Sunday, March 17, 2013

NSV Sundress!!!

Great news guys!!! Today and yesterday morning I have weighed in at my lowest YET-175.8.  I hit this same number on valentines day morning and havent seen it since :(.

Except for this weekend! Holla!

Ok so ALSO this weekend I got some new CUTE dresses at Ross.  One is for Easter, one I wore today and one is a beautiful sundress!

Right after I fit in my wedding dress for my Wedding Dress Challenge in November someone (Megan I think!) had asked me what my next non scale related goal was...and THIS was it.

To fit in a really cute sundress!!! 

When I was big shopping for a sundress was just no fun. I went with whatever fits and made me look half decent.  The majority of things I tried on dont fit or made me feel like a cased sausage. 

Poor hubby. I made him wait forever and look at every single dress that I tried on.  Him and the store dressing room lady would tell me which one looked best hahaha.


I tried on 8 dresses at Ross and I loved 90% of them.  The last is my goal dress and I want to show you all...

Is it not PRECIOUS!?
Ok here you go...
I feel fantastic in this. 
Worth every bead of sweat on that hateful stairmaster.
And this was the new one I wore to church today.
I made my Mama's recipe roast and it was delicious!!

Sooo yummy!!!
Ok loves I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Monday!!


  1. I would never have seen that on a hanger and thought to try it on. I would've thought it would drag down to my belly button in the front. LOL But it didn't on you! I guess I'd better start taking the chance on trying things on! :) Glad you had fun shopping. And it does feel sooo much better to shop when you are in the low #s rather than the high ones!!! Yay for you!

    1. thank u girl!!! yes take some chances, its so funny because normally the dresses i hate first but try on are the ones i end up buying and loving!! lol

  2. Love the cute dress and congrats on getting back to your lowest number. That is great ;0). Isn't shopping so much more fun when you are smaller?

    1. YEs it is!!! but bad for my wallet!! haha but i did have some birfday money! And that dress was only 11.99, the other two came to 32.00 even for both! I was stoked!!

    2. Good for you! I thought about you this weekend because we went to the outlet in Smithfield and Banana Republic had everything 40% off...even clearance stuff. I know you are frugal like me. I got 4 pairs of pants, a dress, and 3 shirts for $159...not bad for that store.

    3. Dang!! That is awesome!! Banana republic has some great clothes too..I really miss my old navy discount!! (not so much working there haha) When I worked there I got like 50% off at banana stores and 30% off at outlets, awesomesauce!! I bet your clothes are so cute!!

  3. I love both those dresses!! I'm going to buy a few new things next week, I find it always helps to make me feel great :)
    O.k I have to go now because I'm drooling over that roast!

  4. Fitting in to new clothes is so motivating! I want to be there again!


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