Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Reader go bye bye!!!

Ok guys, you can officially say bye bye to google reader this week. Maybe you don't even use it?

 But if you are a blog reader like me, you will be sad that there is nothing to let you know when your fave bloggers are posting! Before/during google reader I would still sometimes just favorite a blog instead of follow it. You can do whatever, but PLEASE don't forget about me!!! :)

I went ahead and added my blog to bloglovin so go click follow me on blog lovin (on the side bar under the about me) so you never miss a post! If you are a blogger I suggest doing this and if you are confused I would like to direct you to the tutorial posts Hubby Jack did on it. They were VERY helpful.

Its also cool because even if you DON'T blog you can still easily import all the blogs you already follow into bloglovin. BUT DO IT SOON!!!

:) That is your friendly public service announcement of the day.

Love you all & talk to you soon!!!! :)


  1. A good friend of mine said she just started using bloglovin. She said she tried a few other apps and bloglovin was her fave. I realized I have ppl who follow me on bloglovin, and I'm not even registered with it!

  2. I love bloglovin! I have found it to be much easier to use than Google Reader :)


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