Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chicken fijita bowls!

Well well well.

I saw a pleasant number on the scale this morning, much to my surprise.

However I am feeling very bloated as I type this. Blah.

But oh my goodness we had the best chicken fajita bowls tonight!!!

I have had sooo much more energy today. 

My bestie also came to see me at work today and that made me happy, happy, happy!

My work at lunch filled me up SO much I think because of all the baby carrots I ate! They aren't my favorite but I love that they are zero points, good for your eyes and they crunch!

I had a pickle, turkey sandwich with mustard, and grapes, and a strawberry yogurt to accompany them :)

I didn't eat anything else except a mint until I got home!
Hubby was home today so he had some chicken tenderloins thawing and I cut them in strips and used two tsp of olive oil (trying to get my oils in!) and cooked them.  I also cooked up some frozen tri colored bell peppers from trader joes and onions. 
This is how I layered the bowl:
2/3 cup brown rice-4pts
salsa-0 pts
chicken with peppers and onions-3pts
1/4 cup corn-1 pt
1/4 cup black beans-1 pt
cheese & light sour cream-2 pts
more salsa-0 pts
I also had some blue trader joes corn tortilla chips.
It was so yummy and filling!
I am ready for the weekend I think!! 
I don't really have any plans, which I love!
But one of my plans is for sure to go stock up on smart one meals because I will probably be eating alone for a good bit of the weekend because Hubby has to work out of town. 
Planning is key to staying on track!
I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candy Corn Crack, Soup Night & Staci

What a day.

I am going to spare you the details but just rest assured that today was QUITE stressful.

My shoe even broke...I mean it was THAT kind of day.

Oh and my dear sweet Aunt Flow made her appearance bright and early this morning around 7am. 


But I did see another good number on the scale!!

However, it will probably not be too pretty tomorrow because Hubster did the grocery shopping today... BLESS him.  Yall should have read my hilarious texts describing the feminine products I needed him to pick up. Bahaha.

He is super smart.  He also picked up this...

I enjoyed three of the pumpkins while getting ready for a bath tonight. 
Melt in your mouth fall goodness, I tell you!
Oh and I am never again getting caramels for the candy dish on my desk.
First off, I actually LIKE them. 

NOT a good idea.
Second, all the guys at work stalk my desk. 
UM they are for CUSTOMERS not for yall to eat 10 a day!!!
It is super annoying. 
Because when I see them eat them it makes me want one too!
NO MORE caramels.
Ok so dinner tonight was half a grilled cheese sandwich for 3pts
Chicken and rice soup for 2 pts
Carrots for 0 pts
I later had an apple for 0 pts
and a decaf coffee.
I also grabbed a few more candies then threw them up in the cabinets away from my grubby little paws!!
I am thinking about doing some fall baking, WW FRIENDLY of course, this weekend. 
And I discovered I have like NO real fall décor ...ok hardly ANY so I must at least go to the dollar store haha.
Ok and if yall know STACI and read her blog, please comment below and tell her to come BACK!!!
Staci I miss youuuu!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WW Weigh In!

Wooooo hoooo, happy Tuesday yall!

Ok so tonight was my weigh in at ww's and I must say I was very happy!

I lost 2.4 lbs with a total lost of 2.6.

I knew it was going to be a lot slower, no 5lbs a week but I am so happy to be steadily loosing and keeping track of it right now. 

Just to have a plan and stay accountable really keeps me motivated.  I had a personal goal to hit and I made it and set a new one for next week!

Last night we watched the Sleepy Hollow show on FOX and I have been loving my pumpkin spice candle my sweet mama got me!  Happy first week of fall!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Shower & Okra Fries!?

Hey Loves!!

Ok so today was the baby shower.

I made my buffalo chicken dip as healthy as I could with 2% cheese, fat free ranch and 1/3 fat cream cheese.  Everyone loved it and I'm sure no one noticed it was healthy! The Daddy to be told me to give my cousin (the mommy) the recipe because he loved it! LOL.

Me and my cousin April with Baby Braden in the tummy due to appear in November! SO excited!

She is a teacher and he is a coach/teacher so the sports theme was very appropriate!
I was there for about three hours total.

I have to admit I ate a bit more than I planned.
I ate my plate and then snacked a tiny bit more at the table, but honestly I didn't do that bad.
There was dips and cheeses and crackers and fruit.  Everything was great!
I did end up having a small piece of cake :(
But I tracked it! 
Speaking of cake, my Mom made April the cutest diaper cake!
So... due to my small piece of cake, I decided that once I got home I wouldn't eat anything that wasn't free fruits or veggies.
I had a banana, a pear, some coffee and some roasted okra!
My sweet Aunt had given me a huge bag of okra this week so I washed it, cut the stems off and threw some curry powder on it and put it in the oven at 450 for 15 mins.  I let it sit a minute or two longer in there after I checked it.  It was pretty good!  You might want to salt them too.
I might have some grapes before bed, not sure.  I also had a decaf coffee.
Y'all I actually took a NAP when I got home today.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know I don't nap. LOL.  It was glorious though.  I fell asleep on hubby on the couch, hehe.
Well I blinked and the weekend is over, funny how that happens!
Lets make it a great week yall!
OH...also my low number I have seen ALL weekend.  Now it will be various point whatevers, but the main number is still showing! I hope I didn't screw it up today LOL but we will see Tuesday I suppose.  At least all the parties and showers are over for a while I think!
Night loves!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wedding Day!

Wedding Day!

Ok yall so I had my normal for breakfast this morning: English muffin, egg whites, cheese and a banana.  Coffee, of course. 

Then I totally didn't eat lunch until I had a banana on the way to the wedding.

At the wedding...this was my plate.

I got one pimento cheese triangle on bread, two quishes (cant spell that), a bit of a cheeseball, like 4 ritz looking crackers, a chocolate covered strawberry (which hubby took a bite of and I bit his twice for pay back!) I had some spinach dip, a tiny bit of ranch I barely used and some sort of fruit dip.  I loaded up on the free fruit and veggies.  I had one meat ball and ate part of a mini weenie wrapped in bacon.

As for the was gorgeous.

I SOOOO wanted some from the minute I saw it. 

I had one bite of hubbys.

And Im pretty sure I snuck another bite if my memory serves me correctly.

Then I tried a bit of my grandmas coconut custard that my mom was eating. I am talking a very SMALL bite. 

Yall, this was totally a WIN! I did not get my own desert or really even "share" with someone, as my mom suggested we do. LOL.  Sharing means I will eat 3-4 bites which is probably equal to a small piece. 

What I try to think about (here lately) when I am in the moment wondering how I will survive without all this wonderful that a party only lasts for a few hours, then I will be away from it and GLAD I did not eat it. 

I wanted to go out to eat so bad because I was still hungry! That little plate with barely no protein, was my LUNCH. At like 4pm LOL.  But I didn't.

Came home, had a turkey sandwich, mustard only and French onion soup with shreadded cheese. 

I then had some of these babies:

They are SO good!!!!
You can have a serving for 3pts and I had 4pts worth.
I also had a coffee to go with it.
I am very pleased with my choices today but I really wish I hadn't even had that small bite of cake.  But honestly, I think it was ok and I don't have a real big regret because I did not go over board and I did NOT eat mindlessly. 
At the wedding they also had a candy bar...I had ONE cookies and cream Hershey kiss while I was waiting in line to get food.  And after I ate (and was wanting more food and cake..) I had some mints from the candy bar instead, to clean my palate!!
I was really happy about that idea! 
SO tomorrow is the baby shower, which I am hoping to load up on the free fruits and veggies and limit the other foods.  And again, stay away from the cake. 
I will try to report back tomorrow night!  It really helps to post here and hold myself accountable!!
Its been dreary and rainy here pretty much all day long.  I have had the pumpkin/cinnamon smells going today, so excited tomorrow is the first day of fall!!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nicholas Sparks & The Clothes Mentor!

What a great day!!!

OK first of all, yall know I had to go to see my homeboy Nicholas Sparks tonight at his book signing.  I think this was my fourth year!  Luckily we didn't have to wait nearly as long as we have in years past because hubby got me a ticket early this afternoon! 

Ok so yall knew I was worried about dinner tonight and im so glad I blogged about it because it made it that much easier to make the right decision.
We went to chick fila and I got the Asian chicken salad! 
We went to Starbucks and I got a regular coffee with half and half and splenda.
I totally had three sips of hubbys pumpkin spice frappe-chinooo!
And two or three waffle fries.
I digress.

I also resisted pink berry fro yo! Woot woot!
I brought a pear and had that after my salad and ate a peach before I left work!
SO excited. 
So after the book signing we stopped in a second hand store that I have been wanting to go in FOREVER because it has super nice name brand clothes for women (and designer hand bags!).  Its called the Clothes Mentor. 

I needed work pants bad so I got three pairs and two shirts for work and one casual shirt all for $41.29!! And some of it was even ann taylor, loft and dockers brand! I was stoked!!
Hubby was so patient. LOL.
Now if I can just manage to eat right for the rest of the weekend!!!
Night loves!!!

Valentines Day.


This morning I saw my lowest # that I havent seen since VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I am soooo excited!!!!

I just hope I dont screw it up this weekend.

Let's discuss the road blocks shall we?

1. Today is Friday which always makes me think its safe to inhale 500 more calories. Why?  It's friday!!

2. Tonight me and the Hubs are supposed to go to the Nicholas Sparks book signing.  We will probably eat somewhere and they have a tempting starbucks in the Barnes and Noble that I will be confined to for probably 3 hrs on average.

3. Saturday I have a wedding to go to. I am going to try to not go to the reception.  If I do I am NOT going to eat cake.

4. Sunday I have a baby shower for my cousin to which I am bringing my amazing buffalo chicken dip.  I am NOT going to eat cake.

Cake is my down fall.  I seem to think its ok to eat on an average weekend.  I do not want to eat cake until November when we go to GiGi's cupcakes in Gatlinburg (hopefully).  That is my goal.  Promise myself cake, that I can only get if I dont eat cake. Makes sense right?

5. The weekends in general throw me off.

So hopefully monday i will still reflect this good number. We can hope.

Ok SO last night for dinner i had:
Ms Pauls beer battered fish fillet's (6pts for two)
1 tbsp tartar for 1pt
a whole can of green beans for 0pts
Have a great friday yall!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Your Mother is Always Right

My mother has been telling me to TRY something for a long long time now.

And at first, I will admit I was not very...interested.

But let me say, I am so sad I waited so long to do this!

Tonight I went to Captain D's and got the BEST white fish ever.

Its broiled.

It comes on a bed of rice.

With some sweet chilli sauce on the side.

And a side of broccoli.  0pp

And a side salad.

And a breadstick

I got an unsweet iced tea with lemon.

All for $6.99.

It was SO good yall...and this southern girl didn't even need tartar sauce!

My meal came to 12 pp which is GREAT for Captain D's, yall!

The best part is how FILLING it is!

It was a great meal despite the bad customer service! LOL I cannot wait to go back.  If yall have a captain d's you MUST try it!! Thanks Mom!! :)

In other news...

Kitty Noel is ready for Gander Mountain's fall sale!!
Whats your favorite healthy meal to eat out?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WW Weigh In!

Time for the moment of truth, ladies & gents~!

Did I loose? Did I gain?  Did I maintain?

I lost!

-.4 to be exact.

I was honestly hoping for a better number but I know this weekend was pretty lax and I kind of gave up tracking Saturday afternoon while we were watching the game. 

But that's ok!  Birthdays and day-cations are over for the time being and this week SHOULD be easier! 

I checked out these two books at the library. I love free weight loss materials at the library!!
For lunch I had a huge salad with deli chicken meat and cheddar cheese and blue cheese dressing, also two hard boiled egg whites. 
I had grapes and cantaloupes for zero points.
Tonight we had the trader joes kung poa chicken and it was SO good!  Restaurant quality!
I had a whole cup for 6pp.  I had a half cup of brown rice for 3pp and broccoli for 0pp.
I am going to make my pumpkin fluff tonight!  I have officially missed it and I need to kick off the fall season! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lake Lure, Chimney Rock & Hubbys Birthday!

Hey loves!

Whew, we have had quite the whirlwind weekend!  Friday we went to Cheddars with my grandma, hubby and my parents for Hubbys birthday dinner!  I got the grilled chicken with carrots and brocooli and it came with rice.  I had a small piece of cake too.

Then the next day my parents came over and we watched Bama vs. Texas AMU.  Oh what a game! In fact its on tv now again lol.  ROLL TIDE!

Sunday was Hubby's real birthday, he turned 30! We woke up, he opened his presents from me, and we went to the mountains!  I hadn't been to Lake Lure since I was a kid, and Jacob had never been.  So, we headed about 2 hours out to Lake Lure, NC (where they filmed lots of Dirty Dancing scenes) and also Chimney Rock which is about a mile down from Lake Lure. 

We had a great lunch at the Old Rock Café, which are known for their burgers.  I got the Chimney Classic.  It was my cheat meal for the day!  It came with seasoned fries.  The other side options were all fatty so I went ahead and went with the fries and gave some to Hubby when I realized I was getting full. It was DELICIOUS!

We went and put our feet in the creek behind the little strip of shops on Main St. and cooled off a bit, it was pretty warm outside!  We walked up and down the strip, looking in the cute little shops.

I SO bought that shirt. :)
Before we went to chimney rock we got some ice cream.  I got mint moose tracks, recommended by my Bestie.
Then Jacob decided he wanted to go up to the top of chimney rock.  Just to get in the park it was 15.00 a person.  However, lucky us, the rate was reduced to 12.00 a person because the elevator was broke and you couldn't get to the waterfalls either.  Lucky us, their was still stairs, 498 to be exact, going up!
Also lucky us, Jacob got in free for his birthday!  We didn't expect that!  12.00 for both of us was a steal!
The view at the top was worth every step.  Breathtaking.
Later on we drove about 2 or 3 miles into Bat Cave, NC to the Cider Mill and got the best tasting NO SUGAR NO NOTHING added apple cider.  Ice cold.
I did pretty good even though the whole day was up in the air eating wise.  I had a egg mc muffin from mcdonalds on the way there, with a banana.  I brought some bananas and pears to snack on and some trail mix (we loved the trail mix after that big hike up the mountain!).  I brought some 100 cal special k packs and had one with a subway club we split on the way home.  Over all it was a great day, and I made sure to track everything today from yesterday.  Except the cider but that soooo should count as 0 pts plus. Haha.
Weight watchers weigh in is tomorrow!! Say a prayer for me!! LOL.
How was your weekend?  What do you do to stay on track when you have an unplanned day?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Right on Track

As I sit here to write this post, with not much time, but a lot on my mind, let me say first that today on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, our beautiful America needs prayer still. 

The survivors of 9/11, the heros of 9/11 and all those lost on 9/11 and their families are in my heart and mind tonight.  Today.  Do you remember where you were? If you are an American (and maybe even if you are not) I'm sure you do, I think we all do. 

I was in high school....Mr. Schneider's class, to be exact, and we were outside for some reason or another doing some type of science thing when we heard the announcement over the intercom.  I remember spending all day at school watching the tv....that's what we did.  In every classroom, the news was on. 

It was very strange, sad and surreal.  Its even surreal that is has been 12 years now.

I have grown into a post 9/11 world.  We have learned to live in a seemingly never ending Iraq war.  Where those of us at home try to do our best and pretend that we are just one big sitcom on tv, we laugh, we cry, we eat, we have social drama, and family time and life goes on.  But things have changed and sometimes I feel like they will never be the same again.  We have lived through a tragic part of history. 

Makes weight loss seem pretty irrelevant doesn't it?

In case you are wondering, I did stay within all my points today.  I am very excited about this and not feeling obsessed with points either.  I am not eating out a lot and when you eat at home or brown bag it, you get a lot more lower point options.  I am eating probably two to three fruits a day and actually have not been very hungry at ALL.  Which is SO weird.  However, I know that hunger will come back when its Aunt Flow time at the end of the month.  It always does.

My lunch today was a quick one, I planned on soup too but ran out of time.  I had a sandwich with a thin slice of cheese and a very good brand of turkey I picked up at trader joes, its supposed to not have preservatives or something like that.  However, it was not my favorite.  I also had a trader joes organic strawberry yogurt. 

6pts for the sandwich and 2 pts for the yogurt
I have been so excited to hear about you all doing weight watchers!!! I love having ww buddies on here!!
Let me know any of your favorite things or tips and tricks!!
Oh and I was in target today picking up some things and I saw this that I really want!!! Its a cute command center to hang on the wall with a chalkboard!! 15.99 though :( wahhh.
I hope yall have had a wonderful day and stayed on track.
We can do this!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fat School

It felt very similar to going to class tonight....when I was walking up to my weight watcher meeting!!!

I did in fact choose to try weight watchers for the FOURTH time.  Which is ok, my leader said tonight it took her three times before she hit lifetime. 

This meeting was much better than last week.

For example: 

1. Boy from high school was NOT there.  His wife, however, was.  Which I am fine with.

2. There was lots more people there tonight!  Maybe last week was like people skipping out because of Labor Day or something but like NO ONE was there. 

3. I got some questions answered and I was pretty happy about it.

4. I got to be in the company of other women in my area who are losing weight/trying to.

5. It might be my FOURTH time but I weighed in LOWER than ever before at Weight Watchers!!!!

Oh, and after the meeting started some lady came running in with chocolate cake...I was like what the...?

Isnt that like bringing alcohol to an AA meeting?

Haha I guess not, when you figure you can have everything in moderation with weight watchers.  My leader said she eats out just about every night, you just cant treat EVERY eating out meal as a celebration or "treat".  Makes sense. 

I was very pleased and right now if you sign up and do the monthly pass you get a month free! And if I refer someone they get a subscription to WW magazine and I get ANOTHER free month. SO yall go sign up now, ya hear?! :)

I got some coupons, and a weekly little thing they give you plus a welcome kit. 
I also bought some of these suckers that I have been wanting to try since they came out but I was counting calories then! LOL
They are pretty good. Probably wont buy them again. I don't think they are worth two points!
They were on sale at the meeting though. 
I stayed for the getting started meeting or whatever and was able to ask her how I should count my chicken fijitas every sunday LOL I get so confused I hate estimating calories/points! 
I didn't get home till nearly 8:30!!
I had a kashi bar in the meeting for 4 pts and then I got home and had a healthy choice Asian sesame meal for 8 pts and a celebration bar for 2 pts.
It was good! I still have one point left!

I am so excited to have a fresh start!!!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday and no matter what you do, never give up!!


Monday, September 9, 2013

A little experiment....

Hey there beautiful people ;)

I hope you all had a Marvelous Monday so far !

I have been praying and thinking and mulling all week over weather or not I should do weight watchers or keep counting calories....

I actually found my points plus calculator. I think the last time I did weight watchers was like September-December 2011.  I quit and started my fitness pal and was pretty successful with that as we all know, until now of course.

Which I am sure it would still work if I actually did it. But I am just so bored with it. 

Anyways this weekend we went to the Charlotte Great Harvest Bakery! It was so fun, we got to try new things and we bought a loaf of their nine grain bread.  The slices are big but over 100 cals each so you cant eat too much at a time LOL.  I got a brunette bar and hubby got a oatmeal raisin cookie.  Some lady came in and bought ALL their power bars, so they must be pretty good!

We also went to trader joes and got some good yummies.
They had the most delicious peaches and I think I have had one every single day since!
I got some trader joes tea and then some passion tea from target.  The trader joes tea is good, I used two splendas in it this morning.
I love my new shades I got at forever 21 this weekend...I was supposed to be birthday shopping for hubby...hehehe. They were only like $5.80 and I have SO missed wearing sun glasses!!!
This was my breakfast this morning.  I actually had the peach after lunch.
I made my skinny chicken parm which is just boneless skinless baked chicken enderloins, with some spaghetti sauce (some new fancy kind from TJ's) and mozzarella cheese with Italian herbs seasonings on it.  I also put some crunchy fried onions under the cheese! Its delicious!
I had some farfalle pasta on the side with some more sauce (also from TJ's) and a side salad.
My little experiment.....
One thing I did today was track all my points and calories. It came out to 1488 calories and 30 points plus.  My target is 27 points and 1400 calories, SO I was pleased to see that was pretty close!
That was even with counting calories for all the zero point foods! 
 I found that free printable online to log my points.
I also had a small piece of turkey when I made hubbys lunch and a small half cup of ice cream after totaling the calories, I still wrote it down though! I am trying this week to track EVERYTHING.  Even if I go over, still track it. 
I was very pleased with today!
I will let you all know tomorrow what my decision is about weight watchers...I hope you all had a great Monday, lets make it a great week!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunshine Award!!!

Hey Loves!

Today I was nominated by one of my favorite bloggers ever, who is a real inspiration to me!!!

Wendy at A Daily Dose of Del Signore nominated me for the Sunshine Award!

I am going to answer her questions :


1. What's your favorite thing about yourself? Probably my hair.

2. What is your absolute dream job? Being able to afford staying at home while my husband works and being a homemaker! Other than that, probably a hairdressr/salon owner. I love hair salons.

3. What is the nicest thing you've ever done for someone? The nicest thing??? Oh shucks I do nice things every day! Hahahah. JK Um probably throwing someone a baby shower. Thats pretty nice right? 
4. What is your favorite book? That is a HARD one. I would have to say the Bible though. 
I am on my 5th year (I believe) reading it all the way through, and every time I do I feel like I learn something new or something else stands out to me. If I had to save one book or could only keep ONE book, it would be this one. 
Now, if we are talking fiction...then I would have to say Hunger Games, the whole trilogy. I recently read Gods in Alabama and that was good too.

5. What is your next big goal for yourself? Loosing weight before our vacation/anniversary. Its always loosing weight. UGH.

6. What is your favorite weekend getaway? We love driving up the the mountians for a day. The NC mountians are beautiful! We have went to the beach as well but Myrtle Beach just keeps getting crappier...well the part I can afford to stay in, anyway! Haha.

7. Who is your biggest cheerleader in life? My Mom. Always has been. She always encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be.

8. What is your favorite inspirational quote? Jeremiah 29:11. It helped me not freak out on my plane ride 2 years ago. 

9. What blogs do you read daily? Pretty much what pops up on bloglovin.  I have a ton of favorites though...Kath Eats Real Food, A Daily Dose of Del Signore, Hubby Jack's Blog Attack, The Skinny on Staci, In Bloom, Mal Smiles, and The Curvy Housewife. I read tons more, thats just what I can think of right now!
10. What's your favorite song right now? Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips.
Now I get to tag 10 bloggers that make my day a little brighter!!
Samantha@ In Bloom
Chris@ Hubby Jack's Blog Attack (HILARIOUS yall!)
Samantha@ 24 to 30
These are the question for my nominees:
1. What is your favorite time of the year?
2. Coke or Pepsi?
3. What would your last meal be?
4. If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be?
5. Favorite college football team?
6. Do you know anyone famous? Or have you met anyone famous?
7. First store you visit at the Mall?
8. What was your first car?
9. Current favorite tv show?
10. Biggest Regret?
I had so much fun doing this, thank you sweet Wendy!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weight Watchers...again?

To watch or not to watch?  That is the question.

I may have went to my first fourth weight watchers meeting yesterday.

But first before I dish out any deets, you must hear of where I have been!

I KNOW you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear back from me. Ha.

Sorry guys. I am quite possibly the worlds suckiest blogger. 

Little brother got to come home for his birthday (a week ago today!) We were STOKED!!! I stayed at my parents house till he got home at like one am and got my hug.  The next day I met him and mom for lunch at one of our favorite spots.

Isn't he adorable?  22 years young!  And yall..he was so much HAPPIER this trip.  He really loves where he is in VA right now and with his schooling and all. It was almost like night and day.  I could tell a lot of the stress he was under was lifted during this visit. I love him so much! 

On Saturday we went to a wedding for one of my best girlfriends growing up.  Her name happens to be Lauren as well!  It was hot outside for sure, but a beautiful wedding!  Her husband even surprised her with fireworks!  It was at a gorgeous ranch in South Carolina.  So glad I got to be there for her big day!

And this is a pic of me and hubby at the wedding!

Hubby totally missed the first Alabama game of the season for this wedding but had his phone in his ear half the time trying to get the game streaming live on his iphone. LOL.
And now..what you all have been waiting for!
My weight watchers meeting.
Yep, I went.
It was free to sit in.
As soon as I walked in I wanted to run out in the opposite direction.
I saw a dude I went to school with, and his wife, sitting right there as soon as I walked in, in all my fat glory.
Also they are the skinny people you don't expect to be at a WW meeting. LOL. 
I was embarrassed but it is what it is.
Did I learn anything new?  No.
They talked about lunches and planning ahead.  I am already ahead of half the people because I don't eat fried chicken for lunch. I mean, most of the logic is so basic its nothing I don't know.
I am really there to find out cool new ideas, which I didn't really get.
I am also there for the support and accountability.
Which I have to pay for, therefore didn't get as well.
I will say that I love the motivational handouts they give away every week. I like those.
I don't know. I wish they did the old points. I don't know about this new points plus thing, I have done it before and wasn't too successful. Which see, my problem with WW's in the past was that I wanted to eat out for every single meal.  Which, NO kidding yall, when I was gaining my weight, is pretty much what I did. 
Biscuit and hash brown for breakfast.
Lunch was usually chick fila or wendys or burger king or mcdonalds. 
And maybe taco bell for dinner, or perhaps some mcchicken sandwiches.
NOT healthy, people. 
I thought I could be on weight watchers because I could eat what I wanted but I was always hungry because I was eating high points foods with not enough nutrition. 
I think I would do better NOW, because I don't eat that way anymore, BUT I think its a waste of time to convert calories into points when I have been successful with calories.
I am just bored with calories and cant find a motivation.
Ugh. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?
Ok, in other news I tried this tonight and it was really really GOOD!
330 calories/8 ww points (which I think is high for ww's, but I'm sure is because of the carbs)
The fish is not crispy but it tastes really good!  I loved the rice and broccoli and the apples are delicious!  They come in a caramel sauce that is so tasty! I was kinda iffy on a frozen fish meal, but I'm sure I will get this again, it was very satisfying as far as frozen meals go. 
What have you tried lately?
Do you like points or calories better?
Ever tried weight watchers?