Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Eve

Hey there loves!

Its my birthday eve tonight, in case the title didnt give it away ;)

But there is not too much going on here.  I am hanging out by myself tonight, hubby is working out of town but will probably be home around midnight I am guessing.

I did however celebrate the eve of getting even older than I already am, by working out at the gym which made me feel a tiny bit better about aging :)

But before we get into today, lets recap this weekend...I am sooo sorry I failed to post this weekend I have just been crazy busy latley!


freakin love me some coffee yall.
lunch was leftover sketti!
and for dinner we met mom and dad at a nearby mexican joint and they bought us dinner!
so sweet!
You are welcome for this pic.
My phone died and I had to take it with hubbys and he had to text it to me and I had to put it on google. I hope it was worth it. Haha.
I got chick fijitas, my usual. Didnt do too bad with the chips either.
FREE biscuit from bojangles for my birthday! woot! sign up with their email club.
Lunch was more left over sketti.
Then hubs and I went to the mall and I proceeded to use a birthday coupon for tcby
which was shared with the hubs, hence the two spoons.
And we may or may not have shared a cinnabon. #shame #hubsfault
Dinner was chicken nuggets and waffle fries from chick fila on the way home around 10 pm.
I took no pic but had a bagle with a piece of turkey bacon and I think some fruit?
Lunch was disasterous.
We went to Quincys which is basically Shoneys.
They are known for their steak though, and big huge rolls with honey butter.
I didnt see any honey butter though.  Cheapies.
We had to wait in a huge line, it was full and I mean we had to stalk people for a parking spot....and then it just got kinda stuffy in there and damp feeling. 
Honeslty it was kinda gross.
And I saw a hair on some beets in the salad bar.
Luckillly i dont eat beets.
But it was still gross.
Then they sent me my WELL done steak TIPS (TIPS MIND YOU) to me, on top of a WELL DONE reciept order, BLOODY.
I do NOT eat bloody meat people. 
I sent it back and I am curious as to how they cooked it.
If they threw it back on the grill I am further grossed out.
She wanted to take my whole plate and I was like WOAH NELLY.
I had to stop that jazz, you know it will come back cold probably with boogers in it.
I sent the 3 or so tips on a seperate plate.
Anyways then i ate some stupid desert, not really even worth the calories!
Then me and mom went to a baby shower and the southern home and garden show, which was nice.
We had free tickets and didnt have to pay to park. 
They had some cool vendors and gorgeous gardens.
I got some kettle corn though on the way out. fatty fatty.
For dinner, mom and dad invited us to eat with them.
They had amazing lobster bisque from costco, SO GOOD.
I also proceded to eat some light chips, half a sammie of deli chicken meat, and some kind of ravioli. 
Needless to say I deserved the gain I saw on the scale this morning.
What a bummer.
However this morning I woke up back at it, because that is ALL you can do.
subway eaten after 3pm.
starbucks tall caramel iced coffee with half and half and 2 splendas (thanks stacey!!!)
1 oz sharp cheddar cheese and red grapes
went to the gym and burned over 400 cals LIKE A BOSS.
Dinner was weird.
I had a salmon patty burger thing while i waited one everything to cook in shifts haha.
Then i had sweet potato fries.
And lastly broccoli that was roasted to a burnt crisp. #fail
Anyways I hope you have all had a lovely Monday and will hopefully have a great tuesday! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Sucks that you didn't get the steak that you wanted!
    Sounds like you made up for it though :)

    1. thank u suzi!!! yes the steak was a FAIL hahaah but its ok the lobster bisque totally made up for it!! LOL

  2. Love your Quincy's story. Used to have one near my hometown. It was nothing like our Shoney's here, but the yeast rolls were uh-MAZE-ing! Loved the Mexican pic. So worth it for me. :)

  3. Happy happy birthday bestie! I am so proud of you going to the gym last night. Looks like u showed that stair climber whose boss. Soo u did not tell me u went to Quincy's u know that is my all time fav fat girl joint. I beg to go there well not so much anymore lol can't wait to see you tonight april

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I may or may not have sent you something that may or may not arrive a little late. I hope that you have an amazing day!

    1. I LOVE my present sheila!!! thank you again you are sooo stinkin sweet!!! I love the pink and black totally me!

  5. Yum Starbucks and subway! I'm sure you have been perfectly back on track today and that weight will come right off.

  6. Happy birthday! Your post made me HUNGRY!

    1. haha sorry but thank you susan!!! lol

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