Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Really Long Weekend Recap!

Hey loves!

Ok so this weekend was awesomeness!

Lets recap shall we?

Saturday-worked. Fun fun.  Got off before 12, did some grocery shopping & attended a birthday party for a cousins little girl. 

lunch-turkey and ham six inches/75 cal chips/water
By the way, I left the party before they cut the is SOOO hard for me to resist cake, I was proud of myself, but it was sorta sad I had to go early...saturdays are busy for me anyway, I had a ton of things to do in a small ammount of time.
Got home (by the way it was freezing and rainy all day, just in case you were wondering) and me and the hubs lounged around in the living room, eating humus and crackers. Nice.

Then we got ready for our date night!

Hubby wanted to take me to see Safe Haven! I have the book actually signed by Nicholas of the perks of living in the Carolinas is that I have got to meet him/get a book signed...three times!!!

He is so so nice. 

Anyways!  So hubs knows Im a freak about the movies, so we were going to do dinner and a movie.

We decided to use my Applebees gift card my customer had given this was not exactly a healthy night but whatever LOL.

Normally our towns Applebees has been ENORMOUSLY crappy...bad BAD BAD service, as in we got the meal for free last time we were there.  However we were pleasantly suprised with good food and a normal waitress.

We had buffalo chicken tenders for an app...we got the two for 20.
I got steak broccoli and mashed taters for my meal.
And my hot date...
We watched the nascar craziness on the tv...I feel so bad for those people!
To kill some time before the movie we went to walmart and target...did some window shopping!
 I got an iced coffee and target to keep me awake for the movie. LOL.
We drove out of our way to get GOOD popcorn...
I love hot fresh buttered popcorn, and for my "special" movies, I have to have it!
I know its bad for you but I really dont care.
Its my one thing I dont think I will ever give up, because I dont go to the movies an awful lot anyway!
We got diet coke too...I fo sho' aint gone waste no calories on liquid. LOL.
The movie was good...except for a few choice words that I KNOW it could have done without.  Really makes me mad when you go see a Nicholas Sparks movie, the book is CLEAN and hollywood dirties everything up.  But other than that it was great and Julianne Hough really makes me want to chop all my hair off and live at the beach. 
Before church I made us egg whiches with (microwave egg), bread and I used a 25 cal wedge of Aldis brand laughin cow spreadable cheese. Delish!
We made "subway" sandwiches when we got home for lunch. so tasty!
And for dinner we had a "Red Lobster" night at home.
I made Salmon stew from watching this youtube video, and cheesy garlic biscuits!
It was SOOO good.
Now Im home chilling with my loves on either side of me (kitty on left, hubby on right) on the couch and I have been trying to plan what I will eat tommorow. 
My weekend is pretty much gone, its sad how fast it goes by :(
Have a great Monday beauties and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, what was the best thing you did?
I have to say, date night with Hubby takes the cake!


  1. No double date night with your bestie!! Love you - your secret stalker

  2. It's been cold and rainy in Arkansas too, I totally understand your misery. I think i want to see that movie too!! What girl doesn't haha!! I need to get back on track after my weekend. It was full of a bunch of junk food! Your pic of popcorn makes me want some.

    1. LOL girl it was so good and hot, i love hot popcorn!! But I have to do better too, scales not moving in my favor LOL

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. I love me some Applebees and for some reason I had a craving for popcorn this weekend too. We went to see Identity Theft which was really cute and couldn't help myself. Oh and I had seafood last night too but I did catfish, hushpuppies, and fries. I know I know...way worse but I only ate a tiny portion so I was good. Have a great Monday!

    1. OH girl i love me some fried seafood!! LOL and that movie looks sooo cute how was it?!?

    2. It was really good. I love a good comedy and Melissa Mccartney is hilarious.

  4. The stew sounds really good. I love seafood...and date nights! Looks fun. My weekend was busy busy busy, but we did meet some new friends...that was fun.

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