Monday, February 4, 2013

A great day on PLAN!

Hey loves!  I was back on track today after eating not so great this weekend :(  Thats what you have to do though just get right back on track!

Ok breakfast kept me SO full!!

Rachel Ray Instant oatmeal-160 cals
Mixed berries-45 cals

I actually drank a good bit of water today too!

I had a crazy day until lunch time, oh boy, not crazy good either!

Lunch was a sandwich-203 cals
pickle-dont count cals for that
fruit cup-50
sugar free jello-10

For desert I had a granola bar-100 cals

We got those at Costco, tastyyyy.

Around 5pm I got hungry!

Berries-45 cals
cheese stick-50 cals

Dinner was SOOOOO good guys!!!! I have missed my salmon burgers SOOOOO much!!!!!

Salmon burger-170
Annies mac n cheese-280 for one cup
Broccoli-60 cals

For desert I had popcorn and a pack of Valentine M and M's!!

M n M's-70 cals
popcorn-110 cals

I am really hoping to make it to the gym tommorow!  The comments have been sparse latley, where yall at?!?! hehe ...I hope yall had a great weekend and a Monday that was ON TRACK!

Question: What's one thing you did/ate that was healthy today?

<3 Night


  1. Did good here today. Made the microwave egg. Definitely fluffy! Lol But it was good and way easier than messing up a skillet and using olive oil and flipping, etc. haha Glad you had a good day. Best of luck with making it to the gym tomorrow!

    1. i love that egg!!! glad you liked it!!! I didnt make it this am but i am going tonight! yay!

  2. I'm a relatively new follower, and I enjoy reading your posts each day. I watched your video yesterday and I LOVE your Texas accent - you are too cute!

    I actually am on a juice fast currently on day 24 of 30!!!! You can follow me on my journey here if you'd like:

    1. thank you so much that is so sweet!!! awesome on your juice fast, that is amazing! I will definetly check out your blog! thanks for reading i love meeting new people!!

  3. You already know I had the slow cooker boneless turkey....YUM! No exercise for me today. Just didn't happen, but I have been getting into doing my biggest loser last chance workout dvd & doing yoga with Kayla so I'm proud of that. I ate oatmeal for bf today too, with 1/2 of a chopped apple mixed in. Glad we both had good days today!!!! Yay! Hollla for us :)

    1. dude that biggest looser video will work you out and make you sore! i need to do it again soon! Oatmeal with apple sounds good too, i might have to add that tommorow if i dont make my protein pancake! Yay for days on plan!!! we rock heheh!!

  4. I had leftover chicken pot pie with veggies on the side and I made some pretty healthy Apple-toffee hand pies :)

    1. oh yummy !!!! apple toffee sounds AMAZING!

  5. You had a great day. I want to like oatmeal so bad but just don't. Hope you got to the gym this morning! Have a great day ;0)

    1. LOL girl i know what you mean, sometimes i am not too fond of oatmeal either, but i actually like this rachel ray kind and it keeps me full, maybe try it? it has a different texture to it...maybe add in some peanut butter, YUM! I didnt make it to the gym this morning but im going tonight! woot!!!!

  6. What do you pack all of your snacks/lunch in?? I end up feeling like I've got enough food stuffed in my purse or lunchbox to feed the whole town. Just looking for new ideas :) keep it up girlie!!


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