Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"F" as in Fatty

Ok children...hands up...who has ever had a great day on plan only to end the night with overeating your trigger foods?!

Oh, I see one hand, Ok Lauryn, how did you destroy your night??

I ate tacos by myself, along with some tortilla chips by the handful... they are so good they are like crack.  Now I am actually 5 minutes away from devoring the Easter candy I bought at Target that I told myself I wouldnt buy.

You get an F. 

An F for FATTY!!

Ugh, seriously is it too much to ask myself to weigh and measure everything.  I mean really Im starting to feel like I need to put little cut out pictures of bikinis on everything I touch.

I went and stared at my beloved tankini tonight....

I actually touched the fabric, held it close to get a better look, examined the only two sizes available and looked at the price tag. 

Im sorry but 19.99 for a top is just ridiculous.  You mean to tell me I dont even get pantaloonies with that?!? 

I still love it though....just waiting.

Waititng to quit being a fatty!!!!

Ok so breakfast was same sammie as yesterday.

Lunch was the chobani pineapple bites which are not worth 100 cals.  They are tiny and the pineapple is like is seriously weird.  But I did have a co worker say it smelled good.

Lunch was like the best thing I have ate since sliced bread.  I mean for reals, yall.

I had some sweet potatoes sitting around and I had watched justkeepswimming on youtube.  By the way yall she is sooo cute and funny and she does daily vlogs, check her out!!  Very inspirational!  And she showed how to make her mexi tater mash.  So i basically copied her. Check this.

Mashed sweet tater, no skin, half cup black beans, salsa and half an avacado. delishhhhhhhhhhh.

Then I had some roasted brussels and cabbage with.


Ok so then for a snack later I had half a serving of those evil chips with like a tbsp of that spin artichoke hummus.  dip.  hummus.  tastes like dip. yum.

I also had almost two apples sliced up with a pack of Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

Then I do more shopping at target to get easter basket goods/new curling iron/face wipes/random crap.
Dinner was three tacos on corn tortillas -40 cals a pop not bad!  But i had the OTHER half of an avacado and some cheese bits on there and then i had like two huge NON measured handfuls of chips.

Way to end the night, bathing in sodium and now tempted to eat chocolate. 

Good night friends!!!!!!


  1. LOL, you are such a nut. I can't believe you actually saw my hand raised! ha! :)

  2. Good thing is that tomorrow is a clean slate!

  3. Hey Lauryn! I love your blog and have been reading for a few months now. Your honesty is refreshing and you have an awesome personality that comes across in your writing. I look forward to every new entry and am cheering you on! Your profile pic totally reminds me of Garcia from Criminal Minds:) Love her!

  4. The Mexi Tater Mash sound really good. I tried to fine justkeepswimming on youtube and couldn't find her. Are you sure that's her name? I'm interested in checking out her channel.

    1. yes maam! its her name but it might be easier to do this...just go to and you can basically click on her channel from her blog, great blog too by the way!

    2. Paula im so soooo sorry but its justkeepsweating!!! not swimming. SO sorry. :)

  5. Sorry you had a bad day missy. It's ok's just one day in your long amazing successful journey. Where did you get the corn tortillas? Oh and almost on the car...2007 black Honda Accord but it looks the same as yours on the inside. I am interested in the YouTube channel too.

    1. corn tortillas are from target! i think they are mission brand they are SUPER yellow. thank you for the encouragment you are so sweet.


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