Monday, July 22, 2013

Babies & Chinese

Woooooop whoooooop !!!

Babies are IN the air today! I got invited to a baby shower, the prince and dutchess now have their baby boy! And my cousin just found out that she is having a BOY today, so I am super excited for all the baby love floating around!

Ok so today was pretty great! Got to the gym this morning and had a fantastic sweat sesh with some wonderful songs courtesy iTunes.

Work was ehh but its that's normal. 

Then I had a pretty dang good lunch, yall.

You know how I love those little Chinese things from walmart? Well now they are totally awesomerrrrr because they have the LIGHT versions!!!! what what!!!!

And its also got the points on there for all my weight watcher peeps!!!
Better yet they are only two dollars and something.
Tonight was more Chinese. LOL.
I got a P.F. Changs bag meal of beef and broccoli for me and hubby to have and made some brown rice and mini veggie spring rolls! It was SO good.  Better than what I actually ate in their restaurant not too long ago lol.  And cheaper.
Oh and check out my new ear muff things for shooting.
They are super cool.
Ok loves so I hope yall had a marvelous Monday!!!!


  1. I want to be a smarty and say something to you in Chinese.... but I don't know any Chinese or how to get all those symbols on here even if I did! LOL

  2. Mmmm...Chinese. Thanks for posting healthier options. It's always nice to have alternatives to take out food that we crave.

  3. Now I'm craving Chinese. And I'm having a boy too. So this post was all for me. haha ;)

  4. First - I really enjoy your blog, I am new and came across it on Bloglovin :) Second, I am excited about the healthier options for chinese. I love chinese, but my diet doesn't really allow for it but at least I can do a light option without all the guilt or additional gym time! Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh yea, I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog award :) You can check out my post over at to accept!



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