Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taco Salad & Goals

Hey loves.

Well it seems my old laptop has finally bit the dust. 

So I was unable to do a blog post last night, I guess I will have to do them during the day now, but hopefully I can either get it to work or buy a new one.  Although I am not sure there is much I can do with a black screen. Hmm.

Anyways I wanted to show yall what I had for lunch.  I had forgotten my salad :(

I am LOVING the couscous. 
I added a tomatoe that was for my salad that I left at home.
Ok so of course I had the beginnings of a headache so I took a caffiene pill and then two ib profiens.  I cant tell that the caffiene pill really worked, per say BUT I didnt get a full blown headache.
SO, still havent had any soda, all week actually!
Then I made this chart, and I will mark off the numbers as I loose the pounds.  This is my goal weight until we get to the week of Thanksgiving, when we are hopfully going on vacation. 

I put words around it to motivate me and make me remember why I am doing this!!!!!

Ok so this is basically what my goals will look like, broken down.  I just need to add some rewards to when I hit these goals.

At the end of theese months, I want to be at this number:

July - 175 (for a loss of 7.2 lbs)

August - 168 (for a loss of 7 lbs)

September - 161  (for a loss of 7 lbs)

October - 154  (for a loss of 7 lbs)

November - 150 (for a loss of 4 lbs)

For a total loss of 32.2 lbs.

I think making a specific goal will help me.  I am also recording my weight everyday on my calendar. 

Yesterday we had a taco dinner.  I made a big salad and Jacob had "pita" tacos.

We also went on another two mile walk and I had some dark chocolate hershey kisses for desert.

Another great day. 

Yall please tell me some ideas that I can reward myself with in the comments below, that is what I am working on next! Thanks my loves and I hope you are all having a great week!



  1. You are awesome! I love the countdown! I think I will make one for myself! I think breaking it down makes it easier. As for rewards, Pedicure, New nail polish, perfume, a new workout outfit, New hair cut or color, new makeup, earrings, Massage, New trendy top (even if it only fits for a while). Keep it up girl!

  2. Well, I think Annie totally covered what all I was going to say! LOL I was thinking pedicure for sure, new shoes, a new shirt, a new outfit, etc. I guess just think of things that maybe you like/want but never or rarely get them. I also love your chart. :)

  3. New clothes that are smaller always make me feel better. I love pedicures, some type of hair service, a massage, new shoes, weekend getaway?

  4. I treated myself to a pedicure when I made it through the first month of my journey, but is there anything that you've had your eye on lately? Maybe you went shopping and saw a book you've been wanting to read or a cute t-shirt that would look great with your jeans. Give it some thought and make sure it's something that would definitely put a smile on your face.

  5. A new laptop??? LOL Love you! Mom


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