Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Back on Track

Hey guys!  Just wanted to check in and let you know what has been going on!

I have been taking my medicine everyday and always take it with food so I haven't really had any bad side effects, which is good. 

I ate pretty bad this weekend.  I did the Monday diet but even on Monday I didn't do good. LOL. 

I started over today though and got up early and had to run and errand for Hubby, then went to Trader Joes. 

I got so many goodies there today!  They were sampling this delicious salad mix (its kale, broccoli, cabbages, brussel sprouts) which was very crunchy.  They had blue cheese in it I believe, and walnuts and pears.  They used their delicious champagne pear vinegarette.  I got it so I could duplicate it for lunch! 

So far today I have ate...


Kind Bar
Cheese stick


white cheddar corn puffs (trader joes)
fruit roll up thing (trader joes)


I also added freeze dried apples.

I also went walking with the girls today.  It was so hot!

Anyways I have taken care of a few things at home and I am going to straighten up the house and do some Bible study before hubby gets home.  We are having leftover hamburgers for dinner but I might put mine in a pita and have some melon on the side and maybe sweet potato fries!


Thank YOU for reading! I love comments :)