Monday, July 22, 2013

Babies & Chinese

Woooooop whoooooop !!!

Babies are IN the air today! I got invited to a baby shower, the prince and dutchess now have their baby boy! And my cousin just found out that she is having a BOY today, so I am super excited for all the baby love floating around!

Ok so today was pretty great! Got to the gym this morning and had a fantastic sweat sesh with some wonderful songs courtesy iTunes.

Work was ehh but its that's normal. 

Then I had a pretty dang good lunch, yall.

You know how I love those little Chinese things from walmart? Well now they are totally awesomerrrrr because they have the LIGHT versions!!!! what what!!!!

And its also got the points on there for all my weight watcher peeps!!!
Better yet they are only two dollars and something.
Tonight was more Chinese. LOL.
I got a P.F. Changs bag meal of beef and broccoli for me and hubby to have and made some brown rice and mini veggie spring rolls! It was SO good.  Better than what I actually ate in their restaurant not too long ago lol.  And cheaper.
Oh and check out my new ear muff things for shooting.
They are super cool.
Ok loves so I hope yall had a marvelous Monday!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Is clearly the word I would use to describe how I feel about the following:

1. These Healthy Choice Café Steamers !!! The Asian ones especially. I had given up on Healthy Choice meals a long LONG time ago but a co worker cooked one the other day and it smelled amazing. Now I'm hooked!

2. Apples. I have been eating apples like ALL the time with almond butter or peanut butter.

3.  This candle.  Smells like a waffle cone, folks.

4. This is like the best top coat I have ever used, me thinks.

5.  The Hunger Games 2!!!!! Coming out November 22nd!!!

Good night loves...and may the odds be ever in your favor ;)

xoxo Lauryn

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lunch Options & More Cravings

Well hello there beautiful people!

Today I had to battle the eating out cravings AGAIN.

UGH I think its almost "that time" of the month and I am like getting lazy, tired and craving-ish. Haha. But its no excuse!

However, I thought about my goals and went home and made delicious tuna melts!

They are on English muffins and I sautéed the last of the zuchinni on the side.
I also had some cottage cheese with fruit cocktail.
Hubby is watching an old college football game.
I know he is just itching for football season!
Ok so I tried another yogurt which was 230 calories!!!!
I barely ate it...I ate the toppings and a bit of the yogurt but that is way too many calories for a yogurt.
Well, for the calories I had allotted for breakfast, anyway.  I also had a trail mix bar thing.
It was OK.
I thought I would show yall the inside too.
I definitely prefer the key lime!
In fact I may get more, they are 1.00 right now at Target!
Speaking of Target, hubby just saw my 27.00 I spent Tuesday on the online banking. LOL.
Ohhh I love explaining my needs to him. Haha.
I have one more freaking taco salad to eat, that I SHOULD eat tomorrow. I just really am so sick of them at this point LOL. That is the only thing about making one thing and eating it all week.  Plus I like variety but I know those weight watcher meals are so full of sodium. 
Any lunch suggestions for me?
Ok so I have about 7 more lbs to go to make my goal for this month.
So what I think I am going to do now, is take off my make up, get ready for bed, do some Bible reading and pack my gym bag for tomorrow. I actually LIKE going to the gym in the morning.
But its so awesome having that workout done and over in the AM!
I didn't work out at all today :(
Ok, so lets all put on our happy pants and do a little Friday Dance!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down!

Thumbs up to waking up early for the gym this morning!

Thumbs down to getting in my car and finding out I'm on EMPTY.

Thumbs up to getting gas after prolonging it (as far as I possibly could) and not getting stranded!

Thumbs down to being late to the gym.

Thumbs up to having a nice sweaty cardio sesh and burning a crap ton of calories anyway!

Thumbs way up to enjoying a new find for breakfast!

White chocolate chips and graham crackers? Heck yes.

Thumbs down to it not being as good as I imagined...

Thumbs up to lunch with Mama Bear at the new Chick fila!

I got the new Asian chicken salad and it was SO good!!!!!

Thumbs down to lunch not lasting as long as it should.

Thumbs way WAY up to Mama Bear for treating me to it :) Thanks Mama, I love you!

Thumbs down to me wanting more salad and eating too many chick fila mints, they are like CRACK!
Thumbs up to a healthy delicious snack.
Thumbs down to more rain and stormy-ness this afternoon, its hurting our sales this month!
Thumbs up to beating my INTENSE craving for takeout tonight.  Hubby was coming home the same time as me for ONCE and I really had to resist Mt. Fuji japaneese and La Unica hard! But I did it.
Thumbs down to Kitty Noel not wanting to be picked up and petted when I got home. Normally she wants a hug.
Thumbs up to a delicious dinner prepared by MOI that made Hubby SOOO happy. I mean he turned the tv down during Jeopardy! to tell me how good it was.
Omelet and Turkey Bacon
Thumbs down to eating a bowl of cereal too....eeeek.
Thumbs up to watching Hubby dance and sing/rap in the kitchen while he did dishes...:)
Did you have a thumbs up or thumbs down day?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Target Finds & Couscous

Hellloooooooooooo my loves!

Happy Tuesday!!! Tomorrow is Humpity Dumpity Hump Day! yay!

Ok so this morning I slept in...till grand ole 7:40ish with hubby. The beautiful sunlight was streaming in through the windows! I loved the sun we had today!!!! It has been so dreary lately in NC.

Ok sooo lets see, everything was pretty normal today.  Went to Target on my lunch break and intended on spending like LESS than 10 bucks and it was 27. I literally thought something was wrong and she had scanned something twice. No such luck. LOL.

I went to get little travel thingys to take to the gym.

Which I got, but also got other things...

YUM. of these for 1.00!
I organized my really REALLY messy drawer in my desk at work.
And for dinner we had salmon burgers from Aldis.  These are smaller but only 120 cals instead of the 170 calorie ones from Costco.
We had couscous with it and green beans. It was great and Hubby loves couscous!!
Hubby just vacuumed and Kitty Noel is lounging around on the carpet like its finally acceptable for her to sleep on.  Hilarious.
I hope you all have a fabulous night, what's something you always end up getting at Target?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Your fault Staci!!!

Happy Monday Peeps!

Oh boy what a Monday...I tell you endorphins from the gym didn't last long enough! LOL But I did good with breakfast and lunch...even resisted a lunch date with hubby to eat my salad I brought..but then he asked if I wanted him to bring me anything.

And then this happened...

Staci this is all your fault!!!
Luckilly the ice cream sammie was only 150 cals and hubby had a bite of it. 

Then for dinner..I made sloppy joes!
Sweet tater fries and broccoli, it was so good!!!!
Then I had about 6 dark chocolate Hershey kisses.  I love those things, they totally help me with my sweet cravings, thanks bestie for the heads up!
Anyways, I got up at like 6 something this morning to make it to the gym and I am about to fall asleep on the computer.  Hubs is already snoozing beside me. Hmm.
Nothing too interesting.
Oh I almost got really discouraged!!
I told you all I had lost 6 lbs. Well I gained 2 back this morning.
SO mad.
Went to gym anyway.
Ate healthy anyway.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Very Successful Weekend

First of all, I would love to say how we were all scared google reader was going away...and its still here. What the heck.

Anyone else notice that?


So this weekend was FABULOUS!!! I stayed on track SOOO good!

Friday I went to the gym and used my extra calories I burned on date night. We went to Moes and then to see White House Down.

Got a chicken salad and ate a few chips but got it without shell.

We got a medium popcorn to share and put no butter on it.
Then we had sweet frog and I was very good with my topping choices.
Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym for 40 minutes of sweaty cardio fun!
I always end up buying lunch out on Saturdays because I have to grocery shop after work, but that day I went prepared with a sugar free jelly and natural pb sandwich on wheat with some carrots and broccoli. 
Later at home I had tuna and soup.
For dinner I had a smart ones!
Today we got up early and went to church and got Mexican!
I had made us eggs and turkey bacon and a bit of cheese for breakfast and for lunch we shared chicken fijitas. 
I was VERY good with the chips.
I also ended the day great with subway for dinner.
I am SOOO happy with this weekend!!!
As of today, weighing in from last Monday I have lost SIX pounds!!!
Thank the LORD!
Ok and I decided a few rewards that I want to give myself.  I will share them with tommorows post hopefully because I have to get ready for bed now but I wanted to show you my prepping for the week I did tonight!
How was your weekend??
Love you all!!!!!! xoxoxo

Friday, July 12, 2013

Food & Blisters

Hey loves, computer at home is still not working so I wanted to quickly touch base with you all and tell you that I got up at 6:15 am this morning to GO TO THE GYM!!!!

Yes folks, it happened. The gym is quite plesant on a friday morning come to find out!

I did 40 sweaty minutes of cardio and 2 machines. 

I got in the car to find a sweet text from Hubby seeing if I wanted to watch White House Down tonight...him and Channing on a friday night? Heck yes!

So luckilly those calories I burned, I can use on a small popcorn, which is a MUST for me.

Its like I cannot fathom going to a movie and NOT eating popcorn.


Not sorry.

Ok so anyways I am trying to eat 1200 anyway so I might get up to 1500 with the popcorn, I already tracked it on MFP.


Ok so last nights dinner was good!

Salmon burger and squash and green beans!

And then for lunch I treated myself to Subway...I have had NO fast food OR soda of any kind this week!!!!!

Ham and turkey with american cheese, veggies and mustard!!!!! I do not miss mayo at all really.

Well thats all she wrote BUT i have been thinking about my rewards and I think I have some finally hammered out that I cant wait to share with yall!!

Oh and in other news...I have a horrible blister on the bottom of my foot. So I spent clost to 15.00 today to fix this issue.  I asked on facebook as well as MLFC and got lots of good advice.

I got some blister things and moleskins as well as moisture wicking socks.  Let me know if you have any other tips, it was SERIOIUSLY paining me at the gym today. #notfun

Have a lovely weekend!!!

xoxoxo Lauryn

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taco Salad & Goals

Hey loves.

Well it seems my old laptop has finally bit the dust. 

So I was unable to do a blog post last night, I guess I will have to do them during the day now, but hopefully I can either get it to work or buy a new one.  Although I am not sure there is much I can do with a black screen. Hmm.

Anyways I wanted to show yall what I had for lunch.  I had forgotten my salad :(

I am LOVING the couscous. 
I added a tomatoe that was for my salad that I left at home.
Ok so of course I had the beginnings of a headache so I took a caffiene pill and then two ib profiens.  I cant tell that the caffiene pill really worked, per say BUT I didnt get a full blown headache.
SO, still havent had any soda, all week actually!
Then I made this chart, and I will mark off the numbers as I loose the pounds.  This is my goal weight until we get to the week of Thanksgiving, when we are hopfully going on vacation. 

I put words around it to motivate me and make me remember why I am doing this!!!!!

Ok so this is basically what my goals will look like, broken down.  I just need to add some rewards to when I hit these goals.

At the end of theese months, I want to be at this number:

July - 175 (for a loss of 7.2 lbs)

August - 168 (for a loss of 7 lbs)

September - 161  (for a loss of 7 lbs)

October - 154  (for a loss of 7 lbs)

November - 150 (for a loss of 4 lbs)

For a total loss of 32.2 lbs.

I think making a specific goal will help me.  I am also recording my weight everyday on my calendar. 

Yesterday we had a taco dinner.  I made a big salad and Jacob had "pita" tacos.

We also went on another two mile walk and I had some dark chocolate hershey kisses for desert.

Another great day. 

Yall please tell me some ideas that I can reward myself with in the comments below, that is what I am working on next! Thanks my loves and I hope you are all having a great week!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yesterday & Some Eats

Hey loves, OK so yesterday was GREAT!

I ate well all day AND worked out.

I came home and put my workout clothes on and did a 2 mile leslie sansone dvd.

Then I cooked a delicious healthy dinner.

I got those talapia fillets at Aldis for super cheap and 4 comes to a pack. 
They are individually frozen and I just took two out and put them in a dish with cold water to defrost.
By the time my two miles were in they were ready, although I had to wait a little longer for hubby to come home to actually cook them.
I sprayed a square glass dish with olive oil walmart brand PAM and then put salt and pepper and lemon juice (and a bit of cut up lemon) on them and in the dish and cooked for about 7 minutes.
They tasted fresh and lemony. I loved it.
I made sauteed zuchinni and squash in the PAM stuff too.
Side salad with tomatoes, cukes, olives, red onion and cheese and salad dressing, with cheese and dressing measured out. 
Yesterday has been one year since I started my healthy living journey and I have had some ups and downs but I havent given up and I now really feel like I am mentally back in the game.
Me and hubby even went for a two mile walk last night after dinner, it was SO nice!!! 
I have been having this for breakfast:

Oh and yesterday I was armed with my caffiene pills and DID NOT even need them! Thank the Lord!  No headache yesterday!!! I was so happy!!!!!

I had one large to go mug of coffee yesterday morning and water the rest of the day!

Today so far has been the same!  And I am loving the couscous and baked chicken for lunch!

Love you all xoxoxo

Monday, July 8, 2013

Preppage & Getting Bit

Happy Monday all!

Sorry I was MIA this weekend, we actually went to Pensacola, FL to visit my brother for 4th of July weekend.  This past weekend I spent over 24 hours riding in a car combined, so forgive me for not posting. LOL.

Anyways!! I am going to do a recap on that tomorrow probably, because I have totally ran out of time tonight!

I wanted to show yall an awesome little snack I tried today.

Few rasins
one tbsp. natural pb
rice cake
So good!
Oh and dinner was yummy too, I did really well today!
So this afternoon I got another headache.
If you have been reading this blog for at least a week then you know that I have been getting them in the afternoon due to lack of caffeine ( I HOPE!).
So I was talking to my brother this weekend, who is ALWAYS drinking water (and Monster's but mostly water, with ALL meals since he joined the military--and really before, when he was recruiting) and he suggested caffeine pills.
He said that he takes them, and it got me thinking that would be a great solution instead of diet soda in the afternoon, which I don't even want.  So hubby picked me up some today and I will try them tomorrow. 
Needless to say, I DID get a headache today, picked up a coffee hoping it would do the trick and it did NOT work, and I ended up suffering for over an hour and taking 3 ibuprofiens.
But I have not had any soda today.  #WINNING.
Ok so after work, during my headache, I went to Aldis and picked up enough groceries to last us for a good long while.
$133.00 doll hairs later I get my butt home and hubby is helping me unload groceries when I get unmercifully attacked by fire ants in the driveway.
Ok so then I proceeded to prep my lunches and snacks for the week.
Thanks to my girl Wendy and her clean eating thing she has got goin on over at A Daily Dose of Del Signore I used her idea and had couscous with baked chicken, side salad and then I also made up carrots/broccoli to dip in spicy ranch (one tbsp).
Btw, the olive oil roasted garlic couscous at Aldis is AMAZEBALLS! go get it right now.
Did you guys prep food for this week? What's your go to snack going to be?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saying Thanks & a Treat

So I have had 3 headaches every single day this week.  I have not WANTED any soda but I really think it's the lack of caffeine causing it.  Hubs thinks it is too, so I popped about 3 IBprof.'s and pulled into QT to get me a diet dr pepper. 

I immediately noticed a sheriffs car and a police officer talking to two what appeared to be Marines.  I was pretty shocked because it's not every day you see Marines in uniform in our small town.  The closest military base is about 2-3 hrs away.  It's just not common.  So I pulled a little closer and rolled my window down. 

I told the gentlemen that I wanted to thank them all for their service. 

The cop said "you talking to me or them?" and laughed.

"All of yall!" Because I really was.  Police, Firemen and EMT's work very hard to keep our communities safe. 

They were all very gracious.  I told them my brother is a Marine as well, and as I said that I looked over at the other Marine and recognized him! I had went to school with him, but more importantly he had been through recruiting, being sworn in, and boot camp with my brother! What a small world!

I said all that to say this...please...if you see a man or woman in uniform, tell them thank you.  Yes, it can be intimidating but I promise you they are nice.  My brother usually speaks to people as he passes them and always holds doors. These two Marines (and the cop!) were no exception. 

I have been with my brother when strangers stopped their day to come and tell him thank you and its such a blessing to hear.  These men and women go through so much and get very little thanks for it.  Grown men have literally teared up, seeing my brother in uniform. 

There is something about an American soldier...

On another note...I picked up these suckers for our trip and that was a MISTAKE.  They are highly addicting.  But only 110 calories. Ok... they are amazing.

I have to work tomorrow but I hope you all have a Happy Independence Day!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Current Loves

Hey lovies!

I just wanted to say a quick hello and check in with you all. I am SOOOOO exhausted.  Something about this week is just zapping my energy. I have had a headache the past two days at the end of the day and I just come home feeling like poo!

Its been gloomy and raining here too :(

I know you all love the food pics and I do too, but I just don't have it in me for some reason.  Maybe tomorrow.  I did want to show you all some things that I have been loving lately...

1. Watermelon.

I seriously eat it, like errrrrday.
2. Viva La Juicy.
I have been wearing this a lot lately! Its a light fruity/sweet fragrance perfect for summer...or anytime really. Its one of my all time favorite scents.
3. These bad boys that are going on vacation with me!

100 calories of deliciousness!!!
This girl has AWESOME progress pics and has lost weight and is looking great!!! Go check her out, I have been blog stalking her frequently!
5.  This deodorant.  I have loved Secret since my teenage days.
Summer Berry is the one I am using now!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!
Lots o Love!
Lauryn xoxo