Friday, March 29, 2013


Ok a lot of yall have asked me about justkeepswimming and you cant find her on youtube...IM SO SORRY!!! LOL its not swimming, its SWEATING!!!!


and she is great go check her out she has a blog too

SOOO sorry also Happy Good Friday!!

I got home like 11:30 last night it was Dads birthday and we went out to eat and had to visit my great uncle AND aunt at the hospital...please pray for him if you think about it..the doctors refuse to operate and he has cancer, it is not looking good.

But we prayed with him last night and I serve a God who is in the miracle business and I believe any thing is possible if it's His will!!

Anyways I took pics for my Favorites post so that should be up tonight!!

Love you all!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"F" as in Fatty

Ok children...hands up...who has ever had a great day on plan only to end the night with overeating your trigger foods?!

Oh, I see one hand, Ok Lauryn, how did you destroy your night??

I ate tacos by myself, along with some tortilla chips by the handful... they are so good they are like crack.  Now I am actually 5 minutes away from devoring the Easter candy I bought at Target that I told myself I wouldnt buy.

You get an F. 

An F for FATTY!!

Ugh, seriously is it too much to ask myself to weigh and measure everything.  I mean really Im starting to feel like I need to put little cut out pictures of bikinis on everything I touch.

I went and stared at my beloved tankini tonight....

I actually touched the fabric, held it close to get a better look, examined the only two sizes available and looked at the price tag. 

Im sorry but 19.99 for a top is just ridiculous.  You mean to tell me I dont even get pantaloonies with that?!? 

I still love it though....just waiting.

Waititng to quit being a fatty!!!!

Ok so breakfast was same sammie as yesterday.

Lunch was the chobani pineapple bites which are not worth 100 cals.  They are tiny and the pineapple is like is seriously weird.  But I did have a co worker say it smelled good.

Lunch was like the best thing I have ate since sliced bread.  I mean for reals, yall.

I had some sweet potatoes sitting around and I had watched justkeepswimming on youtube.  By the way yall she is sooo cute and funny and she does daily vlogs, check her out!!  Very inspirational!  And she showed how to make her mexi tater mash.  So i basically copied her. Check this.

Mashed sweet tater, no skin, half cup black beans, salsa and half an avacado. delishhhhhhhhhhh.

Then I had some roasted brussels and cabbage with.


Ok so then for a snack later I had half a serving of those evil chips with like a tbsp of that spin artichoke hummus.  dip.  hummus.  tastes like dip. yum.

I also had almost two apples sliced up with a pack of Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

Then I do more shopping at target to get easter basket goods/new curling iron/face wipes/random crap.
Dinner was three tacos on corn tortillas -40 cals a pop not bad!  But i had the OTHER half of an avacado and some cheese bits on there and then i had like two huge NON measured handfuls of chips.

Way to end the night, bathing in sodium and now tempted to eat chocolate. 

Good night friends!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Tuesday

Do not, I repeat DO NOT go into Target hungry.


I just spent wayyy to long in there and paid too much for an avacado amongst other things I didnt really need but wanted sooo bad :)

Ok I had to take a purse back, I had a reason to be there, just spent wayyy to long in there.

Retai therapy. Is it REALLY cheaper than professional help?  Haaa I beg to differ.

Anyways wayyy off topic.

So in other news, breakfast was phenom people, pheom.

You get no calories due to me being lazy alllllll day...continued into now. :)
Egg cooked in microwave, yes the life changing egg that will save you time and pans my friends.
With cheddar cheese and a smidge of mayo on a sandwich thin.  With some delicious oranges.
Then for lunchy lunch I had an interesting combo...
An aldis burrito for like 250 cals, I do remember.  I had some grapes and roasted cabbage. Yummm.

Later on I ended up having a coffee and some kinda chocolate dipped coconut thing.

The bar was 150 cals I do remember as well.

Then after I left work I had to go to ross, tj maxx (bought nothing at either places) and then target (definetly made up for it there).

Had one of these bad boys as it was 8ish and I was starving.

My faveeeee Easter candy. ever.

Random purchases at Target. So yummy.
And then for dinner I had this ziti meal from aldis.
I also had some roasted cabbage and a few roasted brussel sprouts.
Also I wanted to ask you guys...umm ok would yall like me to mix it up a bit and do like my favorites, fitness or non fitness related? Or any other requests like a day in the life post?  Let me know I am up for ideas, I like posting what I eat but I dont want yall to get bored with that. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's a Monday!

Ohhh Mondays.  Soooo much fun.

Anyways, at least my eating was pretty much on plan today!  I am still sickish=still taking meds.

However, I can now taste and mostly breath like a normal person again. 

Breakfast was a little inventive.

255 cals
It was an Orange raspberry banana smoothie made with 1/2 cup trop 50 orange juice, half a container of okios greek yogurt (toasted coconut vanilla), half cup of frozen raspberries and cut up banana with some ice.  One pack splenda.  Pretty good.
1/4 cup cottage cheese= 40 cals
grapefruit=48 cals
Lunch was leftover from last night!
four cheese ravioli=313 with some tomatoe sauce
salad =a bit over 100 cals
Then later on I was famished and I had some strawberries with some brown sugar on them and a cheese stick.  I think the cheese stick was like 50 cals and the strawberries maybe 50 cals if that.
I didnt go to the gym today, trying to take it easy on my poor body before I try to sweat it out at the gym!
Dinner was sooo good!!
Salmon burger with fries!!
fries-130 x 2 (prob had at least 2 servings)
and then I roasted some cabbage YALL I LOVE roasted cabbage!!
and I wanted to say a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Staci!!!
She is also having a giveaway on her blog, go check it out!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back to the Basics

Hey there my loves!!  Thank you all for hanging in there while I was sick this week.

I am by now, very much convinced I have/had the flu.  I say have because I still feel very much sick. 

Fever, congestion, chills, tiredness...etc...its just been a pure awful week it feels like. 

However its been making me feel very...selfish.

I have been wanting to indulge myself and wanting things my way and feeling sorry for myself for having to go to work and work through this.

Why cant I just have kids and be a stay at home mom and be home when Im sick??  Ok forget the kids, why cant I be a stay at home wife??? haha. 

But I must remember that I am extreemly lucky and blessed, even when Im sick and that its NOT all about me. 

I have been eating JUNK yall...for real.  I dont know why exactly because I couldnt even TASTE it!!!!  I mean...really. 

But I think all of that brought me to a place this morning where I was broken. 

Jacob went to church without me because I am sick...and I have been sitting here reading my Bible and doing devotionals.  I know this is not a religous blog exactly, but its a blog about my life and my weight loss journey and God is a huge part of me and of it. 

A while back, maybe a year and a half ago I read a book called Made to Crave.  Maybe some of you have heard of it, maybe not.  Its all about craving God and not food. 

And for a while now I have been so selfish and so concerned with myself and my weight loss journey that this week that I have been "binging" (without TASTING!!) has made me come to a point of re-assesment. 

I want to be healthy.

I want to be slimmer.

I want to be more attractive.

But first of all I want to do things for the Lord and be focused and centered on Him.

Too often in our lives we let things distract us from our real purpose....

Micah 6:8

"He hath showed thee , O man what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

1.  Seek Justice.

2. Love Mercy.

3. Walk Humbly with our God.

I have to get back to basics yall.  I want to focus on things besides myself and I think if we all started to do that, the weight loss might just fall into place.  I know, myself that I tend to OVER THINK it and be sooo consumed with it.  I think if we start to focus on other things to glorify God then it might just all come together full circle. 

I am going to start by reading this book AGAIN. 

I love love love this book and it so helped me in the past.  I hope you all will read it!! You might can find it at the library, at a Christian book store or definetly off Amazon. 

I have highlighted it, and put sticky tabs all through it.  Its THAT good.

This time I want to listen to God and see what kind of healthy lifestyle HE wants me to have.  Should I try to eat clean?  Or just no sugar?  Or cut out red meats?  I want one that will work for me and that can improve this temple of a body that I house the Lord Jesus in.

I want to read you a little part from the begining of it:





"A typical book on healthy lifestyle choices should contain lots of talk on vegetables, calories, colon cleanses, and phrases like "you must" or "you should", "or else".

I have a problem with all that talk.  I know most of it.  Its not the "how to" Im missing, its the "want to"...really wanting to make changes and deciding that the results of those changes are worth the sacrafice.  More than once, I've stood in the aisle at Walmart holding said typical book in one hand with my other hand wedged into the back pocket of my jeans.  Jeans, I should add, I wished were several sizes smaller. 

While I stood there looking at the healthy eating book, a shopping card full of things I felt I could not live without stared back at me.  Indeed, that cart mocked me.  Part of me hated the junk food in that cart; but another part of me-a bigger part, evidently- loved the junk food in that cart.  So I'd return the book to the shelf, toss my head back, and think , "Another day, another time.  Im doing the best I can." 

In light of this admission, I think it only approperiate to be honest with you about a few things right up front.

1. I am emotionally allergic to typical books on healthy eating.

2.  Not once in my life have I ever craved a carrot stick.

3.  I am not bouncy perky about giving up two of the greatest delights of my taste buds-Cheez-Its and box-mix brownies.  In fact, I've even asked God if it would be such a terribly difficult thing to swap the mollecular structure of Cheeze-Its for carrot sticks.  They're both already orange.  And, really, how hard could that be for someone whose changed water into wine?

4.  I wasn't sure I had any business writing a book like this.  I'm a simple Jesus girl on a journey to finding deeper motivation than just a number on my scale for getting and staying healthy. 

....YALL how great is she??? I seriously LOVE this book and I hope you all choose to read it with me!!! 

I love this other quote from it too....really hit home with me.

"Food had become like a drug.  And honestly, it's a good drug choice for a Christian woman.  Every church event I attended readily provided my drug out in the open with no hesitation or judgment."

She really hits it home for me on sooo many levels.

I am going to start reading this again and praying daily for Gods help. 

I know not everyone who reads this is a Christian, but I think we all like to share things that have worked for us and I encourage every single one of you to read this if you are having a struggle with weight or even your relationship with God.  And I am here for you all! Love, Lauryn.

Also, please go check out my friend Staci she is having a birthday girl giveaway on her blog, and Happy Early Birthday Staci!!! :)...However I must say I am hoping to win, Subway is one of my fave places to eat!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Fever!

Hey guys I just wanted to update you all who normally check this blog-which I SO appreciate by the way!

I hate when other bloggers leave you hanging wondering whats up so since I am returning to work in a little while I figured I could drag my sick butt on the computer and give yall an update.

I have been SICK.

Tuesday night I felt a raspy in my throat which I figured would turn into a sore throat and I was right.

I woke up around 5:30 am, sweatting like crazy!

Hubby got up and turned the heat on because it was so cold.  I then ended up shivering. 

I was having chills and a sore throat so I called into work around 7:30 am and told them I wouldnt be there.  I have had this job since Feb 2011 and this is the first WHOLE day I have missed for being out sick.  :(

So all day yesterday until 10 pm when I went to bed I had fever.  On the first day of spring too!  Crazy how I went all winter without getting sick.  Spring Fever. Not fun.

Anyways this morning I felt like crap my throat is ok but its devloping into my sinuses and im blowing my nose :( so I am going into work for a bit to do some important things and then probably leaving early again.  I just want to get better! I hate being sick! I was on such a good kick working out too man. UGH. 

Anyways, prayers are appreciated.  Hope you all are happy and healthy and I will hopefully be back tonight or tommorow!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Old Man is Snoring

Its raining, its pouring the old man is snoring!

Its SUPER cold and stormy outside right now!!!

Where did my beautiful sunny 70 degree weather go?

Oh well. I did NOT let it keep me away from the gym tonight, holler!

Ok so breakfast was cool!

I had coffee on the way to work, 15 cal creamer then I had a new rachel ray oatmeal-berry cherry or something like that? It was great!

150 cals
Please do NOT ever tell me its more expensive to eat healthy.
I used to get a biscuit every morning people.  That is wayyyy more expensive than a box of 8 packs of oatmeal for 2 BUCKS!
I know fruit and veggies and all that cost a bit, but thats if you dont buy whats in season and you shop at Whole Foods.  Go to your local farmers market, trader joes, aldis, walmart if you have to and just be smart about it.  Dont buy things you WONT eat, and then actually eat them.  Dont let them go to waste and dont get a candy bar from the vending machine when you have an apple in your bag.  THATS when it gets expensive...when you buy junk AND healthy food. 
Just start slow and replace some snacks and then slowly incorporate healthy foods into your life. 
Ok, rant over. Haha, sorry!  Ok so then later on I had a banana, 90 cals.
And for lunch I had the normal pizza pocket from aldis, chips and carrots.
Except I had like three servings of chips. Boo.
pizza pocket-270
Then later on in the afternoon I had a chocolate dipped coconut bar. 
My Mom turned me on to these and they are really good!
150 cals
Then I went to the gym and did 25 mins on treadmill, running 20 of it.
Elliptical, stairmaster, and messed around on like two machines.
Came home and hubby had dinner ready !
frozen chinese stuff all from aldis!
Orange chicken-470 cals (for barely any food!)
Potstickers-1 and 2/3 servings-225
mini chicken egg rolls-180 cals
It was soo good.

Then I had two sugar free chocolate fudge pops for 40 cals each.
Now its raining and Im sooo tired so I am going to bed!
But first see my belated birthday present my sweet co worker got me, its SOOO me and I have wanted one sooo bad!!
The cupcake scentcy and the happy birthday wax melts!!
Smells like straight up spun sugar buttercream icing!!! SOOO amazing!!
Ok that is all for today loves, night!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NSV Sundress!!!

Great news guys!!! Today and yesterday morning I have weighed in at my lowest YET-175.8.  I hit this same number on valentines day morning and havent seen it since :(.

Except for this weekend! Holla!

Ok so ALSO this weekend I got some new CUTE dresses at Ross.  One is for Easter, one I wore today and one is a beautiful sundress!

Right after I fit in my wedding dress for my Wedding Dress Challenge in November someone (Megan I think!) had asked me what my next non scale related goal was...and THIS was it.

To fit in a really cute sundress!!! 

When I was big shopping for a sundress was just no fun. I went with whatever fits and made me look half decent.  The majority of things I tried on dont fit or made me feel like a cased sausage. 

Poor hubby. I made him wait forever and look at every single dress that I tried on.  Him and the store dressing room lady would tell me which one looked best hahaha.


I tried on 8 dresses at Ross and I loved 90% of them.  The last is my goal dress and I want to show you all...

Is it not PRECIOUS!?
Ok here you go...
I feel fantastic in this. 
Worth every bead of sweat on that hateful stairmaster.
And this was the new one I wore to church today.
I made my Mama's recipe roast and it was delicious!!

Sooo yummy!!!
Ok loves I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Trouble With Smores.

Happy Friday my sweet little reader-loos!

I hope yall had a great day.

It was GORGEOUS and felt wonderful outside today!

For breakfast I managed to grab some essentials before running out the door!

Cottage cheese and cantalope/blackberries.
I heart me some cantalope espically when it was 99 cent on sale!
Ok so finished off the cottage cheese which was good since it was expiring like, tommorow.
For lunch I had the brilliant idea to ride into town to get japanese.  I say brilliant because there was horrible traffic.
 I only ate about 2/3s of that shrimp sauce. 

I got the hibatchi and white rice, yall know i never get the fried anymore.
Those carrots and mushrooms were tastayyy.
I tried to eat a sugar free jello later that afternoon but it was kinda watery and gross so I pitched it.
Came home and immediatley cut up a sweet potatoe and put it in the oven to bake.
I made a turkey bacon BLT with sweet tater fries!
And for desert I had threeeeee servings of what you see in this picture. LOL.
Innocent right?
You see, the trouble with smores is that people think they are all cool and low calorie.
Little bit of marshmallow.

Little bit of chocolate.
Little bit of graham cracker.
Thats all fine as long as you eat ONE.

Ok so whatever.  I had hershey kissses from valenines and i would put one on a cracker and one marshmallow on a cracker!
3 long sheets of expired graham crackers used=195
6 marshmallows=150 cals
1 marshmallow plopped in mouth=25 cals
6 hershey kisses=132
1 hershey kiss plopped in mouth=22 cals
NOT worth it.  I may as well had a big mac or a brownie with ice cream from chillis..Which I still didnt do that bad cosidering I was around 1200 when I ate that madness.

At least I didnt eat the whole bag of hershey kisses.
Arent you glad we look at the bright side of things on this blog?
The glass is always half full my friends!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Show and Tell

Well I cant say today was totally awesome calorie wise, BUT I did do good~!

Ok so breakfast started out good.

 oatmeal with a few rasins!  sorry guys i dont have time to post calories tonight!! :( But i figured I could at least show and tell LOL!
Before lunch I got ravenous. Not sure why..maybe didnt eat enough yesterday? Normally oatmeal fills me up.
Cottage cheese, blackberries and cantalope for a yummy filling snack!
Lunch was so special.
Same as yesterday LOL.
And then I got my free birthday drink from Starbys!
Venti iced coffee with caramel drizzle and toffee nut half and half and 4 splendas.
I really dont know how I will ever give up freakin splenda yall.

Anyways it was sooo dang good!
For dinner we ate at Moms.
Corn and crab chowder from costco, light chips, deli chicken meat panini
we also had some roasted cabbage and popcorn and I ate half of a coconut chocolate granola thing for  75 cals.
Night loves!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Success!!!! Take that Moes...

FINALLY thrilled to report a great day on plan, workout and all!!

I know yall just arent going to belive it. haha.

But its true! Woot woot! I tell yall the bad, yall know Im gonna tell yall the good!!

This morning I had the last bagel as I was running out the door!! With honey walnut cream cheese whipped or something of the sort.

I ate it in the car and forgot to take a pic sorry guys :(

Bagel-220 cals
Cream Cheese-35 cals (maybe more but I am just counting a tbsp)
Coffee creamer-60 cals

Then for lunch I almost got SUBWAY for lunch but I decided to get some food at Aldis.  WAYYY cheaper. I got these Aldi's brand of like hot pockets...but it was BETTER to me than hot pocket brand.  $1.89 for two is a great deal and I got a bag of baby carrots for like 69 cent and then a bag of baked bbq chips for like either 1.79 or 1.99 and had a serving of those and carrots.  I also bought some other things we needed.

YUMMY and I will prob have the other pocket tommorow!
Pepperoni pocket-270 cals
Baked BBQ chips-120 cals
Carrots-about 12 cals
Then I had a snack for desert.  Banana cream pie fit & active yogurt and I had some of these cookies with them but they were not that good so I ate only a couple and threw it away.
90 cals for yogurt
Then I went to the gym with Bestie...we did 20 minutes of the stair climber...which was PURE torture.  I thought I was going to fall off, puke and go all out biggest looser style. I mean my heart was beating out of my CHEST people and sweat was everrrrwhere.
I also did the bike for like at least 20 mins if not 30.  To be honest I needed a cool down becasue the stair master kicked my ever loven hiney.  Then I went home while Bestie tanned. 
Dinner was made while chatting with my mother on the phone (hi Mom!) and it was tuna helper!  I had one cup measured out and green beans with onions in them. 
tuna helper-250 cals
green beans- 40 cals
I think I put some brummel and brown in the green beans while cooking, but I am not counting cals for that lol.
Then for a desert I had a gala apple cut up and sprinkled cinnamon on it.
apple-60 cals
cinnamon-18 cals
This was such a delicous and satisifying desert yall! 

Please try it!  Also try it with Mom's Apple dip, its on the blog!
I was under calorie today I am soooo happy!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Evil Moe's.

Hello there lovies!

Wow I feel like its been a super long time since I have done a blog post with pics!

Ok so today was NOT good calorie WISE. However. I still TRIED and I took pics for you.

Arent I awesome?


Anyways! Its a start. Gotta start somewhere once you have decided not to give up haha.


Coffee-2 cals?
Creamer-30 cals
Cottage cheese light-80 cals for half cup
Pineapple chunks-1/4 cup for 30 cals
Ok breakfast was like the ONLY successful "meal" today if you call that a  meal.
Lunchtime rolled around and hubby had came by my work.  He is working nights this week and I was thrilled that we could go to lunch together because I figured I wouldnt see him hardly at all.  Yesterday he worked from like 6am-12:30 pm with about a 30 minute break at home between two different jobs they were on.
So, needless to say I was happy that we could have lunch together unexpectedly.
Bad part is, I picked Moes. was 60 plus degrees, sunny skies and a sweet frog was next door.  How could I not pick Moes? haha.
I shall not pick you again unless I plan on eating lettuce without a side of chips.
OK their CHIPS, which I had never realized are 360 calories PEOPLE!!!!!
Which is like barely an ounce and half the time they arent that generous.
So I thought I was doing good and got 2 chicken CRUNCHY tacos. Little bit of cheese, no sour cream or anything else bad. 
It was still 230 cals a taco!!!
Not a happy camper with over an 800 cal lunch.
For fun, I checked out hubs burrito...clocking in OVER 1,000 calories JUST the burrito!!!
Beware if you are going to Moes!
Ok so then to add insult to I went to sweet frog to get some fro yo.
I had about 4 oz's and actually did good..the thin mint fro yo was only like 55 cals and I have no clue how much the toasted marshmallow was because it wasnt on my fitness pal. 
Ok so then by the grace of God, I didnt eat anything till I got home.
But in a state of HAUNGRY I ate two pieces of skinny cow candy for like 100 cals almost and then I made dinner.
toast-160 cal
burger-280 cal
cheese-50-60 cal?
annies mac and cheese- not sure, didnt look to be honest
sweet potatoe fries-75 cals
broccoli-35 ish cals
mayo-50 cals
pickle-5 cal?
Then I may or may not have eaten some reese whoppers with hubs. BADNESS.
I admittedly probably had two servings so 2 times like 190.
Maybe not quite two but CLOSE. 
Well tommorow is another day and at least I tracked most of today and took pics that is a start LOL.
I hope you all had a great tuesday!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Sorry I have been MIA latley guys....

honestly I have been struggling with eating right/exercising.  You know..the whole "healthy lifestyle" thing...and its definetly catching up with me on the scale unfortunatley. 

However, I am not going to let it get me down. 

I am not going to give up.


Came too hard, ate too litte, sweated too much, and sacrificed a ton to get me where I am today. 

Today just sucked for me.  Emotionally.  And it got the better of me.

And I forgot my phone at home so no pictures.

So, basically I am not promising anything for tommorow, except that I wont give up.

I hope you all are still doing good if you are on your journey!!! I love each and every one of you so much and am so thankful to have you (if I still HAVE any readers after this long hiatus and a no picture post LOL).

But tonights plan is to get caught up on a LOT of sleep, plan my food for tommorow, and make a list of rewards for each milestone.  I may share them tommorow.  I should be back tommorow guys...its just been a rough couple days.

What do you do for motivation?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I did ALL day

Hey loves!

OK so this morning was great.

I got up even EARLIER than I normally do on a workday...someone take my temp. For reals.

Ok so I started some of this...

And then had some of this.....

Settled down on my couch to read this...

Ate some leftover this...

Then I put on this...

And got ready to leave the house!

This is HALF spa day today because I actually returned the massage hubby got for me.  I made him tell me this price and I got mild heart palipatitions from I would love a massge but the frugal diva in me just could not deal.  Not to mention the spa is an hour from my house.  So hubby said I can just spend some money haha. I shall have no problem with THAT!

So I went to Ross, TJ faves :)

and of course no HALF spa day is complete without this...

and got me a mani/pedi that my aunt had given me for Christmas that I saved for my bday!

I also drank a lot of water out of this...

May or May not have left it with the mean Asian ladies at the nail salon.  I went back about 10 minutes later and they had already put it in the back...I think SOMONE wanted to take it home with them.  Naughty!
Then had a little of this...
And threw away most of that free birthday cookie...just not worth it.

More shopping commenced and then I went home and cleaned like a MAD woman because Bible study is at my house tommorow night. 

And this box was in the mail.
We just got a letter! We just got a letter! We just got a letter-wonder who its from!?
Hahah there is some old school blue clues for ya.
THIS lovely package was from sweet Sheila!!!
Sheila is one of my most longest loyal readers and I just love her!
She was so sweeeeeeeeeet to send me a birthday gift!!!
I totally didnt expect that!!
Beautiful cup and Cahhhute card!!  This is to encourage me to drink more water!!!
She is SOO thoughtful!!! I need this yall know how I love me some cups!!!!
I felt super special, thank  you Sheila!!!! :)
Then I made this one....
Some of this for dinner....

And we finished it off with leftover fruit tart for desert!

Ok kiddos, time for bed, yall know this old woman cant be staying up late no moe!  Gots ta get my beauty sleep!!