Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weigh In, Road Trip & Mama's House

Hey everyone! 

I just got back into town today.  I have been at Mom's Tues-Today to visit with her and get some much needed mother-daughter bonding time!  However, I was so hard core that I brought my scale with me!

My parents are pretty great when it comes to weight loss.  They really try to help me stay on track and not tempt me with unhealthy things.  I was very adamant about doing good while I was down there! 

Here is a little re-cap. 

Tuesday I left around 9am and got in at lunch time.

Breakfast-greek yogurt, blueberries, honey

Snack on the road- Kind Bar, banana, water

Snack when I got there- 45 cal wrap, hummus, about 1 oz grilled chicken, lettuce

Lunch- Me, Mom & Dad went to eat lunch at 5 Loaves which is the cutest little eatery in Summerville.  Its very southern/hipster with drinks in these adorable mason jars and sandwiches/soups/salads that are very fresh, some specially local & gluten free.  I loved it! 

I got the half sandwich of roasted turkey on multigrain.  It had a smear of cranberry sauce and a smear of spreadable cheese.  It was so good. I also got a half chicken cobb salad with ranch avocado dressing.  I did not eat all of the dressing or salad. Shared the sandwich with mom and dad as well!

We got a trio of 3 oz. soup to sample.  The potato was our favorite!

The sandwich above was Dad's and this is him and Mom posing with their #1 fingers in the air because we were celebrating Dad being #1 in sales! So proud of him!

Love this unique eatery!
We snacked on blackberries from Publix and had a great dinner of rotisserie chicken salads!

Breakfast was coffee, greek yogurt and blueberries!

Me and Mom drove around looking at some gorgeous neighborhoods in the area and ran a few errands.  We also stopped by this adorable private library that Mom is a member at and each got a book!
We had lunch at my favorite restaurant in Summerville right now, they have delicious greek food!
I got the Cia plate, Island style with the best grilled pineapple and onion!  It is grilled greek chicken , rice pilaf and mixed veggies on the side with pita bread. I could eat this like everyday seriously.
We went to the movies next and saw Aloha!  It has Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.  Some other famous people too but it was cute.  We got the kids popcorn meal that came with fruit snacks! 
I think that is why my weigh in was not terrific..that and the steak we had for dinner late!  However I will explain in a minute..
Dad grilled a delicious NY strip steak that I ate almost all of!  I saved about 1.6 oz and ate that today at lunch.  We had veggie kabobs and sautéed mushrooms.  Also a side salad!  It was SO GOOD!!!!
Me and Mom went for a little walk after dinner and I got to pet the scrawny but adorable neighborhood cat.  So cute.  It could tell I was a cat mama Im sure!

Mom got me the prettiest Kate Spade bracelet!!! She saw a sale online and got herself a purse, so my bracelet was supposed to be for Christmas I think, but she caved in and gave it to me early! HEHE!!!!

So, on to the weigh in!

Ok, So I took my scale from home so it would be accurate numbers.  I weighed yesterday and I was down 2 lbs exactly! YAY! Which is why I weigh everyday.  HOWEVER

Today I weighed in with all that sodium and steak in my belly and I was only down 1.2 lbs but it's still a LOSS and Im in ONEDERLAND with that number !!! Hello 199.6. 

So, my goal was pretty ambitious-195.  I did NOT make it however I hope to next week!! I did really good today and ate at home all day despite my 4 hour drive home.  I call that a win people.  Let's stay strong during the weekend yall! I plan on eating out maybe twice. 

We might go out tomorrow for date night and I really want steak again LOL.  But Sunday we may get Mexican and I want to eat one serving of chips and chicken fijitas with corn tortillas.  Lets all plan ahead!!! I hope you are all having a great week!!!

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  1. So funny... I also went to visit my mom last week and brought along my scale too!! However, I didn't eat as well as you! Good job.


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