Friday, September 20, 2013

Nicholas Sparks & The Clothes Mentor!

What a great day!!!

OK first of all, yall know I had to go to see my homeboy Nicholas Sparks tonight at his book signing.  I think this was my fourth year!  Luckily we didn't have to wait nearly as long as we have in years past because hubby got me a ticket early this afternoon! 

Ok so yall knew I was worried about dinner tonight and im so glad I blogged about it because it made it that much easier to make the right decision.
We went to chick fila and I got the Asian chicken salad! 
We went to Starbucks and I got a regular coffee with half and half and splenda.
I totally had three sips of hubbys pumpkin spice frappe-chinooo!
And two or three waffle fries.
I digress.

I also resisted pink berry fro yo! Woot woot!
I brought a pear and had that after my salad and ate a peach before I left work!
SO excited. 
So after the book signing we stopped in a second hand store that I have been wanting to go in FOREVER because it has super nice name brand clothes for women (and designer hand bags!).  Its called the Clothes Mentor. 

I needed work pants bad so I got three pairs and two shirts for work and one casual shirt all for $41.29!! And some of it was even ann taylor, loft and dockers brand! I was stoked!!
Hubby was so patient. LOL.
Now if I can just manage to eat right for the rest of the weekend!!!
Night loves!!!

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  1. I love how cheesin you are in that pic!! True joy! Lol Yay on the good day and the good steals!


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