Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yummy Din Din & Liebster Award!

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I hope you all had a superb Wednesday!!

Mine started out a little cray..breakfast didn't really come together and I forgot my banana but I had my yogurt.

I like these. They are very good and not so tart.
Then I was starving later and had a 50 cal fruit cup that was hiding in my desk drawer.
I didn't eat till 2pm or after...crazy.
But I had a favorite of mine-Smart Ones Mesquite chicken. I LOVE the mashed potatoes!!
Also had some green beans and lots of water today!
Desert was a sugar free chocolate pudding cup
Watermelon for a snack
Popcorn again, recycled pic...again
Dinner was SOOO good!
Broccoli with sautéed onions and a Costco angus burger!
I also added steak sauce to it because someone on instagram told me it was good to add it to the boca burger I had last night. Great idea!!!
Desert was...
And I still have cals left!!
Ok sooo yall I really think the water is helping!!
Also I got this crap out of my house finally.
By forcing Jacob to eat it.
And by forcing, I mean, lovingly heating it up for him and putting it on the kitchen counter this morning :)
Ok sooo my awesome friend Sheila nominated me for a liebster award!! She is so precious to me yall. I love her !!! I have already done the liebster award a few months ago but I wanted to answer her questions!! I think they are so fun! And yall go check out her blog, she is a NC southern gal like me, loving all things frugal and she just did her first 5k! I am so proud of her!!
Ok so here goes!
Questions for my nominees:
1. If you could travel to one place this summer, where would it be? Pensacola, FL to see my brother! And God willing, we should be leaving next week!
2. What would be your dream job? Something part time because honestly I hate being at work 40 hrs a week.  Ok...I got it. A hair dresser. I so want to do hair, and I love talking to people. Yall know that. LOL.
3. Where is your favorite place to shop?  Besides target? Haha maybe VS and Forever 21, but honestly I frequent Ross and TJ Maxx more.
4. What store do you do most of your grocery shopping at? Walmart and Aldis.
5. What is one of your hidden talents? Negative on the talent. And if I had it, it would NOT be hidden!
6. What sport did you play in school or what club did you belong to? I actually played volleyball in high school and I was the Reporter in FFA.  I was in journalism 2 years on the school well as a member of DECA.
7. Who is your TV/movie crush? Rob Pattison, oh the hair! I am a sucker for good hair.
8. Who does most of the chores in your house? Hubby.  But I do a lot too! Its equal prob.  I married a neat freak and its quite nice.
9. What is your favorite meal to cook? Tacos!!!
10. If you have the day off from work/school all to yourself, what would you do? Oh joy...lets see! Right now, it being summer I would probably go to my parents house and lay out by the pool because this white girl needs a tan!
11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Gatlinburg, TN!!!! Or Sevierville which is right beside it :)
Thank you Sheila that was fun!!!
Ok so I need yalls help!! Tell me your go to healthy snacks for a road trip!!
You know...that stuff you bring with you before you get to your destination and eat like crap! HAHA!
Please comment below!


  1. Hi honey! Thanks for participating...I loved reading your answers. Ok so for road trips I take Fiber One brownies, pop my popcorn ahead of time and put it in baggies, the veggie straws from Aldi, wheat thins & the Laughing Cow wedges, and fruit of course. Being prepared is key to at least eating good on the way there and back. Anything that you can make into 100ish calorie portions is good. Oh and sugar free gum!

  2. Hmmm. Let's see. These are def not all healthy but fairly good on cals. Any portable fruit like apples, bananas, cutie oranges. Low fat pb cracker packs, popcorn that I either pop before I leave or I love the Popcorn Indiana bags you can find at Walmart. I always have bars of some sort, usually fiber bars. I recently tried these new things by Nature Valley...they are soft baked oatmeal squares & they are over where all the Nature Valley bars are. They come in peanut butter & cinnamon brown sugar. I got them for me but Ronnie loves them & took my box out of town so I just had to get more lol. You can buy some of the yogurt tubes & freeze them to take with you. They are good frozen or thawed & only like 70 cals or so. I usually take all this stuff with me when we go anywhere for any length of time so that I'll have stuff to snack on while we're there too. Btw. I got some of the Joseph's pitas at Walmart & I am sooo glad you said they were good!!! I've seen them before but I was skeptical. So far I've had one with ham & mustard on it & a half of one with pb. I will def be making pizzas with them too. What a great calorie bargain! :)

  3. I love Larabars, Greek yogurt, just about any fruit...sometimes I even bring some peanut butter to spread on an apple. I also like 100 calorie packs for when I get a craving. I like to make homemade "breakfast cookies" too. The kids love them as well. :)


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