Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 3- All meals at home!

Hey guys!

Day 3 was a success!  Sorry I am a little late posting.  I waited too long yesterday and then hubby got home and we watched a movie till very late on Netflix.  Anyways!

I was in a weird mood yesterday.  I did not really feel like doing anything and slept a good bit that morning.  But I still stayed on track and on plan!  I will say I was a bit more snacky I believe, because I didn't leave the house.

Breakfast was Eggs with cheese and salsa and then a side of cottage cheese.

And then for lunch I had a taco salad.  I used ground turkey and it said turkey breast is allowed.  So, I hope it's ok.  But I am not going to stress about being perfect.  I had cheese on it and salsa and I ended up adding a little blue cheese dressing because it needed an extra something. 

My snacks yesterday were:

20 peanuts
a no sugar added fudge pop
raspberry sugar free pop
cheese stick
sugar free jello cup
sugar free gum

For dinner I made the most delicious chicken!  I had 4 frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders in the freezer so I thawed them and coated them with a little salt and pepper and then OLD BAY !!! Yum it smelled so good!  Tasted good too! I love old bay!  You have to get creative I guess and think outside the box.  I usually think of it with fish but it says you can use it on poultry and boy was it good! 

I also mashed up some steamed cauliflower and added land o lakes whipped butter and some I cant believe its not butter, plus salt and pepper and 2 tbsp. of half and half.  This is pretty much the recipe in the book for Surprise South Beach Mashed Potatoes but I used land o lakes instead of 2 oz. I cant believe it's not butter.  I also used regular half and half instead of fat free.  I mashed it up with my potato mashed and it was so good!! I also had steamed broccoli that I shook a little old bay on too.

I will be back later to report on today, which has went great so far!  I need to eat dinner and maybe another snack/desert.  I even was around a LOT of tempting things, will explain later!  I hope yall are having a great weekend!

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