Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 2-Stayed on Plan!

Hey guys!  I have not had any super bad cravings yet.  Me and Bestie are going to the movies tonight though so I am sure the urge for popcorn will be STRONG. Its legit like one of my favorite foods!!!
However Bestie never gets it so it wont be too tempting for me.  I plan to get a diet coke and I think we are going to eat first at Chipolte. 

I am not too worried about Chipolte.  Unlike Moe's, they do not give you free chips.  I plan to get a burrito bowl.

Might bring my own cheese*

Im not sure what else they have however it will be hard to say no to their delicious rice, but I can do it!  I have too much on the line now to start cheating on this diet.  I have such a sense of a fresh new hope with this diet ...probably in part because I have never done it before and it was doctor recommended.  I am also hoping that it works together with my medicine and the problems going on and fixes it!

For breakfast I had delicious leftover steak and eggs with cheese. 

It was really good !

For lunch I had a small portion of steak left and wanted some chick fila chicken nuggets and a coke zero! So I went to Chick fila and brought it home and made a salad with the chicken nuggets and steak.  It was very good! I had blue cheese with it.  Desert was a (non pictured) sugar free jello.  Yummy!

I forgot to tell you but I also had 20 peanuts before lunch as my snack.  My other snack might be a cheese stick.  I will probably save my delicious fudge pop for when I get home.  I LOVE NOT HAVING TO MEASURE EVERYTHING!!!

So sometime after lunch my stomach got upset.  Not sure why but it is probably my medicine.  Anyways my prescription is ready at walmart so I am going to go get that and hang out with Bestie some.  I plan to update this when I get home to hold myself accountable and tell you how the rest of the night went!


So tonight went really good! We ate at Chipolte and I did end up getting their cheese.  I forgot to bring my own, only problem is theirs is probably not low fat or fat free like I should be eating. But I am not really discouraged by that.  We went to the movies and I did not get any popcorn or anything at all to eat! YAY!!

I had a fudge pop when I got home and I totally even forgot to eat my other snack before dinner.  We just made a sonic run and even though milkshakes were half off we did NOT get them.  YAY! I got a diet cherry limeade.  I am still worried though because I just now realized it may have cherry syrup in it.  I was thinking it was completely sugar free being diet but I need to google what's in it.  I definitely cannot eat the cherry.  BUMMER. lol.  Its hard but Im doing it yall! Here is a pic of dinner!

I am definitely eating delicious things on this diet!! I did not have a headache today nor have any strong cravings besides wanting popcorn at the movies because I was smelling it and in the environment.  I kind of wanted chips at dinner...Bestie was willing to share! But I didn't have any. 

I still don't really feel like I am missing out on things too much though.  I try to focus on what I can have that I like, than what I cant have!  I hope you all have a great weekend, we can do this! :)


  1. Sonic has diet cherry syrup as well. They might have automatically put it in there or you may need to ask. Depends on your drinks maker. Just fyi the raspberry flavoring is clear now and made with splenda. It is really good I think. Stay away from the slushes. Even if you get a SF syrup the slush base is made with sugar. I do LC and am currently trying to mix it with whole as possible foods. Your day sounds great by my standards. :)

    1. Wow good to know!!! Thank you so much!! :) I do love the diet cherry limeades!!! :) Glad I have a low carb friend on here!! :)

  2. I had chick fil a for the first time a few weeks ago- so yummy! You are making great choices- even if you're not perfect, it is progress.


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