Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Weekend Win!

Another weekend has came and went! 

I cant believe it is nearly 9pm and not quite totally dark outside! Anyways, that was random. Ha.

Well I did pretty good this weekend I have to say! 

Friday I did great.  Even went on an hour walk and cooked at home for dinner.

Saturday morning I had a piece of toast with almond butter on it and a good lunch-Subway!  Dinner was date night.  We went to Longhorn and I got a 6oz steak with half sweet potato and half broccoli (me and hubs shared sides) and I had a salad with ranch on the side to dip in.  I had like one piece and a pinch of their bread and only used minimal butter.  Got the toppings for the potato on the side too so I could control how much went on.

Then we went to the movies and saw San Andreas.  It had awful language so I would not recommend it but it did put you on the edge of your seat.  All about earthquakes!  EEK!
I had a kids meal at the movies.  Popcorn and worlds tiniest pack of skittles with coke zero.  Later on we went by Bestie's parents house because her and her hubby were there and we had a small piece of their delicious lemon and buttercream anniversary cake!  I was not planning on that but it was SO good!  I cant believe its been 1 year today since their wedding!  I wish I still weighed the same as a year ago! UGH!!!!!! 
Anyways today I had a fig bar from trader joes before church and it was good.  We had Mexican for lunch and I did really well.  I had some chips, about one serving.  With maybe 2 tbsp. of queso.  They still do free queso!  I had a side of rice me and hubby shared and 3 tacos on corn tortillas.  They were steak tacos and only one had a bit of cheese and sour cream. 
For desert I had this...

That bottom pic is how much I ate of the kids cone, butterscotch dipped!  Stuck the napkin inside it and I was done!  We went to the waterpark afterwards and I got a small snow cone and had two bites of hubby's hotdog.

Tried to eat healthy for dinner but me nor hubby really like quinoa.  It was our first time but...ehh. I mixed it with tuna and beans and veggies but nah...

So I had cheddar puffs and a piece of pizza toast and hubby had chef Boyardee.  I also had a piece of dark chocolate.  I sort of binged ate those puffs.  They are low calorie for a lot but still.  I knew I was feeling out of control and overstepping boundaries.  I didn't really have enough good things to eat that I wanted and didn't have a plan.  Anyways it could have been worse.  I still feel like I had a really successful weekend and tried to keep myself in check.  Also tracked!  All except for tonight.  I know I went over a bit but I am just going to call it a night and start over tomorrow.  How has yalls weekend went? 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting Creative with WL Goals & Rewards

Hey yall!  Everything is going good over here! The Lord has been helping me with a lot lately!  I have been trying not to stress over little things and He has helped me so much.  Also been praying about my weight loss and I made it through another day and met my goal this morning! 

I was 200.8. 

I am weighing in on Thursday mornings as soon as I get up.  After I go pee. LOL. 


This is great because last month I was as high as 207.  I haven't seen the 190s since February. 

Actually I take that back!  At the doctors last week I was 197. With all my clothes on in the middle of the day!  So I think my scale is a bit off.  Even at weight watchers I usually weighed less than at my house.  But whatevs!  I am going by MY scale.  So today I was 200.8.  My goal was 200 so I am counting that was a WIN. 

My next goal is 195. I think that is do able because I am coming off of my period right now.  And usually I will see a big drop in my weight.  Here is how I am documenting my goals in my planner and on the fridge.  This was fun to make and it really motivates me!

This is in my Erin Condren planner but you could do this with ANY planner.  I put little page flags on my weigh in days and wrote my GOAL on them.  I plan to pick them off and write my real weight for that day on the pink circles underneath and put a star sticker on the pink sticker if I met my goal. 
This is an Erin Condren insert that you can put in your planners.  You could make this for your own planner or if you have an EC just buy it off their website.  I added all the stickers with my label maker.  I have written in most of my rewards I have planned. On the back of it, I added the same numbers but this side is for the dates I complete the goals. 

They go in my planner like this.....

Sorry for the sideways pic.  Anyway I also did a daily reminder chart for the fridge.  It is going to remind me to drink water, workout and take my meds.  Sometimes my 29 year old brain can forget if I did or not! LOL. 

In other news this is what I had for breakfast today.  Yummy. 

Hope yall have a good weekend, lets make it a great one and stay on track!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Back on Track

Hey guys!  Just wanted to check in and let you know what has been going on!

I have been taking my medicine everyday and always take it with food so I haven't really had any bad side effects, which is good. 

I ate pretty bad this weekend.  I did the Monday diet but even on Monday I didn't do good. LOL. 

I started over today though and got up early and had to run and errand for Hubby, then went to Trader Joes. 

I got so many goodies there today!  They were sampling this delicious salad mix (its kale, broccoli, cabbages, brussel sprouts) which was very crunchy.  They had blue cheese in it I believe, and walnuts and pears.  They used their delicious champagne pear vinegarette.  I got it so I could duplicate it for lunch! 

So far today I have ate...


Kind Bar
Cheese stick


white cheddar corn puffs (trader joes)
fruit roll up thing (trader joes)


I also added freeze dried apples.

I also went walking with the girls today.  It was so hot!

Anyways I have taken care of a few things at home and I am going to straighten up the house and do some Bible study before hubby gets home.  We are having leftover hamburgers for dinner but I might put mine in a pita and have some melon on the side and maybe sweet potato fries!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doctor appt & some new changes

Hey friends!  So last I posted I was going to the doctor and going to try weigh watchers for the millionth time.  Well, new plan! LOL 

So, I went to the OBGYN as you know already if you read my last post, for an annual exam.  I ended up expressing my concerns to her about PCOS that I was checked for previously.  I told her the problems I was having now and how we wanted children and we decided for me to go back on Metformin.  I was put on it once before but I quit taking it for reasons I cant really remember.  Probably my insurance ended when I changed jobs. 

Anyways, today I took my first dose and I am trying to live a more PCOS friendly life.  I have been pretty much ignoring the fact that I have it and wondering why my body is responding so poorly to my actions! I felt a little nausea but other than that no bad side effects.  I managed to make really good and healthy choices today that I was happy with.  I had a weak moment about 15 minutes ago in the kitchen when I really wanted something sweet!  I took one sip of a cotton candy soda that hubby got me last night and then had a sugar free chocolate pudding. I have to stay away from sugar.  A little is not bad, but I need to eat whole grains and a bunch of other healthy fun stuff.


If you don't know what PCOS is just google it.  Its too much to explain lol. 

I tracked my calories today but really stopped tonight when I made dinner, but I had a lot left and it was a really good healthy dinner!

Greek grilled chicken salad!  I made the dressing with a seasoning packet and marinated the chicken in it.  I added a pita bread to it and added red onions, katamala olives, tomatoes cucumbers and feta cheese.  It was so good!  I added dressing to the salad too. 

When I was making dinner I snacked on this combination and it was really good!  I like this hummus because it was spicy instead of too garlicky. 
I think I am going to cancel my gym membership.  Hubby has never went and we had both of us on it for like almost a year!  I go but sporadically so its not really worth it, 50.00 a month just for me and Im not even going but maybe 10 days the whole month, if that!  I want to start walking again and jogging.  I love me some cardio.  I want to be outside while its so beautiful and I can get some sun! 
Well how are yall doing?  Let me know what your weekend plans are!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 point breakfast & 6 point lunch

Hey loves! I wanted to show you a few delicious things I have been eating lately.  Now I will say I did awful last night and pretty much this whole weekend! I will spare you the details.  I seriously have no clue how I can be motivated one SUPER motivated...and the next I could care less.  So anyways!  I will show you a delicious breakfast I had this morning, followed by another great lunch!

Everything Bagel Thin- 3pp
Cheese slice- 1pp
Whole egg- 2pp
Banana- 0pp
Total 6pp
And for your drink you could save points by having hot tea or black coffee.  I chose to use another point and have 2 tbsp. half and half.
So for lunch I was craving a pita pizza.  Now, last week I got a smart ones pepperoni pizza..and it was almost the same size and cost me 11pp!!!  That is ridiculous in my opinion. 
I can make this for about half that many points.
These are the brands of products I used.  I also used Turkey Pepperoni and you can add veggies to the top for zero points long as they are zero point veggies!
Joseph's Pita- 2pp
1/4 cup pizza sauce- 1pp
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese- 2pp
8-9 Turkey Pepperonis- 1pp
Veggie toppings- 0
This was my lunch yesterday....
Turkey & Cheese sandwich, grapes, carrots and cucumber with peach tea drink mix from walmart brand (maybe diet?) Its like crystal light.  Love the peach!
2 oz. Turkey- 2pp
1 slice cheese- 1pp
2 slices whole wheat bread- 3pp
1 Tbsp. light mayo- 1pp
Carrots- 0pp
Cucumber- 0pp
Grapes- 0pp
I also added a point for the bites I took of hubby's frozen veggie pizza.
I hope this gives you some good ideas, I love seeing what others are eating, it helps motivate me!
So in other news I have an annual appointment with the OBGYN tomorrow. 
I hate this.  I would rather sit through a 2 hour root canal than see the lady parts doctor!!
But its one small freebie from my insurance company and I better go take advantage of it.
So whatever you are doing tomorrow, just rest assured it's WAY more fun that what I will be going through around 2pm. Fun.
I will see yall later !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Weight Watchers...again?

Hey guys!  I just wanted to update you all on what has been going on. 

We got back from Alabama about 2 weeks ago.  We had went to meet our adorable little nephew, Cam and visit with a lot of Jacob's Mom's side of the family, most that I had never met!

Our selfie with Cam!  I could post pics of this adorable child all day yall.

This was our first time holding him.  Super in love. LOVE being an aunt!!!!
He is so teeny tiny and just precious. 
On the way to visit Cam, we took a little detour in Tuscaloosa to visit the University of Alabama's campus and Bryant Denny Stadium!  ROLL TIDE!

We ate at the Rama Jama yall! Any Hart of Dixie fans?  It wasn't the same but it was delicious.  And of course my phone died so we had to take the rest of the campus pics on Jacob's phone. 
Anyways after we got back, the next weekend was Mother's Day!

Loved getting to see Mom and Grandma!  Grandma finally got to come home the week after we got back from Alabama. 
Ok, so I have been doing my Taste of Truth Bible study and I have one day left. 
I have learned a lot about boundaries and why I should keep them.  I really feel like I need to do it over again and learn more but I have decided to start weight watchers again.  I feel like a broken record. 
Anyways, let me explain. 
I love the fact I can eat 0 pt foods and not be hungry and I have the cushion of the 49 weeklies.  I am not going to lie yall, it has been hard starting back any weight loss wagon since I gained all this weight back.  Last year this time I was at my lowest for Aprils wedding and I am ashamed to say I have gained like 30 lbs. 
I have been counting points for 2 days and I feel a lot better.  I am going to try to do 5 posts a week because I really want to grow this blog.  I am going to try to post my food for the day or any recipes or neat things I try.  I have a lot of yummy things I have been eating lately. 
And I am already for fall, so I shall leave you with this pic of a candle.  The candle really smells like nothing burning but the name of it makes me happy.