Monday, June 10, 2013

The Starting Line

Hey Loves!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.  I did great today. I am super proud of myself for once, ending the day right and even getting in some exercise. 

Breakfast was delisshhhous and I got the idear from Weight Watcher Girl. And she also is on youtube, weightwatchergirl1 (I believe...if you cant find her let me know).  But she is awesome and has lost over 100 lbs.  She has super good ideas too.

Anyways this was a yummy breakfast sandwich...

Spray bowl with pam
Add 1/8 cup turkey sausage crumbles
1 tbsp. bacon bits
1 cheese stick
1 egg
salt n peppa in bowl, stirl, microwave a min, check, stir maybe and then cook checking on it every 30 seconds. 

I had mine between 2 pieces of bread.
Then for a snack I had yogurt
Lunch was ...
ziti, 100 cal cookies, diced pear cup
I ate two of these.
Then I was highly annoyed to find out I consumed 50 calories.
Dinner was ...
baked cheddar sour cream chips
tomato sandwich
progresso light beef pot roast
diet coke
was four dark chocolate kisses.
I had a couple pickles when I made hubby dinner, and tasted my tuna salad I made for lunch tomorrow but that was it!  Yay, oh and I did a 1 mile walk. Its a start!!!!


  1. And a good start at that! Next time, show the finished breakfast product instead of just the ingredients for me! Lol :)

  2. Good job on the walk! I am trying to do better with exercise.

  3. Yayy so proud of you for having a good day. I had no idea about Weight Watcher Girl's site but I love it! I hope you have another great day...we can do it!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) great job yesterday! Feels good to have success huh! I miss that! LOL


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