Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bikini Zuchinni

Hey there loves!

Its friday eve :)

I hope you all had a teriffic thursday!

Ok apparently I went to bed too late last night and I overslept till 7:55 AM even with my alarm going off every seven minutes after 6:30.  NO BUENO.


My sweet hubs made sure I had oatmeal packed, snacks and coffee ready to go!

120 cals
For lunch I used a $5.00 coupon that McAlisters deli had sent me for my birthday and for only $2.36 I got a pick 2 and chose the grilled chicken spud (add olives and red onions) and the veggie chilli.
620 cals
I also had like 2 pks of crackers.
For a snack I had an apple and dark chocolate pb
60 cals apple
85 cal pb
Then I made these beauties!
Bikini Zuchinni's
My hubs says "But how do these get you in a bikini"
Oh dear...
Ladies I am sure you understand, lol.
This is a MUCH better and more low carb option than traditional pizza or italian food!
What you need:
4 medium zuchinni
2 tbsp chopped onion
small can of mushroom pieces and stems, drained
one small can of tomato sauce
2 tbsp of spaghetti sauce (or pizza sauce)
16 slices of turkey pepperonni
Pizza or Italian seasoning to taste
Mexican or Mozzarella blend shreadded cheese
Preheat oven to 400 deg.
1. Wash zuchinni and slice them in half, use a spoon to scoop out the insides.
2. Get a bowl and add in turkey pepperoni (chopped), onion, sauces, and chop up the mushroom (after draining liquid from can) and add to the bowl. Also add in your seasonings.
3. Line a rectangle dish with the zuchinni and sprinkle salt over them.
4.  Next add in your fillings to the bellys of the zuchinnis that you hollwed out.
5.  Top with cheese.  I used maybe a cup total. 
*Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.
They were sooo freakin good yall!!
In MFP they came out to like 92 cals a piece! 
Just make yours how you like but just figure at least 100 cals unless you really skimp on the cheese.
Dinner was spaghetti
374 cals
I also had that piece of garlic bread with it-100 cals
Parm cheese -20 cals
And for desert...
130 cals
I cleaned the kitchen which was a mess and now I am sitting down trying to relax. 
I hope you all try the recipe!! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Like a Boss.

Today...I did freakin awesome. 

Like a Boss.

Haha.  Sorry me and my brother have this "like a boss" inside thing and tonight for some reason I decided that should totally be the title of my post!

Because my friends, I rocked the plan, the weight loss plan, like a boss!

Ha ok so lets just get in to this juciness!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, not going to bore you with a pic, because I didnt take one HAHA. Ok one difference was that I put one extra slice of turkey bacon on it.

Whopping 274 cals...and I didnt drink much coffee so I am not going to try to estimate the creamer. LOL.

Ok so lunch was another beautiful mexican mess salad just like yesterday, however the creative blogger in me decided it would be thoughtful to take a picture of my goods before they get thrown into the pile on the plate.  I know yall love some pictures. heh.

642 cals
I might try some other meat in it next time to lower the cal count but MAN the guac really MAKES it.
Ok so of course I had to run errands and I had DENIED my sweet tooth/chocolate/carbs/crackers-smeared-in-chocolate-peanut-butter-wont-hurt? CRAVINGS and so I decided that called for some starbys haha. 
110 cals
Ok I got one of the BEST (that I have tried) low cal drinks at starbucks, maybe to date.
It was so good.
Heres how you order it:
Iced Coffee
Non fat milk
w/Toffee Nut Syrup
The toffee nut is sooo sweet and good i love it!!
I used the starbucks app I have on my phone to customize it!
Ok enough about overpriced coffee. Ha.
However good news was it was only $2.62 w/tax. 
Ok sooo...crap I just remembered I had a banana I didnt log, which is OK because I had cals left after my sweating session (like a boss) at the gym tonight.
That's right. You read that right.
I went to the gym for the third time this week.  Amazeballs.
Ok, but I have to give props to my bestie because all this was brought to you by April's emergency fitness kit.
It included a nice hot pink Nike gym bag packed away secretly in Locker #5
with the following inside:
-Smallest sports bra she had (that heff!)
-two old t-shirts (i chose the pretty white blood donor one)
-3 pairs of pants for me to choose from
Thanks boo!! <3
I seriously love her.  She brought all that stuff so that I could meet her at the gym after work. 
AND we freakin rocked it!!
She introduced me to the stair climber.
I hate you.
I love you.
You make sweat literally pour off my face.
Talk about feeling like a biggest looser contestant. 
That thing will make you feel WEAK.
But it was amazing, we pushed through 20 minutes!
That was a ridiculous ammount of flights of stairs.
Burned like 147 cals.
I was a tad dissapointed in the cal count when I got off the stair climber feeling like someone Jillian had just pushed to the ground 15 times.
But I still felt amazing. Seriously amazing. 
Ignore how fatish I look in this pic, just notice the happy face that means I was done with 20 mins of torture!!
Bestie kept telling me how proud of me she was.
Which seriously made my day.
We discussed how we have came a LONG way, from breaking bad habits, not pushing ourselves, not caring about health and who we are today.
We proceded to be at the gym until 8 PM people.
(like a boss)
We did a crap ton of weight training that made me feel like a limp piece of spaghetti someone threw against the blacksplash to see if it would stick or not.
But we pushed each other and it was seriously loads of fun. 
Then after realizing we have no healthy options in our town that arent extreemly boring and played out (coughsubwaycough) we went to red bow.
Spring roll-110 cals
I dont hardly know what that mustard/dip is called so i dont try to count cals for it...its not much i dont think.
Beef and broccoli-152
BROWN rice-216
ginger dressing-80
I also had 2 fortune cookies-50
So yummy!!!
Thats all for tonight my loves, what is one thing you enjoy at a chinese/thai/asian place that is healthy?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Biggest Bestest Mexi Salad that ever was!

Hola chickas!

I dont know where you live...but here it was SUPER gloomy, cold and rainey, and did I mention cold?

Bleakness. Where is my spring time?  I expect springtime when my birthday is so rapidly approaching. 

315 cals
Breakfast was devoured in the car on the way to work.  I toasted the bun, had one slice turkey bacon with egg (both are cooked in the microwave, not pots and pans-aint no body got time fo' dat!)
There was also a yummy triangle of spreadable cheese on there too-aldis brand.
Then hubs brought me a little "treat"
A rice krispy treat and a coffee from QT he made with splenda and creamer, not sure how much so I gave myself 50 cals for my early morning coffee creamer and this.  The treat was 150 cals by itself.  Bless him he gets me the calorie friendly option at the gas station.
Thats a good man rite thurr.
Lunch was the biggest bestest Mexican salad there ever was!!!
SOOO good people. I am telling you. Fantastic-ness.
In the mix:
Ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning.
Black olives
Romaine lettuce
1/4 cup kernel corn
1/4 cup black beans
Red onions
7g of 2% shreadded cheese
1 tbsp light sour cream
a bit of salsa
100 pk wholy guacamole
cup of brown rice
SOOOO good.
637 cals
Later I had some almonds
and a banana
I resisted the carmello in the vending machine because BESTIE said "why are you sabatoging yourself??"
Shes right.
Then I thought of Alissa.
And her recent post about how she forgot that weight loss was supposed to be hard.
That really hit home for me.
So much of what I do, is "stuff that I can keep doing forever" which is good, but it also makes me slip into lazy mode, because of COURSE i want to eat chinese every week for the rest of my life.
That, my friends is easy.
What is hard, is saying NO to things you want to keep up doing for the rest of your life, that could possibly hinder your progress today. 
Ok so me and the cuz hit the gym again today!
20 mins elliptical
10 mins bike
2 weight machines (we are starting off easy lol)
and then 10 mins treadmill to finish it off
It might not be a super hard core plan but at least we are doing SOMETHING.
Do SOMETHING every day!! It honestly makes me feel so much better.
370 cals
Dinner was a salmon burger, the rest of my roasted broccoli (which i have been dreaming of all day) and a potatoe (cooked in the microwave...which really makes me think I should make my own microwave cook book HAHA) with some brummel and brown on top.
Love it people.
Today has had some dang good eats in it, if I do say so myself!
The birfday is in ONE week and I will be STOKED if I can at least be at 174 next tuesday AM!

Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Workouts in One Day...who am I!?

Happy Monday peeps!

I woke up supa early and did a 2 mile walk with leslie sansone.  Does she remind anyone else of Sarah Palin? I love it!

Ok so then I had me some cofffee and got ready for workeee.

I had another egg which for breakfast so im not showing a pic of it, yall know what it looks like lol.

For a snack I had some greek yogurt and strawberries

i only ate half the yogurt as it was 130 cals, pretty steep.
I had 50 some odd calories of almonds later.
lunch was chicken salad with cottage cheese, baked wheat crackers, and veggies!
Later on I had to run some errands so I got a skinny vanilla latte at starbucks.
90 cals
I was watching a video by the Quickie Chick (she is great, google her) and she said that we need to take the lid off so we can fully experience and smell our coffee.
I agree, it was much lovelier to drink that way!
small naner and tbsp of peanut butter before I hit the gym with my cuz tonight!
We did the treadmill and elliptical and I came home and made me a turkey and cheese with turkey bacon on top sub with chips.
I also roasted some broccoli tonight because i believe i intended on eating it tommorow, but about half made it into my mouth haha.

Im sure there are much worse things I could eat mindlessly though.
I also chewed 13 pieces of sugar free gum today and now my mouth is a bit sore. 
Night loves!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Really Long Weekend Recap!

Hey loves!

Ok so this weekend was awesomeness!

Lets recap shall we?

Saturday-worked. Fun fun.  Got off before 12, did some grocery shopping & attended a birthday party for a cousins little girl. 

lunch-turkey and ham six inches/75 cal chips/water
By the way, I left the party before they cut the is SOOO hard for me to resist cake, I was proud of myself, but it was sorta sad I had to go early...saturdays are busy for me anyway, I had a ton of things to do in a small ammount of time.
Got home (by the way it was freezing and rainy all day, just in case you were wondering) and me and the hubs lounged around in the living room, eating humus and crackers. Nice.

Then we got ready for our date night!

Hubby wanted to take me to see Safe Haven! I have the book actually signed by Nicholas of the perks of living in the Carolinas is that I have got to meet him/get a book signed...three times!!!

He is so so nice. 

Anyways!  So hubs knows Im a freak about the movies, so we were going to do dinner and a movie.

We decided to use my Applebees gift card my customer had given this was not exactly a healthy night but whatever LOL.

Normally our towns Applebees has been ENORMOUSLY crappy...bad BAD BAD service, as in we got the meal for free last time we were there.  However we were pleasantly suprised with good food and a normal waitress.

We had buffalo chicken tenders for an app...we got the two for 20.
I got steak broccoli and mashed taters for my meal.
And my hot date...
We watched the nascar craziness on the tv...I feel so bad for those people!
To kill some time before the movie we went to walmart and target...did some window shopping!
 I got an iced coffee and target to keep me awake for the movie. LOL.
We drove out of our way to get GOOD popcorn...
I love hot fresh buttered popcorn, and for my "special" movies, I have to have it!
I know its bad for you but I really dont care.
Its my one thing I dont think I will ever give up, because I dont go to the movies an awful lot anyway!
We got diet coke too...I fo sho' aint gone waste no calories on liquid. LOL.
The movie was good...except for a few choice words that I KNOW it could have done without.  Really makes me mad when you go see a Nicholas Sparks movie, the book is CLEAN and hollywood dirties everything up.  But other than that it was great and Julianne Hough really makes me want to chop all my hair off and live at the beach. 
Before church I made us egg whiches with (microwave egg), bread and I used a 25 cal wedge of Aldis brand laughin cow spreadable cheese. Delish!
We made "subway" sandwiches when we got home for lunch. so tasty!
And for dinner we had a "Red Lobster" night at home.
I made Salmon stew from watching this youtube video, and cheesy garlic biscuits!
It was SOOO good.
Now Im home chilling with my loves on either side of me (kitty on left, hubby on right) on the couch and I have been trying to plan what I will eat tommorow. 
My weekend is pretty much gone, its sad how fast it goes by :(
Have a great Monday beauties and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, what was the best thing you did?
I have to say, date night with Hubby takes the cake!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicka De china de Chinese Chicken!

Happy Friday loves!

Today was pretty great I have to say!!

It started with some oatmeal and berries at work that I must say, I am growing a bit tired of, BUT I think I know what I am going to switch it up with next week! Stay tuned haha!

So no pic of that, you all know quite well what it looks like.

Then lunch was SO GOOD.

Turkey and ham on the honey oat bread with cheese and mustard and veggies!
I had a bag of those chips from the vending machine, they were the only ones that said like 40% less fat or something.  They were delicious and only 180 cals. 
Ok so I had some coffee I made at work but did NOT snack the rest of the day! Holla!
Then we decided a lil double date was in order tonight!
Me and the bestie went to Redbowl w/our guys tonight.
Nevermind she was SUPER DUPER late. Buwahaha. JK
She will totally read this and smirk. haha.
Its ok though because we had a blast!!
They is sooo cute.
Me and hubster!
We had some steamed potstickers white we were waiting on latebestie.
I got the bento box that came with a spring roll (not pictured)
Sweet and sour chicken (my personal fave)
steamed rice
sushi (i got the red bowl roll, which was crab, avacado, and shrimp tempura)
Ok...let me let you in on a little secret.
I dont really like sushi.
I also think its a waste of calories due to me not exactly loving it.
I had two pieces and gave the rest away.
I just kinda get the heebies when I eat that seaweed.Ughhh...*shivers*
Ok so if I get anymore to try I might just give it to the comes with the bento box but whatever.
So then we are crazy and we walked around our small ghetto mall...dropped in bath and body works...didnt buy anything..
Went to some shoe store where I saw a pair of fake glitter toms!!
SO CUTE and I want them and will probably buy them with birthday$$$.
My hubby and her BF hated them which makes me like them all the more.
THAT, ladies is how you know you are being fashionable.
If the hubs hates it.
Ok so what if I look like a teenager.
Im only 26 years young.

OK so then we went to sweet frog!!!
I know. YES again.
I got cake batter/toasted marshmallow kind with random toppings.
No pic bc the phone was dead by this point.
Now I want to take a pic of those shoes too, dang it.  I want yall to see them and tell me what you think!! LOL
Bestie liked them so I am sure im on the right track haha.
Oh and shout out to my cuz Ashley!!! I got some of that mouthwash and my ulcer is slowly but surely getting better!! yayyyyyyyyy!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Sweet Lunch Date

Hey loves!!

Today has been great!!

Breakfast was the same as always...oatmeal and berries, I thought it would be a bit redundant to take a pic, but I also had some coffee creamer too, so probably all together it was 200 cals, not bad.

Then for lunch my bestie called and we decided to go eat Moes!

Isnt she the cutest in her little scrubs? She is studying to be a nurse right now and had clinicals today before lunch.

Wouldnt you love to have her as a nurse?  She actually diagnosed me with a mouth ulcer today LOL. I have never had one and I am in SOOO much pain it sucks so bad. 

Im thinking its all this dang pineapple I have been eating!

We both got the kids meal chicken comes with a cookie and its about 500 cals, under five bucks too!

Then we went next door and I got some toasted marshmallow fro yo at sweet frog!

Ok so then I had some cottage cheese and pineapples....i know i know. NOT helping the ulcer.
Then I came home and did 20 mins kickboxing with jillian dvd and a one mile with leslie sansone which i LOVE. I am soooo glad i finally opened that dvd, she really gets your heart rate up, I was plesantly suprised!!
Dinner was a buffalo chicken salad with chicken and salad I was SUPPOSED to eat for lunch LOL...but you cant pass up a lunch w/ya sista from anotha mista!
YUMMY again :) I also had some green beans
Hope yall had a great friday eve!!
Love yas!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Grandmother's House We Go & Respect

Hey there loves! 

Let me give you a little update.  Yesterday I had a bad upset stoumach from eating something gag inducing (me thinks).  So my day started with crackers and coke zero and ended good with a taco salad made at home with no shell, some jelly/pb toast and tortilla chips(bottom of the bag) and there was some mcdonalds in between.  Not my proudest moment but I was pretty crappy feeling all day, freezing cold and it was raining. Man I think of some good excuses dont I! hahaa. 

Anyways breakfast this morning was a lot better than yesterday.

recycled pic from monday
Basically i ate everything the same as monday lol.
I had cottage cheese and pineapple for a snack.
Lunch was my grilled chicken salad, exactly the same.
Then I had an apple, rasins and almond for a snack.

THEN my sweet lil granny calls.
She wants me to come over because she has a present for me. Ohhhh boy.
Plus she has some fried apple pies, and "am I still on that diet?"
"what diet?"
haha. Ok i told her yes I was.

Naughty Naughty grandma! LOL
She got me the cutest lil cupcake bank, its like the one my mom got me but smaller and has a blue wrapper thing.  I almost got it at another store a few weeks ago! 
Those dern pies.
I have no idea the calories. 
I had two and probably a half. 
Now, they arent that big.  They are very thin, however very VERY GOOD.
I mean, crazy good.
And Grandma hardly ever makes these. 
This was a very rare treat.
Now I did good the other day when she was offering me some chocolate pie her friend had made, and said no, but NOOOO way can i not eat this.  I have to say it was probably worth every calorie.
Very much like Mom's chocolate pie.  UGH!!! Worth every mean calorie.  
I asked her where she got the apples that were so sweet and gooey on the inside.
"oh those are the ones I got from the mountians, I stewed them and froze them"
....then she put them in these little grenades.
Growing up with this lady cooking, is it any wonder I had a weight problem?!
Haha ok so those were amazing. 
And I did have like 1,000 cals left.
Sweet hubby had dinner waiting on me when I got home!
You have seen it before, angus burger, green beans, gravy thing (which hubby kinda messed up LOL, bless him) and mushrooms/onions and brown rice!
Ok...speaking of hubby I wanted to touch on something that I was reading on a very popular blog today.  It was basically about how weight loss affects a marriage
I really got into it at first.
I can totally identify with being over weight and not feeling sexy and wanting to overcompensate for my fatness by being a good cook and taking care of my man. 
I can totally identify with being a jealous wife because I was insecure with myself.
I can totally identify with just wanting to watch movies and eat dinner out, not doing anything anymore remotley active with my husband. 
I can totally identify with my husband wanting to wear the pants in the family and wanting this house ran a certian way. I cannot tell you how many fights we got in over me leaving shoes/clothes/purses/coats lying around/not hung up.  Or the thermostat being on a certian degree.  Or me not rinsing the dishes before sticking them in the sink.
But over time I learned how to respect my husband.
Over time I have learned what things push his buttons as well as he has learned about mine.  And yall...he TRIES to please me....he is very good to me and he is not the kind of man that would ever berate me for gaining weight, or make smart comments, or make fun of me.  He loves me and builds me up.  
And just because I have lost weight and gained a new found confidence in myself...
just because I feel sexier around him...
just because I am now prouder to be his arm candy...
just because I have made self sacrafices that brought me to this does NOT mean I should disrespect my husband.
...So many people wonder why their relationships are having issues when they loose weight...and I think most women feel like they have to be their own woman and argue their way through things and be defiant to prove they can be the individual they want to be because they can....and they just resist respect so much.
Just because I CAN do things and react in ways due to my new found confidence doesnt mean I should throw my weight around or treat him any differently. 
My husband loved me when I was fat.
My husband loves me now.
My husband deserves my respect. 
..because he is my husband. 
I think a woman struggles with her identity a little bit after she is married...its easy to loose track of who you are, and Im sure kids being thrown in the mix make it even easier. 
Yes, I have a brain..
Yes, I still think for myself..
Yes, we still argue...

                                       But when you are married, two becomes one...
Richer or Poorer

                                                                    Thinner or Fatter
And that is all!  Night loves!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fantastico Day-o on Plan-o!

Haha. I have a family member who adds an O on the end of everything to make it spanish. 

"Taking the el car-o to the body shop-o" Its hilarious and i love it. 

Anyways we had mexican tonight which is why you get the spanglish title!

Ok so I prepped for the week sunday night.  SHOCKER. I know.

I had mini meals planned throughout the day

Early AM snack:

Egg whites-25 cal
salsa-like hardly any cals

At work I had my oatmeal which I got at harris teeter its the maple brown sugar kind with some mixed berries.  If you have a harris teeter I highly suggest it, its their brand and low sugar. 1.50 hollaaa.


A bit later around 11:30 I was haungry and I had my snack I had planned: low fat cottage cheese for 80 cals and 30 cals worth of pineapple.
Later on the sabatogers at my bank offered me a cookie from subway-I ate half for 110 cals.

Lunch was amazeballs.

Grilled chicken 3.5 oz's and butter lettuce salad with tomatoes katamala olives and cucumbers with FF italian dressing!!! It came to like 171 calories total such a bargain.  I even passed up free subway to eat this baby.

My afternoon snack was great too.

Apple-55 cals
almonds-50 something

I must admit i had some slivered almonds a VERY tiny ammount and i ate those but it was barely any cals maybe like 20 or something because i measured them and it was like 3g worth. lol.

Sooo delicious.

Well on the ride home we had to stop by walmart for hubs to pick up some shotgun shells.  I know I pick on him about his doomsday prepper mentality sometimes but MAN it was kinda scarry seeing ALL the ammo off the shelves at walmart.  I almost took a picture but the man helping us would probably think I was a creeper. 

So since he was buying boy stuff I picked up this baby

Blueberry Flapjacks. AMAZING. Smells like straight up NO LIE blueberry pancakes.  I have already burned some in my tart warmer. LOVE it. 2 bucks yall!

Dinner was Taco-o night!!!

I ended up having three shells for 150 cals
meat 3/4 cup for like 255 cals
beans-50 cals
sour cream like 5 cals
cheese-25 cals worth split between 2 tacos, I survived without a cheese freakout. Love me some cheese, dont need it though. 
Chippys!- a serving is 150 cals for the cantina chips.

Also had a sugar free fudge pop for 40 cals!

Great day yall!!! I went to bed by 10:30 so no bloggy blog sorry loves!!