Friday, June 14, 2013

New kicks, Date Night & Fro yo!

What a great Friday night!

Despite the fact I had to work almost 40 minutes over, today was great!

My eating was on par and I didn't throw it out the window because it was Friday for once!!

Breakfast was on the road partly...

Then later at work I had a fruit cup and mini pita with about half a tbsp. of peanut butter
Then lunch time was crazy....running around doing a million things.
Panera sent me a coupon though so I went and got their you pick two combo.
Chicken Cuban Panini- 430 cals
Classic salad- 90 cals
It was great and filling..and yes April the apple was cold ;)
Bestie gets mad because she always gets an apple hoping it will be crisp and cold like the ones I usually get at Panera.  She is usually disappointed. LOL.
THEN I worked some more...then hubby met me at work to go on date night! 
We went to Chillis first...we were starvin like marvin.
We got the 2 for 20 and had southwestern egg rolls as our starter.  I ate only ONE egg roll yall!!!! This is huge. LOL.
I had a side salad with light ranch with my meal. 
We had awesome service and an awesome waitress so I made sure she sent her manager over so I could brag on her.  Most people just want to complain to the manager (and I have before, believe some different restaurants) but this service, food and everything was just was on par tonight.  The manager was really happy and he talked to us and told us how we could go online and get a free flatbread and also gave us a coupon for free chips and queso next time! I was so surprised! Did not expect that...just ended our dinner on a really great note.
Anyways I had the light steak and broccoli which was DELICIOUS and only 250 cals!!!!
According to MFP with the salad its like still only 400 cals. 
I had one of hubs fries, and a few bites of that corn on the cob. 
I was very pleased with how I handled myself!!!
Then we went to Gander mountain & Target.

My friends wedding shower is tomorrow and I had to get a present for her.
I got myself these really cute flip flops for 12 bucks on sale, I heard someone raving about them and how they buy them every year.  Plus I need some and they are dressy enough for work but also casual too I think.  I got her a blender. 
We also went to sweet frog because it finally opened near our house!
I got a lil bit of toasted marshmallow, cake batter and reeses, it looks like a lot but its the smallest cup.  It was sooo good. Minimal toppings, but tried to make it look really big and filling haha.
And last, but certainly not least.. I will leave you with the cutest face on the block...


  1. So proud of you for staying on track during date night and especially at Chilis. I love that place and it is so hard to be good when you go out to eat. I love those flip flops! Did you get those at Target? Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. thanks girl!!! yes I did get them there they are on sale right now for 12 bucks!!!!

  2. I think you shoulda got your friend some flip flops too and not a blender. Haha I emailed our local Captain D's once to tell them how great our store did here on a SUPER busy day. The district manager called to thank me personally for the nice words. Then, one day when I was in the store he happened to be there. I mentioned that I was the one who called. They gave all 4 of my kids a t-shirt that allows them to eat for FREE, drink and all, EVERY TIME WE GO. All they have to do is wear that shirt. Woohoo! It pays to be friendly. Haha Glad you got your mojo back. :)

  3. OK Chili's is my fav & those egg rolls would have never seen daylight around me so I give you 2 thumbs up :)

  4. Of course you got a cold apple. BC I WASN'T WITH YoU!!! Grrrr well I hope you enjoyed it heff

  5. Date nights are the best!! i loooove southwestern egg rolls...oh yum.


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