Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 4- Tempting Situations

Hey guys!

Its bedtime so I want to hurry and get this done but I feel like I have a lot to tell you!

So this morning we had church and we got up pretty early with not a lot of sleep the night before. 
It's mornings like these I dread making eggs and just want to grab a cereal bar.  Which is a lot of sugar and not really a sustainable breakfast.  This morning I made hubby an egg and cheese wrap and me scrambled eggs with a cheese stick. 

I don't think I had two eggs there which was probably why I was hungry about 3 hours later.  After church we went to my Grandmas.  I was nervous because it is SO hard to stay on plan at her house.  She has a ton of little snack cakes, white bread, candy, etc. on the table readily available.  But I told my family before hand that I was on a strict diet and my aunt suggested she would get me some grilled chicken when she went to pick up KFC.  That was so sweet of her and wonderful!  Me and hubby ran by Bojangles and I got a garden salad, green beans and pintos. When I got to Grandmas we were sitting at the table and I noticed she had a can of peanuts there! I was so excited and counted out 20 to eat! LOL. I was feeling pretty satisfied from them when I started eating this salad.

I was so glad they had blue cheese.  However Iam sure the cheese shreads were not low fat.  I ate about half the salad and hubby ate the rest.  Grandma had diet pepsi so I drank that.  For lunch I had one and about 2/3 of a grilled chicken breast with a little texas pete drizzled on top.  I had green beans and pintos.  I am not sure that the pintos were safe, they are not in the listed spot for beans but I think it will be fine.  I didn't eat much of them anyway. 

You have to make do, you cannot expect everything to be perfect and you have to make wise judgment calls when faced with different situations.  Not everyday is going to be perfect with a fully stocked fridge and the ability to cook at home for every meal.  Now, the cousins ended up eating snack cakes around me and I could literally smell the sweet sugar!!! UGH so hard. 
Then my Grandma had also made frozen sugar added strawberries and whole milk.  She has made this for as long as I can remember and had it thawing out.  She got out a CHEESECAKE too yall.  I am not even kidding.  And she is the type of sweet Grandma that you never feel bad eating around.  She encourages you to eat, in fact.  Today she actually didn't really suggest for me to eat anything which is kind of a shocker but we had a lot of people at the house too.  So she was probably distracted.  LOL.
Seeing the kids eat that made me want it!  I had to leave shortly after. Plus it was hot and I was tired and wanted to get out of church clothes.  We came home and seriously both fell asleep on the couch for almost 3 hours.  I guess I am missing the energy from carbs! Yall know I hardly ever nap. 
Dinner was leftover taco meat (turkey) and black beans and I just made another salad.  Hubby had his with chips.  At this point, I honestly was tired of salads but I knew I needed to eat the meat.  I really wanted to go by Jimmy Johns and get an unwhich or something else but I went ahead and fixed this.  Its better to eat at home anyway! 
I had a fudge pop when we got home from Grandmas and then I had a popsicle after dinner.  Had a cheese stick before dinner.  And that is it guys!  That is what I ate today. 

I am really happy that I have been able to stick with this diet for 4 days. I cant believe day 5 is tomorrow and it will be a HARD one.  I will tell you later, but just know I am going to pray a lot and try to exercise a lot of willpower around food!!! Also going grocery shopping so I will probably show you a haul.  I hope you are all having a good weekend!!! Let me know what your favorite meal would be if you were on this diet! :)


  1. Get some radishes at the grocery store and try "frying" them with a little oil or cooking spray & onion. Just cut them up into really small chunks. I like them wity ketchup but I'm not sure if that's allowed on SB. I am NOT a radish fan but this is an excellent swap if you like fried potatoes. They don't taste like radishes when cooked.😊

  2. My favorite meal would prob be steak with veggies & a salad (preferably from Longhorn) if I were doing this diet which would get rather expensive lol

  3. I loved "fried" radishes! I even add onion to mine because my mom puts onion in her fried potatoes. I also like spaghetti squash "hashbrowns" with my fried eggs. Why I never actually make this stuff? Beyond me! You are doing good, girly. Go, go, go!

  4. I roast radishes in the oven and they are delicious that way too!

    You did great avoiding all of those temptations- I know how hard that is to do.

    You're making me crave a taco salad!


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