Tuesday, March 5, 2013

27th Birthday!


Seriously cant believe Im 27, it was TEN years ago that I was 17!? That is crazy because I feel about 19 LOL.

Anyways here is a little birthday recap for you before I hit the hay with hubby!

egg white and ham sammie from subway hubby got for me!
For lunch we went to a new-to-us peruvian resturant called Generos and it was sooo good.
I had wayyyy too many fries today but this was it, a rotissorie chicken sandwich on this amazing bread with avacado, red onion, lettuce tomato and cilantro lime dressing.
Then bestie suprised me and showed up at the restaurant bringing me a present and some balloons and a beautiful craft she made for my office from pinterest!
She also got me a tervis tumbler DESIGNED espically with a cupcake and the words cupcakes and kickboxing on it!!!! SO awesome!!!!! See my cute zebra vase with flowers I cant kill?!?
LOVE her.
So then I came back to work and those sneaky guys called me into the breakroom to give me my cake and a card & gift card!
I am one year old hehehe.
Sean actually picked me out a little cupcake-ish card too haha so sweet!
Then my sweet grandma and aunt stopped by and brought me a present!  I shared my cake with them and the boys demolished the rest of it but I did have to have a piece!
So...I did NOT want to have a big party this year.  I just feel like the older I get the more spoiled and childish I look having a big family party.  All my cousins my age already have kids and none of them really have birthday parties anymore. 
But mother insisted we at least eat something tonight so we went to Firebirds.
Here is a tip, if you sign up for their emails you get 10.00 off for your bday and just for signing up so we got 10.00 off for me.
I LOVE those sweet potato waffle fries and I got a grilled chicken sammie. So good.
Mom got me a fruit tart, they are so good, they have like a sugar cookie type crust.
 Me in all my OLD glory hahahaha.
This is a naughty piece of cake from Will who was trying to please dad for cooking his steak to death.  Poor dad, we did not have good service tonight LOL.
I did not eat all that in case you are wondering but had maybe 4 bites?
Then this PRECIOUS man got me this present!
He even got me fancy pink tissue paper haha!
Notice the cupcake bag too!
And inside was...
Breaking dawn part 2
My starbucks cup I have been wanting FOREVER
I am taking off tommorow from work to get a mani/pedi, FACIAL (thanks to hubby!) and go shopping! I cannot WAIT!


  1. Awesome bday!!! :) Enjoy your day off tomorrow! Woot!

  2. So glad you had a great day! Jacob did good! Sounds like you will be getting your pamper on tomorrow! Enjoy! P.S all these delish food & cake pics are making me hungry haha! Love ya!

    1. hahaha yes maam he did!!! oh girl the food was good!!!! i love the sweet potatoe waffle fries!!

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a good one. Even if you don't have a party, I think it's important to still have a day where you feel special. :)

  4. Happy Birthday girlie!!! I'm glad you had such a great day yesterday and hope you enjoy your relaxing day today.

  5. What a great birthday... enjoy your pampering!!


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