Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doctor appt & some new changes

Hey friends!  So last I posted I was going to the doctor and going to try weigh watchers for the millionth time.  Well, new plan! LOL 

So, I went to the OBGYN as you know already if you read my last post, for an annual exam.  I ended up expressing my concerns to her about PCOS that I was checked for previously.  I told her the problems I was having now and how we wanted children and we decided for me to go back on Metformin.  I was put on it once before but I quit taking it for reasons I cant really remember.  Probably my insurance ended when I changed jobs. 

Anyways, today I took my first dose and I am trying to live a more PCOS friendly life.  I have been pretty much ignoring the fact that I have it and wondering why my body is responding so poorly to my actions! I felt a little nausea but other than that no bad side effects.  I managed to make really good and healthy choices today that I was happy with.  I had a weak moment about 15 minutes ago in the kitchen when I really wanted something sweet!  I took one sip of a cotton candy soda that hubby got me last night and then had a sugar free chocolate pudding. I have to stay away from sugar.  A little is not bad, but I need to eat whole grains and a bunch of other healthy fun stuff.


If you don't know what PCOS is just google it.  Its too much to explain lol. 

I tracked my calories today but really stopped tonight when I made dinner, but I had a lot left and it was a really good healthy dinner!

Greek grilled chicken salad!  I made the dressing with a seasoning packet and marinated the chicken in it.  I added a pita bread to it and added red onions, katamala olives, tomatoes cucumbers and feta cheese.  It was so good!  I added dressing to the salad too. 

When I was making dinner I snacked on this combination and it was really good!  I like this hummus because it was spicy instead of too garlicky. 
I think I am going to cancel my gym membership.  Hubby has never went and we had both of us on it for like almost a year!  I go but sporadically so its not really worth it, 50.00 a month just for me and Im not even going but maybe 10 days the whole month, if that!  I want to start walking again and jogging.  I love me some cardio.  I want to be outside while its so beautiful and I can get some sun! 
Well how are yall doing?  Let me know what your weekend plans are!


  1. As a teen, my weakness was Big Red soda. Do you know what that is? Lol Anyway, I got one a while back on impulse in a gas station. Didn't seem near as yummy to me. For some reason, your Faygo reminded me of my Big Red days. Who knows. LOL

  2. I hope everything turns out ok with the PCOS. :(

    I would cancel the gym membership too--imagine all of the fitness clothes you could buy for $50 a month! lol


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