Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Weekend Win!

Another weekend has came and went! 

I cant believe it is nearly 9pm and not quite totally dark outside! Anyways, that was random. Ha.

Well I did pretty good this weekend I have to say! 

Friday I did great.  Even went on an hour walk and cooked at home for dinner.

Saturday morning I had a piece of toast with almond butter on it and a good lunch-Subway!  Dinner was date night.  We went to Longhorn and I got a 6oz steak with half sweet potato and half broccoli (me and hubs shared sides) and I had a salad with ranch on the side to dip in.  I had like one piece and a pinch of their bread and only used minimal butter.  Got the toppings for the potato on the side too so I could control how much went on.

Then we went to the movies and saw San Andreas.  It had awful language so I would not recommend it but it did put you on the edge of your seat.  All about earthquakes!  EEK!
I had a kids meal at the movies.  Popcorn and worlds tiniest pack of skittles with coke zero.  Later on we went by Bestie's parents house because her and her hubby were there and we had a small piece of their delicious lemon and buttercream anniversary cake!  I was not planning on that but it was SO good!  I cant believe its been 1 year today since their wedding!  I wish I still weighed the same as a year ago! UGH!!!!!! 
Anyways today I had a fig bar from trader joes before church and it was good.  We had Mexican for lunch and I did really well.  I had some chips, about one serving.  With maybe 2 tbsp. of queso.  They still do free queso!  I had a side of rice me and hubby shared and 3 tacos on corn tortillas.  They were steak tacos and only one had a bit of cheese and sour cream. 
For desert I had this...

That bottom pic is how much I ate of the kids cone, butterscotch dipped!  Stuck the napkin inside it and I was done!  We went to the waterpark afterwards and I got a small snow cone and had two bites of hubby's hotdog.

Tried to eat healthy for dinner but me nor hubby really like quinoa.  It was our first time but...ehh. I mixed it with tuna and beans and veggies but nah...

So I had cheddar puffs and a piece of pizza toast and hubby had chef Boyardee.  I also had a piece of dark chocolate.  I sort of binged ate those puffs.  They are low calorie for a lot but still.  I knew I was feeling out of control and overstepping boundaries.  I didn't really have enough good things to eat that I wanted and didn't have a plan.  Anyways it could have been worse.  I still feel like I had a really successful weekend and tried to keep myself in check.  Also tracked!  All except for tonight.  I know I went over a bit but I am just going to call it a night and start over tomorrow.  How has yalls weekend went? 


  1. The only way I could eat quinoa was to get the real deal and soak it in water and 1 TBSP of vinegar overnight. Something like that. I remember it was however the THM book said to do it. Then I made some kind of chicken in the crockpot and ate it over the quinoa. Anywho... Weekends can be difficult, and it sounds like you tried to live life but manage portions and stuff. :)

  2. Looks like a really fun weekend! Enjoy that quality time with your hubby.


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