Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 6-So Tempting & High Temps

I cannot believe I just completed Day 6 yall. 

Seriously.  I have made it this far LOL. 

And today was probably the hardest of all and you will see why at the end!

Breakfast was great though!  I made "pancakes" with cream cheese and eggs, basically.  They were good!  There is a recipe from the book like it but I also saw a girl on instagram post it first and asked her how they were made.  I can add oats later if I want to but for now this is all I can have.  Next time I wont add this much cinnamon though.

I had sugar free syrup on top. SO good!  They filled me up for a while too. 

Bestie came over and we went to the local waterpark at my gym.  It was so fun but I got sunburnt a little! I think I missed sun screen in some areas!

We stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way and got sandwiches.  I got an unwhich beach style.  Which is NO bread, but it did have turkey cheese avocado spread oil and vinegar, plus some veggies all wrapped in lettuce.  It was ok but kind of hard to eat.  It fell apart a lot.

It was SO hot today.  Bestie got a snow cone.  I did not :( that was hard too.  It's hard in the moment but when the moment of temptation is over I am so glad I stayed strong.  Speaking of temptation, for her birthday party at book club tonight I made her a no bake jello cheesecake and didn't lick the batter or my fingers!!!!

I did not even eat any at the party.  That was SO HARD.  I brought two of my mini cheese cakes!  I ate those while they ate the good stuff. LOL.  For dinner I had a burrito bowl with chicken pintos and cheese and guacamole plus veggies.  The cheese was probably not FF.  Still not sure about the beans, they say MOST are safe for phase one.  I did not have ANY of the free chips and told her to not give me any.  SO hard as well!  I drank unsweet tea with lemon and splenda. 

I had one cheese stick as a snack today. 

I think I had a pretty good day considering all the temptations thrown my way and I got some exercise in the pool I think. I am actually exhausted right now!  Have yall been to the pool yet? What is the temp where you live? It was supposed to be 101 today! Summer has got here early!!!


  1. I have been to the pool a couple of times. The weather has been weird this week and today it's actually kind of cool outside--which I really don't mind with my hot self... literally hot, not as in sexy. lol

    Didn't even lick your fingers-- I'm all over the batter of what I'm making. haha Good job!

    1. Lol thanks girl!!! ...wish it would cool off a little here!!

    2. Lol thanks girl!!! ...wish it would cool off a little here!!


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