great Friday night!

Despite the fact I had to work almost 40 minutes over, today was great!

My eating was on par and I didn't throw it out the window because it was Friday for once!!

Breakfast was on the road partly...

Then later at work I had a fruit cup and mini pita with about half a tbsp. of peanut butter
Then lunch time was crazy....running around doing a million things.
Panera sent me a coupon though so I went and got their you pick two combo.
Chicken Cuban Panini- 430 cals
Classic salad- 90 cals
It was great and filling..and yes April the apple was cold ;)
Bestie gets mad because she always gets an apple hoping it will be crisp and cold like the ones I usually get at Panera.  She is usually disappointed. LOL.
THEN I worked some more...then hubby met me at work to go on date night! 
We went to Chillis first...we were starvin like marvin.
We got the 2 for 20 and had southwestern egg rolls as our starter.  I ate only ONE egg roll yall!!!! This is huge. LOL.
I had a side salad with light ranch with my meal. 
We had awesome service and an awesome waitress so I made sure she sent her manager over so I could brag on her.  Most people just want to complain to the manager (and I have before, believe some different restaurants) but this service, food and everything was just was on par tonight.  The manager was really happy and he talked to us and told us how we could go online and get a free flatbread and also gave us a coupon for free chips and queso next time! I was so surprised! Did not expect that...just ended our dinner on a really great note.
Anyways I had the light steak and broccoli which was DELICIOUS and only 250 cals!!!!
According to MFP with the salad its like still only 400 cals. 
I had one of hubs fries, and a few bites of that corn on the cob. 
I was very pleased with how I handled myself!!!
Then we went to Gander mountain & Target.

My friends wedding shower is tomorrow and I had to get a present for her.
I got myself these really cute flip flops for 12 bucks on sale, I heard someone raving about them and how they buy them every year.  Plus I need some and they are dressy enough for work but also casual too I think.  I got her a blender. 
We also went to sweet frog because it finally opened near our house!
I got a lil bit of toasted marshmallow, cake batter and reeses, it looks like a lot but its the smallest cup.  It was sooo good. Minimal toppings, but tried to make it look really big and filling haha.
And last, but certainly not least.. I will leave you with the cutest face on the block...

Thursday, June 13, 2013


No power.

However somehow my internal alarm clock woke us up at 6am.

Hubby was late.

I was concerned about my lack of power (immediately my mind thinks of the delicious food going to waste possibly in my deep freezer) and had to pee, so I got up and discovered yes, we indeed had no power.

About a minute later the power comes back on. 

Never really got back to sleep.....yeah. About those naps....

I NEED ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so breakfast was non existent. 

I need to go shopping like a sailor needs a ship. For reals.

Co worker went to subway so I had him get me ham and cheese with veggies and mustard.
Later...after running 1,834 errands pertaining to weddings and birthdays and graduations and fathers day (which is sunday, in case you forgot like I did) I had lunch.
That meal was good and that broccoli was left over from last night, along with grapes from yesterdays lunch.
These Michelina meals are 1.00 by the way.
Eating healthy is so expensive.
Later I was on the most boringist insurance call ever and I needed chocolate. 
After the storm that flew in right off the set of wizard of OZ started a brewin, it was luckily time for me to head home in the opposite direction.  Away from the tree limbs, fierce wind and massive loss of power.  
Angus steak from Costco, brown rice (1/2 cup) with mushroom gravy (1/4 cup) and 1/2 cup green beans...mushrooms and onions. I could eat every drop again, just looking at it right now.
I heard Facebook now does #hashtags.
I also had this
1/3 cup for 50 cals with like 4 Hershey kisses.
No walking today, but did DANG good on my calories.
Hollar atcha girl.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Game

Wowzers!  What a wonderful Wednesday!

Yall...I did 5 MILES today !!  Yippe!  Granted, this was a walking dvd but its really more like aerobics.  I definetly could feel the calorie burn!  One whole hour of working out :) YAY!

Ok so breakfast was...

Some sort of brown sugar oatmeal pack...we are getting drastically low on groceries LOL.  But I love shopping only once every two weeks so far!!  I really put in an effort to make things stretch..
Lunch was great!  I had this lean gourmet meal that was just spaghetti and meat sauce so I had a side salad with romaine lettuce, (which I bought instead of pre packaged lettuce this time, because it LASTS SO LONG!) onion, tomato, spicy banana pepper rings and sliced black olives. I also had a diced boiled egg on there too.  I put a few croutons on too. 
Then later on I had some nice cold crisp grapes.
And then the last of this kettle corn...its the Acts II brand and if im not mistaken I got it at the dollar store??? But I could be wrong, however it was either there or walmart LOL.  Its so good and only 160 cals for the whole bag.
And then dinner was late due to my big walk-a-thon haha but hubby wasn't home to give me the look
because he had to work late.  So anyways I made the Annie's Butter & Parmesean spiral mac and cheese and it was SO good!  I had a salmon burger (threw some texas pete on it after pic) and broccoli.
I also had 5 Hershey kisses.
I am SO tired now yall so its off to bed, I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday too!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hamburger Helper Night


Something I wish I liked to do.

I love the idea of a nap.  However I feel like that is a waste of my precious time. 

Do you guys nap?

I took like a 20 minute nap Saturday and I feel like I need one today... I should probably just go to bed.  But honestly I think sleep is so key to weight loss! I just wish I liked napping.

Any who!

That was completely random...right

Breakfast was OK.  I had an old faithful 150 calorie oatmeal which seemed to sustain me.

Then lunch was out of this world good!!!
Tuna Salad
1/3 cup light mayo
1 can of light tuna in water, drained
1 tbsp. sliced black olives, chopped
1/8 cup of celery, chopped
1/4 cup of onion, chopped
1/8 cup banana peppers, chopped
1 egg, hard boiled, chopped finely
squirt of mustard to your liking
SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It made a ton too! All for about 300 cals!
Then I cut two mini pitas in half (50 cals each, Joseph brand at walmart in the deli section)
I stuffed them with shredded romaine and the tuna salad...yum!
I also had grapes with it. 
Then for a snack later I had kettle corn
And then when I got home I did two miles!
yay for exercise! lol
And then I made dinner. 
You should have seen the look on hubbys face when he came in from mowing grass and realized I was doing a DVD and not cooking LOL!
But I made philly cheesesteak hamburger helper...only 320 cals for a cup!
I also had half a cup corn and half a cup green beans, along with a sliced tomato.
For desert I had three Hershey kisses.
Now time for my beauty sleep...lots of love to you all!!!! :)