Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day of Mini Meals

Hello everyone!!

Today was a lazy LAZY sunday.  We had planned on visiting another church this morning BUT it snowed like crazy last night and we had a feeling a lot of churches would be closed.  So anyways it was all pretty much melting but we did have snow when we woke up!  However we were pretty much pajama hermits today!

Which was kinda nice because you know Im always on the go!

Anyways this morning I made hubby some red velvet chocolate chip pancakes and I had about three bites of that which I counted 50 cals for because im not real sure how many it was. 

Then I made me a breakfast sandwich

toast-45 cals each
egg whites-25
havarti reduced fat cheese-around 53 cals i believe
mayo-15 cals
creamer-35 cals plus more later today -under 70 cals total

Later on I had a gala apple-55 cals w/cinnamon
one tsp of peanut butter-30 cals
almonds-57 cals
VERY yummy snack!
Then we went to the store and got some gas came home and I fixed us lunch. It was the bigger meal of the day and soo good.
baked seasoned sweet potatoe waffle fries-130 cals
angus burger-280
cheese-50 something cals
mushroom/onion-30 cals?
pickle-5 cals
Then I got on youtube and watched some hungry girl episodes.  Anyone else know if she is back on the food network yet? I LOVE HER SHOW!!!
So I was inspired to make a little parfait.
I might go buy a cute parfait glass for my bday because this is a drinking glass and i really like for my food to look cute and presentable. lol.
In the glass:
strawberry & banana yogurt (fit and active aldis brand)-about 70 cals worth
strawberries-12 cals?--only used three small strawberries
banana chips-38 cals
whip cream-15 cals
It was sooo good.
I had some coffee for a pick me up in the afternoon. 
oh also after lunch i had a 14 cal ice cream bar, yes you are reading that right 14 cals. lol.
Also a fudge pop no sugar added-40 cals
Then for dinner, it was weird but I had a cup of light progresso chicken pot pie soup
100 cals
added 5 saltines-60 cals
cup of light italian meatball soup from progresso
80 cals
parm cheese
20 cals
the cheese was great on top, reminded me of a meatball sub.
loved this soup!
Then I had one and a half turkey frank baked in the oven from aldis for 90 cals plus another 45 cals and some ketchup that i didnt count cals for.
Today was amazing compared to the way i have been eating since valentines day. UGH. one day can mess up literally 3 days i hate it.  All the chocolate is put away or trashed and that makes me happy now. LOL.
About two more weeks till my bday so its GO TIME.  I prepped grilled marinated chicken for salads this week and I have a plan for this week to stay on track.  How was your weekend??


  1. Haven't done much at all this weekend. I didn't do good yesterday at all, but it was my planned cheat since I had NO treats on V-day at ALL! I was tortured by all the candy pics posted on FB LOL! But I wasn't proud of myself yesterday even though I did plan to cheat because I cheated at lunch & dinner. I only planned to have a cheat MEAL but it didn't quite happen that way. I really wanna go see Safe Haven soon! Hope we can make that happen for a belated V-day date at some point in the near future. So, how do you like the 40 cal fudge pops & the 14 cal swirl pops? The swirl pops look good but I was just curious about the taste because I don't know anyone else who's tried them. How's your aunt doing?

    1. Well they basically told her she has cancer and sent her home I think she will have to undergo surgery soon :( Thanks for asking sweetie. Hey thats ok at least you only had two cheat meals and didnt binge on chocolate !! I go sooo much flipping candy !!! :(

    2. oh and i LOVE the fudge pops but the other 14 cal ones just dont have good flavor but they arent bad lol

  2. Your apple snack, 14 cal pops, and soups look yummy! :)

  3. What a yummy day! I see those popsicles at Aldi all the time but never tried them. Were they good? You can't beat 14 calories.

    1. they were OK, not bad for 14 cals and only 1.39!!


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