Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Workouts in One Day...who am I!?

Happy Monday peeps!

I woke up supa early and did a 2 mile walk with leslie sansone.  Does she remind anyone else of Sarah Palin? I love it!

Ok so then I had me some cofffee and got ready for workeee.

I had another egg which for breakfast so im not showing a pic of it, yall know what it looks like lol.

For a snack I had some greek yogurt and strawberries

i only ate half the yogurt as it was 130 cals, pretty steep.
I had 50 some odd calories of almonds later.
lunch was chicken salad with cottage cheese, baked wheat crackers, and veggies!
Later on I had to run some errands so I got a skinny vanilla latte at starbucks.
90 cals
I was watching a video by the Quickie Chick (she is great, google her) and she said that we need to take the lid off so we can fully experience and smell our coffee.
I agree, it was much lovelier to drink that way!
small naner and tbsp of peanut butter before I hit the gym with my cuz tonight!
We did the treadmill and elliptical and I came home and made me a turkey and cheese with turkey bacon on top sub with chips.
I also roasted some broccoli tonight because i believe i intended on eating it tommorow, but about half made it into my mouth haha.

Im sure there are much worse things I could eat mindlessly though.
I also chewed 13 pieces of sugar free gum today and now my mouth is a bit sore. 
Night loves!!


  1. ROFLOL, 13 pieces??? Girl! If you chew that many, the rat poison in it adds up! Ha! I love me some Leslie. Great job on the exercise! I know your bday is coming up SOON!

    1. hahah i know!! im terrible with the gum!! lol and yes it is next tues !!! I cannot wait, Iam such a birthday hound. hahahah

  2. You know my hubby just HAD to inform me today that the sugar free gum I chew has 5 cals per piece LOL! I said, "WHAT"? I really never considered checking the cals on it but I told him it's not like I chew 30 pcs a makes my mouth hurt too! He's been counting his cals for the last few wks. Guess how much he's lost already??? 13 lbs! Men make me sick hahhahahaha! JK...I'm glad he's doing it. BUT, he informed me that once he loses what he wants to lose, he's gonna go right back to eating whatever he wants! NOT!

    1. tell him the cals dont count if you dont swallow the gum!! haha (i hope anyway! LOL) yay for him counting cals!! Jacob did it for a while, I know they are such heffers loosing weight so fast! Thats hilarious he said that !! LOL

  3. You are doing so great lately. I am on a strawberry kick in the mornings too. I cannot wait until watermelon season. I could eat them all day everyday. When is your birthday?

    1. Awe thank u honey!!! Yes strawberries are the bestest!!! My bday is a week from today (next tues!) cant wait! hahah

  4. Replies
    1. isnt she great? kinda makes me look foward to getting up early! LOL


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