Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yesterday & Some Eats

Hey loves, OK so yesterday was GREAT!

I ate well all day AND worked out.

I came home and put my workout clothes on and did a 2 mile leslie sansone dvd.

Then I cooked a delicious healthy dinner.

I got those talapia fillets at Aldis for super cheap and 4 comes to a pack. 
They are individually frozen and I just took two out and put them in a dish with cold water to defrost.
By the time my two miles were in they were ready, although I had to wait a little longer for hubby to come home to actually cook them.
I sprayed a square glass dish with olive oil walmart brand PAM and then put salt and pepper and lemon juice (and a bit of cut up lemon) on them and in the dish and cooked for about 7 minutes.
They tasted fresh and lemony. I loved it.
I made sauteed zuchinni and squash in the PAM stuff too.
Side salad with tomatoes, cukes, olives, red onion and cheese and salad dressing, with cheese and dressing measured out. 
Yesterday has been one year since I started my healthy living journey and I have had some ups and downs but I havent given up and I now really feel like I am mentally back in the game.
Me and hubby even went for a two mile walk last night after dinner, it was SO nice!!! 
I have been having this for breakfast:

Oh and yesterday I was armed with my caffiene pills and DID NOT even need them! Thank the Lord!  No headache yesterday!!! I was so happy!!!!!

I had one large to go mug of coffee yesterday morning and water the rest of the day!

Today so far has been the same!  And I am loving the couscous and baked chicken for lunch!

Love you all xoxoxo


  1. I need to try couscous, never have. I didn't even realize it came in flavors. Glad you had an awesome day, and yay for not needing the caffeine boost!

    1. girl u would LOVE it...and yes i was a happy girl!!!!!!

  2. How do you just eat that for breakfast? I leave the house at 6:30 and take lunch at 1pm and I want to eat everything in between. I'm glad the headaches have disappeared hopefully for good.

    1. LOL well I am not a BIG breakfast eater. Espically when I get up in the AM. I might do a day in the life for yall, not that its super interesting BUT you can see how i stagger my meals. :) got kinda headachy today but took a pill and all good so far!

  3. Glad you didn't get a headache! They are rough.

  4. I've never tried couscous either. I'll have to pick up some at Aldi's & finally give it a try.


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