Thursday, March 14, 2013

Show and Tell

Well I cant say today was totally awesome calorie wise, BUT I did do good~!

Ok so breakfast started out good.

 oatmeal with a few rasins!  sorry guys i dont have time to post calories tonight!! :( But i figured I could at least show and tell LOL!
Before lunch I got ravenous. Not sure why..maybe didnt eat enough yesterday? Normally oatmeal fills me up.
Cottage cheese, blackberries and cantalope for a yummy filling snack!
Lunch was so special.
Same as yesterday LOL.
And then I got my free birthday drink from Starbys!
Venti iced coffee with caramel drizzle and toffee nut half and half and 4 splendas.
I really dont know how I will ever give up freakin splenda yall.

Anyways it was sooo dang good!
For dinner we ate at Moms.
Corn and crab chowder from costco, light chips, deli chicken meat panini
we also had some roasted cabbage and popcorn and I ate half of a coconut chocolate granola thing for  75 cals.
Night loves!


  1. Sounds like you did good! Why do you want to give up Splenda?

    1. well the whole clean eating thing that a lot of people are talking about... it says to give up sugar and artifical sweetners :( sadness. I dont know if i can do it though LOL

  2. Doesn't look like a bad day at all. :)

  3. If you give up Splenda... Try Stevia. It works just as well.

    1. I have tried it, and I really dont mind it but hubby is not a fan, so I would have to buy splenda too probably for him :( lol

  4. Have you tried Agave? Another natural consideration.

  5. I totally agree I don't know whether I can totally give up sweeteners either! For now I'm just focusing on staying on plan.


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