Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 8- Weigh In & Update

Hey guys!

Today was weigh in day! I lost 3.6 lbs. 

For a grand total of 5 lbs. exactly since my first weigh in on my planner, May 28th.  I feel like eh, it's only 5 lbs. but I have not seen 195.8 in a WHILE so I am very happy with that.  I am also very happy that I met my first goal of 195 and I get to go get a pedicure! Woo hoo! I think I even have a coupon for a hot stone upgrade FREE.  Need to find that stat!

Anyways I was in a rush this morning because I helped my cousin with her son today while she was at the doctor.  I had cottage cheese and coffee.  I also had to UP my metformin today from 2 pills to three. 

I had about 20 peanuts on the car ride home to her house.
I got Moe's for lunch.  Chicken burrito bowl. Added guac and pintos.  Brought it home and added my own cheese.  It wasn't too great today. 
I went to Target for a few items and had to get hubby some jeans and such for work, so as I was browsing I found this delicious smelling coconut cream conditioner for only 4.99!  Exciting!
It has been SO HOT here and HUMID. 
I had a cheese stick for a snack and two of my cheesecake minis with FF whip cream. 
I also had 99% ff turkey with mustard, just a little bit for a snack.

Dinner was a great steak salad with blue cheese.  I also added a boiled egg and cheese after the pic.  It has olives and turkey bacon on it as well. 

I had a fudge pop later. 

How I am feeling:

I am missing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches even though I rarely eat them.  I miss tortilla chips and tortillas.  I miss easy fast foods.  However I do NOT miss feeling bloated and heavy and knowing I ate too much.  I do not miss those extra five pounds. 

I love that on this diet I feel satisfied after I eat.  Ever notice how you eat 2 or 3 slices of pizza and you are like MAN I could eat this whole thing!?? Or same thing with a combo at wendys...was that seriously my LAST fry???

With these meals you do not want to keep eating.  I am most always very much satisfied and do not crave more.  It is rare even for me to get second helpings.  So that is something I love. 

Sugar has been out of my bloodstream for a WEEK people!!! This is incredible.  I was looking at spaghetti sauce today trying to find one with no added sugar.  Do you know how hard that is? Guess I will have to make my own! Let me know if you know of one. 

And Ashley thank you for the London Broil tip!!!! I will have to try that.  Thank you all SO much for your sweet encouraging comments this week it has really kept me going!!! I hope you all are doing well!!! 
Oh and let me also say that is 3.6 lbs that I did not even have to exercise for.  I walked one day and played in the pool another.  Pretty cool.  Need to start back walking/running though!  What are you doing for workouts right now?  Its just been SO hot here! ugh lol. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 7-Breakfast Fail

Week One. DONE!

Yall.  I cannot believe I have completed 7 days of this.  Not that it has been seriously hard but there have been times that I have seriously been around a lot of food that is out of my boundaries and not had any SUGAR!!!!! Or white bread, potatoes, etc. of any KIND!!!! Im pretty excited. LOL.

This morning was a complete and epic fail of the taste buds or cooking skills, cant tell which.  I made my pancakes again but they were UGH gross. I could not eat them they tasted too much like eggs and I am not a huge egg fan to begin with. 

That is how much I ate when I decided to give up and just eat cottage cheese out of the carton.  Filled me up though.
I was not very hungry at all today. 
I ate breakfast around 11am (slept in way too late).  I don't know why I cannot get up in the morning! I have been so sleepy lately! Probably the no carbs. 

I had 20 peanuts.
I had lunch around 3pm and this is what I ate.

I made a big gallon of unsweet tea today and I have been loving it with a splenda type sweetner and lemon! SO good tastes almost like the real thing. 
For dinner I made London Broil.  I am not sure how I feel about it though.
My mom made it when I was a kid and I remember liking it a lot more than I do now! I will have to ask her how she prepared it. 
We had green beans, sautéed mushrooms and cauliflower with it.
I also had a cheese stick and 25 cal sugar free popsicle earlier in the day. 
For desert I had two of my little sugar free cheesecakes. 
I also realized I forgot to put in a pic of my dinner last night so I am going to edit yesterday's post.  I hope you all are enjoying these updates, I am really having a great time blogging something new! 
Have you ever had London broil?  What are your thoughts on it? if you have any tips for me let me know!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 6-So Tempting & High Temps

I cannot believe I just completed Day 6 yall. 

Seriously.  I have made it this far LOL. 

And today was probably the hardest of all and you will see why at the end!

Breakfast was great though!  I made "pancakes" with cream cheese and eggs, basically.  They were good!  There is a recipe from the book like it but I also saw a girl on instagram post it first and asked her how they were made.  I can add oats later if I want to but for now this is all I can have.  Next time I wont add this much cinnamon though.

I had sugar free syrup on top. SO good!  They filled me up for a while too. 

Bestie came over and we went to the local waterpark at my gym.  It was so fun but I got sunburnt a little! I think I missed sun screen in some areas!

We stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way and got sandwiches.  I got an unwhich beach style.  Which is NO bread, but it did have turkey cheese avocado spread oil and vinegar, plus some veggies all wrapped in lettuce.  It was ok but kind of hard to eat.  It fell apart a lot.

It was SO hot today.  Bestie got a snow cone.  I did not :( that was hard too.  It's hard in the moment but when the moment of temptation is over I am so glad I stayed strong.  Speaking of temptation, for her birthday party at book club tonight I made her a no bake jello cheesecake and didn't lick the batter or my fingers!!!!

I did not even eat any at the party.  That was SO HARD.  I brought two of my mini cheese cakes!  I ate those while they ate the good stuff. LOL.  For dinner I had a burrito bowl with chicken pintos and cheese and guacamole plus veggies.  The cheese was probably not FF.  Still not sure about the beans, they say MOST are safe for phase one.  I did not have ANY of the free chips and told her to not give me any.  SO hard as well!  I drank unsweet tea with lemon and splenda. 

I had one cheese stick as a snack today. 

I think I had a pretty good day considering all the temptations thrown my way and I got some exercise in the pool I think. I am actually exhausted right now!  Have yall been to the pool yet? What is the temp where you live? It was supposed to be 101 today! Summer has got here early!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 5- Cheesecake & Grocery Haul

Hey everyone!  Today was pretty on point.  Breakfast was an omelet with mozzarella and sautéed mushrooms.  I am so sick of eggs.  HONEST.  However, tomorrow I plan to make something different :)

So I ran to the grocery store at lunch time but before I left I had 20 peanuts.  I came home with some goodies.  I went to Aldis and Walmart. 
This is what I got at Aldis.  Their stuff is so cheap!  I got salad, green beans, mushrooms, FF refried beans, olives, avocado, cream cheese and meat tenderizer.  I also got vanilla extract. 
This is walmart.  I got 2 drinks, London broil (13.00) but that will serve 2 people.  I got chicken breasts, 4 for over 8.00.  That will be two meals.  One of which we had tonight.  I got turkey bacon and lean turkey sausage. I got a carton of eggs.  I got one bell pepper and cottage cheese.  I got lime juice and sugar free raspberry preserves  I got FF half and half.  I got gum, sugar free jello, no sugar added fudge pops and frozen gortons grilled fish. 
For lunch I had fish that was in my grocery haul with green beans and a salad with blue cheese and olives. 

I was very full!  Dinner was chicken fijitas cooked in olive oil, lime juice and Ms. Dash and salt and pepper.  I did not have tortillas with mine.  I made some guac for us and I am not sure if this is south beach approved but it was fat free refried beans with cheese.  I think it will be fine for me, personally. 
It was very good!
Later tonight I made mini raspberry cheesecakes that I got off pinterest.  They are sugar free and 18 calories of sugar free per cake.  So you would have to take that out of your 75 per day.  I also had a fudge pop.  I used sugar free raspberry preserves to top it so it's debatable whether that is allowed or not.  I think with this little amount its ok for me, I am counting it as the sugar free calories. 
I had two and some nibbles when I was putting them away.  I topped mine with fat free redid whip which is probably not on SB however it has less than one sugar for two tbsp.  I feel like I had a great day eating wise.  Love this desert! Made my kitchen smell heavenly!
What is your favorite thing to eat with fijitas?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 4- Tempting Situations

Hey guys!

Its bedtime so I want to hurry and get this done but I feel like I have a lot to tell you!

So this morning we had church and we got up pretty early with not a lot of sleep the night before. 
It's mornings like these I dread making eggs and just want to grab a cereal bar.  Which is a lot of sugar and not really a sustainable breakfast.  This morning I made hubby an egg and cheese wrap and me scrambled eggs with a cheese stick. 

I don't think I had two eggs there which was probably why I was hungry about 3 hours later.  After church we went to my Grandmas.  I was nervous because it is SO hard to stay on plan at her house.  She has a ton of little snack cakes, white bread, candy, etc. on the table readily available.  But I told my family before hand that I was on a strict diet and my aunt suggested she would get me some grilled chicken when she went to pick up KFC.  That was so sweet of her and wonderful!  Me and hubby ran by Bojangles and I got a garden salad, green beans and pintos. When I got to Grandmas we were sitting at the table and I noticed she had a can of peanuts there! I was so excited and counted out 20 to eat! LOL. I was feeling pretty satisfied from them when I started eating this salad.

I was so glad they had blue cheese.  However Iam sure the cheese shreads were not low fat.  I ate about half the salad and hubby ate the rest.  Grandma had diet pepsi so I drank that.  For lunch I had one and about 2/3 of a grilled chicken breast with a little texas pete drizzled on top.  I had green beans and pintos.  I am not sure that the pintos were safe, they are not in the listed spot for beans but I think it will be fine.  I didn't eat much of them anyway. 

You have to make do, you cannot expect everything to be perfect and you have to make wise judgment calls when faced with different situations.  Not everyday is going to be perfect with a fully stocked fridge and the ability to cook at home for every meal.  Now, the cousins ended up eating snack cakes around me and I could literally smell the sweet sugar!!! UGH so hard. 
Then my Grandma had also made frozen sugar added strawberries and whole milk.  She has made this for as long as I can remember and had it thawing out.  She got out a CHEESECAKE too yall.  I am not even kidding.  And she is the type of sweet Grandma that you never feel bad eating around.  She encourages you to eat, in fact.  Today she actually didn't really suggest for me to eat anything which is kind of a shocker but we had a lot of people at the house too.  So she was probably distracted.  LOL.
Seeing the kids eat that made me want it!  I had to leave shortly after. Plus it was hot and I was tired and wanted to get out of church clothes.  We came home and seriously both fell asleep on the couch for almost 3 hours.  I guess I am missing the energy from carbs! Yall know I hardly ever nap. 
Dinner was leftover taco meat (turkey) and black beans and I just made another salad.  Hubby had his with chips.  At this point, I honestly was tired of salads but I knew I needed to eat the meat.  I really wanted to go by Jimmy Johns and get an unwhich or something else but I went ahead and fixed this.  Its better to eat at home anyway! 
I had a fudge pop when we got home from Grandmas and then I had a popsicle after dinner.  Had a cheese stick before dinner.  And that is it guys!  That is what I ate today. 

I am really happy that I have been able to stick with this diet for 4 days. I cant believe day 5 is tomorrow and it will be a HARD one.  I will tell you later, but just know I am going to pray a lot and try to exercise a lot of willpower around food!!! Also going grocery shopping so I will probably show you a haul.  I hope you are all having a good weekend!!! Let me know what your favorite meal would be if you were on this diet! :)

Day 3- All meals at home!

Hey guys!

Day 3 was a success!  Sorry I am a little late posting.  I waited too long yesterday and then hubby got home and we watched a movie till very late on Netflix.  Anyways!

I was in a weird mood yesterday.  I did not really feel like doing anything and slept a good bit that morning.  But I still stayed on track and on plan!  I will say I was a bit more snacky I believe, because I didn't leave the house.

Breakfast was Eggs with cheese and salsa and then a side of cottage cheese.

And then for lunch I had a taco salad.  I used ground turkey and it said turkey breast is allowed.  So, I hope it's ok.  But I am not going to stress about being perfect.  I had cheese on it and salsa and I ended up adding a little blue cheese dressing because it needed an extra something. 

My snacks yesterday were:

20 peanuts
a no sugar added fudge pop
raspberry sugar free pop
cheese stick
sugar free jello cup
sugar free gum

For dinner I made the most delicious chicken!  I had 4 frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders in the freezer so I thawed them and coated them with a little salt and pepper and then OLD BAY !!! Yum it smelled so good!  Tasted good too! I love old bay!  You have to get creative I guess and think outside the box.  I usually think of it with fish but it says you can use it on poultry and boy was it good! 

I also mashed up some steamed cauliflower and added land o lakes whipped butter and some I cant believe its not butter, plus salt and pepper and 2 tbsp. of half and half.  This is pretty much the recipe in the book for Surprise South Beach Mashed Potatoes but I used land o lakes instead of 2 oz. I cant believe it's not butter.  I also used regular half and half instead of fat free.  I mashed it up with my potato mashed and it was so good!! I also had steamed broccoli that I shook a little old bay on too.

I will be back later to report on today, which has went great so far!  I need to eat dinner and maybe another snack/desert.  I even was around a LOT of tempting things, will explain later!  I hope yall are having a great weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 2-Stayed on Plan!

Hey guys!  I have not had any super bad cravings yet.  Me and Bestie are going to the movies tonight though so I am sure the urge for popcorn will be STRONG. Its legit like one of my favorite foods!!!
However Bestie never gets it so it wont be too tempting for me.  I plan to get a diet coke and I think we are going to eat first at Chipolte. 

I am not too worried about Chipolte.  Unlike Moe's, they do not give you free chips.  I plan to get a burrito bowl.

Might bring my own cheese*

Im not sure what else they have however it will be hard to say no to their delicious rice, but I can do it!  I have too much on the line now to start cheating on this diet.  I have such a sense of a fresh new hope with this diet ...probably in part because I have never done it before and it was doctor recommended.  I am also hoping that it works together with my medicine and the problems going on and fixes it!

For breakfast I had delicious leftover steak and eggs with cheese. 

It was really good !

For lunch I had a small portion of steak left and wanted some chick fila chicken nuggets and a coke zero! So I went to Chick fila and brought it home and made a salad with the chicken nuggets and steak.  It was very good! I had blue cheese with it.  Desert was a (non pictured) sugar free jello.  Yummy!

I forgot to tell you but I also had 20 peanuts before lunch as my snack.  My other snack might be a cheese stick.  I will probably save my delicious fudge pop for when I get home.  I LOVE NOT HAVING TO MEASURE EVERYTHING!!!

So sometime after lunch my stomach got upset.  Not sure why but it is probably my medicine.  Anyways my prescription is ready at walmart so I am going to go get that and hang out with Bestie some.  I plan to update this when I get home to hold myself accountable and tell you how the rest of the night went!


So tonight went really good! We ate at Chipolte and I did end up getting their cheese.  I forgot to bring my own, only problem is theirs is probably not low fat or fat free like I should be eating. But I am not really discouraged by that.  We went to the movies and I did not get any popcorn or anything at all to eat! YAY!!

I had a fudge pop when I got home and I totally even forgot to eat my other snack before dinner.  We just made a sonic run and even though milkshakes were half off we did NOT get them.  YAY! I got a diet cherry limeade.  I am still worried though because I just now realized it may have cherry syrup in it.  I was thinking it was completely sugar free being diet but I need to google what's in it.  I definitely cannot eat the cherry.  BUMMER. lol.  Its hard but Im doing it yall! Here is a pic of dinner!

I am definitely eating delicious things on this diet!! I did not have a headache today nor have any strong cravings besides wanting popcorn at the movies because I was smelling it and in the environment.  I kind of wanted chips at dinner...Bestie was willing to share! But I didn't have any. 

I still don't really feel like I am missing out on things too much though.  I try to focus on what I can have that I like, than what I cant have!  I hope you all have a great weekend, we can do this! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 1- Is this really a diet?

Hey yall! I don't have much time but seriously.

Today was GREAT! I do not feel deprived.  I have energy and I am very happy with my choices today!  It might get harder as the days go on, in fact Im sure it will, but today went well! 

Breakfast was 2 eggs, lite cheese and mushrooms. 

I had coffee and half and half ( I am supposed to use fat free half n half but I needed to use up mine) but barely drank like half of that V8. Nasty.  Too salty.

I had 20 peanuts for a snack.  Dry unsalted. 

I got a lot of activity in today, walking with a friend and push mowing the grass! A tan too! Woo!

Lunch was tuna salad made with mustard and a tbsp. of low fat mayo which I googled and it is supposedly approved on phase one.  Very little sugars or carbs in it so I am sure Im fine.  I also had banana peppers which I am not sure if they are approved but for the small amount I should be ok.  I had pickle and onion in it too.  Everything was so good.  I had it over a bed of shredded cabbage with a side of cottage cheese.

I had sugar free jello for desert. 

It was very good!
Mid afternoon I got a headache.  I don't know if it was from being in the sun all day, locking myself out of the house, OR perhaps no sugar.  Not sure.  But 3 ibprofiens kicked it's bootay!
I had a cheese stick before me and hubs went on a date night.  He has been gone for 3 nights out of town!
We went to Longhorn -my current fave!  I got an 11 oz sirloin, broccoli and salad with blue cheese.  The dressing should be approved, the blue cheese I buy at home has no carbs or sugars. I forgot and used a bit of A-1 but I think Im ok! :) Also I did not eat any of the bread!! WINNING!!!! 

I brought some of me and hubbys steak home and will have it with eggs in the morning. 

Desert was a no sugar added fudge pop for 40 calories! I wanted another one but that would have put me over 75 cals for sugar free stuff. 

It was so tasty! 
I forgot I had to take a new prenatal vitamin and I wasn't sure if it would make me sick on an empty stomach, (not too empty with steak and fudge pops!) but to be safe I ate a desert from the South Beach Diet book. 
Its called the vanilla cream ricotta or something? Its half a cup ricotta cheese with 1/4 tsp vanilla and sugar free sweetner.  It was pretty good!
How Am I Feeling: Except for the small headache this afternoon I have felt great.  This doesn't even really feel like a diet yet.  Im sure it will though, when others are having things off limits to me.  The bread looked good tonight but I was in the right mindset! Im also writing down scripture in my planner so that will help strengthen my mind.  Its a mind game too! I LOVE that I really don't have to measure anything or count calories.  You have to watch your sugar free intake and your nut intake.  I am measuring my half and half just while its not fat free.  I was not stuffed at dinner from eating so much bread.  I feel great right now honestly.  I am looking forward to my steak and eggs in the morning!  I will see yall tomorrow!  :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

South Beach Diet Starts Tommorow!!!!

Well, here goes nothing.

Tomorrow I am starting the super strict Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. 

See, when I went to the doctor for my lady parts check up and we talked about my PCOS she recommended the South Beach diet.  I looked it up and saw low carb and was like, nuh, NO THANKS! Not for me! I have lost weight before and still had my carbs!

But something is different now you guys. The older I get the harder it is for me to lose!  Plus, this diet is supposed to work specifically for people like me, and when the doctor suggests something I really should at least give it a try. 

So I got the book.  And I read it.  And it made SO MUCH SENSE.  Especially for a carb lover like me who has sugar cravings, salty cravings, gains weight around my middle-APPLE shape right here yall!! So anyways, it will be tough but I am going to try it.  It is a very sensible diet.  It is more of a good carb/good fats way of eating instead of low carb.  It is not like Atkins.  I am not going to eat pounds of bacon and whipped cream with butter and cheesecake.  If you are thinking about it I highly recommend you to get the book.  You could probably find it at goodwill even! I got mine at the library then bought it at the used book store SO cheap! 

The diet has 3 phases.  Phase one is super strict.  It lasts 2 weeks.  You can go up to 4 weeks if you need it but then you need to move on to Phase 2. In phase one you will eat mostly non starchy veggies, lean meats, lowfat cheeses and you can have 75 calories worth of sugar free foods. You may not have fruit. Phase 2 you introduce fruit back into your diet and whole grains and some good carbs like sweet potatoes.  Think steel cut oats, berries, sweet potatoes that kind of thing.  You stay in Phase 2 until you reach your goal.  Phase 3 is maintenance where you maintain your weight with the occasional treat if you so choose, however lets say you go on vacation and gain a few pounds? Just start back a week or two of strict phase 1 eating and you should kick off those extra pounds.  Honestly guys, I am not a doctor or nutritionist this is just what I have gathered from my research and reading the book.  But I am really excited.  And scared. CAUSE I LOVE MY CARBS! But I really think if I can eat this way then with the Metformin combined I can lose weight and have a healthy baby and pregnancy! This is so serious for me yall, this is not just about vanity, my very health is at stake.  I have to do this right. 

I am going to post every thing I eat again so you can see what I go through every day for Phase 1.  This will also be good for me to refer back to if I ever need to go back to phase one (after like a vacay or something).  I will be sort of eating similar to the way a diabetic eats!  Anyways I went to Harris Teeter today and got my groceries to start me off.  I spent 89 and some change on all that you see here.

I am mostly excited about that diet ginger ale! It is so dang hard to find! Anyways I have been SO SICK this week from upping my Metformin dose.  Seriously if I was not on Metformin I would think I was pregnant.  I was SO nauseous.  I even had bathroom troubles!  Seriously you guys it was bad.  It was so much better today but I am keeping it on hand to be prepared. 

I am not going to go by the diet it lays out in the book but more by the list of approved foods.  I am taking their ideas and suiting it to my needs. 

I will be back with Day 1 tomorrow.  I also have to weigh tomorrow. YIKES.  But I will show yall what I am eating.  It will be 3 full meals and two snacks plus a desert.  Anyways have yall tried south beach or know anyone who has? I probably would not try it if it wasn't so important to my health.  But even the librarian was telling me how it works! Lol, so that is encouraging!  I hope you all are doing well! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weigh In, Road Trip & Mama's House

Hey everyone! 

I just got back into town today.  I have been at Mom's Tues-Today to visit with her and get some much needed mother-daughter bonding time!  However, I was so hard core that I brought my scale with me!

My parents are pretty great when it comes to weight loss.  They really try to help me stay on track and not tempt me with unhealthy things.  I was very adamant about doing good while I was down there! 

Here is a little re-cap. 

Tuesday I left around 9am and got in at lunch time.

Breakfast-greek yogurt, blueberries, honey

Snack on the road- Kind Bar, banana, water

Snack when I got there- 45 cal wrap, hummus, about 1 oz grilled chicken, lettuce

Lunch- Me, Mom & Dad went to eat lunch at 5 Loaves which is the cutest little eatery in Summerville.  Its very southern/hipster with drinks in these adorable mason jars and sandwiches/soups/salads that are very fresh, some specially local & gluten free.  I loved it! 

I got the half sandwich of roasted turkey on multigrain.  It had a smear of cranberry sauce and a smear of spreadable cheese.  It was so good. I also got a half chicken cobb salad with ranch avocado dressing.  I did not eat all of the dressing or salad. Shared the sandwich with mom and dad as well!

We got a trio of 3 oz. soup to sample.  The potato was our favorite!

The sandwich above was Dad's and this is him and Mom posing with their #1 fingers in the air because we were celebrating Dad being #1 in sales! So proud of him!

Love this unique eatery!
We snacked on blackberries from Publix and had a great dinner of rotisserie chicken salads!

Breakfast was coffee, greek yogurt and blueberries!

Me and Mom drove around looking at some gorgeous neighborhoods in the area and ran a few errands.  We also stopped by this adorable private library that Mom is a member at and each got a book!
We had lunch at my favorite restaurant in Summerville right now, they have delicious greek food!
I got the Cia plate, Island style with the best grilled pineapple and onion!  It is grilled greek chicken , rice pilaf and mixed veggies on the side with pita bread. I could eat this like everyday seriously.
We went to the movies next and saw Aloha!  It has Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.  Some other famous people too but it was cute.  We got the kids popcorn meal that came with fruit snacks! 
I think that is why my weigh in was not terrific..that and the steak we had for dinner late!  However I will explain in a minute..
Dad grilled a delicious NY strip steak that I ate almost all of!  I saved about 1.6 oz and ate that today at lunch.  We had veggie kabobs and sautéed mushrooms.  Also a side salad!  It was SO GOOD!!!!
Me and Mom went for a little walk after dinner and I got to pet the scrawny but adorable neighborhood cat.  So cute.  It could tell I was a cat mama Im sure!

Mom got me the prettiest Kate Spade bracelet!!! She saw a sale online and got herself a purse, so my bracelet was supposed to be for Christmas I think, but she caved in and gave it to me early! HEHE!!!!

So, on to the weigh in!

Ok, So I took my scale from home so it would be accurate numbers.  I weighed yesterday and I was down 2 lbs exactly! YAY! Which is why I weigh everyday.  HOWEVER

Today I weighed in with all that sodium and steak in my belly and I was only down 1.2 lbs but it's still a LOSS and Im in ONEDERLAND with that number !!! Hello 199.6. 

So, my goal was pretty ambitious-195.  I did NOT make it however I hope to next week!! I did really good today and ate at home all day despite my 4 hour drive home.  I call that a win people.  Let's stay strong during the weekend yall! I plan on eating out maybe twice. 

We might go out tomorrow for date night and I really want steak again LOL.  But Sunday we may get Mexican and I want to eat one serving of chips and chicken fijitas with corn tortillas.  Lets all plan ahead!!! I hope you are all having a great week!!!