Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year & Reflections of 2012

Hey there loves!!

I just wanted to quickly reflect on some great things that happend in 2012 not only for me but my family:

1. I really put thought into the "year of no excuses" and after dabbling in diet/exercise I finally buckled down in July and lost almost 30 lbs.

2. I joined Myfitnesspal and encouraged my aunt, mom, husband, best friend, and cousin to as well as a few other friends!  My brother was on it as well!

3.  My mom has quit smoking for a year (after being a smoker all of my life, and since she was a teenager) and I could not be prouder of her.  I remember her telling me the day after that she had went ALL day without smoking a cigarette, I cried. I am so so happy about that.

4. My brother lost a lot of weight and got himself physically fit, training with our local Marine recruiting office, and will be joining the Marines January 7th at basic training. I am so incredibly proud of him.

5.  I won my Wedding Dress Challenge!!!

6. I ran a 5k with my best friend and my brother this summer in the swealtering Carolina heat.  But it was a day I will never forget and the memories I have are priceless.  Worth far more than a leisurely day on the beach.

7. The Hubby took me to Dollywood for MY first time this summer & he bought me my first gun for our anniversary this year!

8. I have kept record of my weight since July on a Dunkin Donuts calendar hanging on the back of my bathroom door.  It will soon be switched out to a cupcakes calendar.  I thought that fitting :)

9. I have lost more weight on my own than I ever have with any fad diet, weight watchers or buddy system.  Only YOU can make YOURSELF commit to something and want it bad enough to get it. 

10. I have went to kickboxing and made exercise a priority it my life this year and it has made me feel amazing. 

Resolutions for 2013!

1.  I have let the holidays kick my butt.  Between vacation and Christmas I am loosing and gaining the same five pounds and I am ready to squash that, quickly.  My birthday is March 5th and I plan to be at 165.  I have roughly 15 lbs to loose and I consider that do-able.

2. I want to eat cleaner, less processed foods.  I will not be hard core, I will still eat baked chips occasionally, but I want to TRY because I have discovered that empty calories do NOT fill me up like nutrient rich ones do.  An orange and some good cheese makes me fuller than a bag of 100 calorie doritos. Truth.

3. Run and official 5k this year.  I have been practicing and running and trying to build endurance and I might not be able to run ALL of it, but I want to sign up and DO IT anyway!!  FOR ME.

4. Me and the hubs are going to start a budget and stick to it ( I hope!) so you might be seeing me eat a lot more beans and tuna. HA~!  Dont worry I will share my money saving tricks with you should they prove successful!  I think its totally possible to watch your budget and eat healthy at the same time. 

5. I am hoping to start the Jillian's 30 day shread January 1st. EEEk. Cant hardly believe I typed that.  Blast, now I will actually have to do it.

6. Try not to use other people's birthday's or holidays as an excuse to completley forget that I count calories. 

7. Cut out my eating out.  Even now that I have pretty much completley given up buying breakfasts, and only splurge on lunch occasionally, we STILL eat out way too frequently. 

8.  I want to purge the clutter and keep things simple.  Simple=less stressed Lauryn.

9. Keep up with Blogging & hopefully continuing to meet and connect with YOU sweeties!

10.  Experiment with teas and find one I really like!

11. Go to bed at 10 on week nights and 11 on weekends.

12. Develop a night time routine to settle into and make sure I am keeping my body healthy.


14.  Rock a Bikini this summer !!! Or a tankini...or just FEEL hot on the beach.  And buy a cute sundress for Easter. 

15.  Settle into a great church after we move, because none of this would be possible without the Lord, because with Christ I can do anything, and it is He who gives me strength! 

I love you ALL SOOOOO much and I hope you have  BLESSED, SAFE, and HAPPY New Year 2013!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making my 2012 SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Like a Monday & Poptarts!

Wow! Today has felt like ALL day long. Crazy!

So tommorow feels like Tuesday but its really friday!

Anyways I was back on track today thank the Lord! I really felt better too, eating healthier and working out.

Breakfast was a think thin bar, which I was not thrilled with.  At first bite I thought it might taste like a reese but no such luck. 

240 cals
However un tasty it was, it did keep me full till after 1pm. 
Lunch was nice.  Trader Joes Wonton Soup!
I want to say it was almost 3 or almost 4 bucks at trader joes.
220 cals
Salad with lite balsamic dressing 30 cals the soup and an egg roll 190 cals
The egg roll is from Costco, we got a great deal on like an 18 pack I think!
They are all wrapped individually and you can microwave them..I had all the guys pop in my office to see what smelled so good! haha.
Then later on I had sugar snap peas and carrots with 2 tbsp hummus (sabra tuscan herb) which I got in a HUGE tub at costco that hubs eats all the time.
100 cals
Then later I wanted something sweet!
Can you tell I went to Trader Joes yesterday? lol
Oh my GOODNESS yall this yogurt is SOOO good!!
The perfect balance of sweet and tart!! I love it!!
Its got a cool re-sealable lid thing like tupperware and its a good thing too.
The whole thing is 320 cals!! I had to make myself not eat it all!
So "half or so" lol is still in the fridge at work.
160 cals
Pieces of real strawberries in it by the way :)
Then I went to kickboxing!! Had a blast!
Dinner was the sweet carmalized onion chicken burger patty from costco for 150 cals with 45 cals of french fried onions on top covered in one piece of monterey jack cheese all melted.
Rice and brummel and brown 160 and 45 cals.
Broccoli about 29 cals.
THEN I decided to have one of my Christmas presents!
My confetti cupcake poptart!
Thanks Mom!!!
This thing is DELICIOUS!!!
I had one out of the pack of two and gave the other to hubby.
Yes, I toasted it and it was all warm and melty goodness!!
Confetti cake is like seriously still my favorite cake!!!
190 cals in MFP but I think the box said 200. 
That totally made me happy.
ALSO I managed to keep my grubby little paws away from the Christmas candy today! Score!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas recap & todays eats

Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Christmas!! I had a really really great one!

I had to work on Christmas Eve but after that we went to my parents and had Christmas Eve Dinner and opened presents with them.  They totally spoiled us this year.  Which they pretty much do every year. 

Growing up my parents never bought us a bunch of toys randomly or for no reason.  Usually if we went to the store we knew we werent getting a "prize" or anything, and growing up we had it kinda hard financially.  But without fail, every single Christmas was magical and amazing.  I could not believe how things I had circled in the JC Penny catalog just appeared already assembled under the tree on Christmas morning!! 

My parents still give us a great Christmas, even though I am 26!  I love them so much. 

Man we had a feast too!!! Turkey, Moms homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese rolls, and I brought green bean casserole, stuffing and cranberry sauce. 
Here is my plate

And of course I had seconds.
Then we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke in the Bible. 
Because Jesus is the Reason for the Season. :)
And then opened presents!
Hubby got a shotgun!
We told him not to shoot his eye out :)
And my mom had me a ton of cute cupcake stuff!
Cupcake Bank!
Calendar, POPtarts!-confetti cupcake flavor, bubble bath, bath confetti, two cupcake ornaments and hubby also gave me the cupcake shower gel
They also gave me a pink ipod shuffle! Victoria secrets gift card, some sigma brushes, hunger games on dvd and lots of other cool stuff.  Also the cutest pajamas known to woman :)
So then we came home (after we watched a Christmas movie with them) and snuggled into bed.
Christmas morning I made the most yummiest casserole ever!  Which will be a tradition from now on me thinks.
And some of these...
And opened presents!!!
Hubby did really good this year..
I was a happy girl!
Anyways then we layed around the house all day and later got ready to go to my grandparents house on my dads side for Christmas lunch/dinner.
Me and Mom
Then after that we went to my Best friends house for Christmas dinner with her family!
Her mom made the BEST punch ever. SO good.
We ate till we were about sick lol. 
This morning it was raining cats and dogs. 
I had the rest of the casserole for breakfast.
290 cals
Philly cheesestake with no mayo and fries...bad fries!!
Also at the mall...because we were shopping all day :)
Fro yo, (cheesecake and red velvet flavor)
And then for dinner yakisoba from costco and an egg roll
I may or may not have raided my candy bag.  BAH!
Back on it tommorow...Iam afraid to weigh after the past 4 days.
Oh well birthday is in two months!  Better get ready!
Bikini season will be here before you know it!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve's Eve!

So I decided to take a little break from our regular food pics (mainly because I am eating horribly  the past three days) but also because tommorow is Christmas Eve and I am as excited as a little kid!!

I have really tried to enjoy and soak up the holidays this year. 

I have watched Christmas movies, made goodies, attended parties and there is still more to come!!

So I wanted to bring the ole Holiday cheer to the blog and give you all sort of a survey that I found here.

So without further ado!

1. Favorite Holiday Cookie: Hands down, my cousin Amanda's homemade sugar cookies with homemade icing.

2. Favorite Christmas Song: Mary did you Know and Rockin Around the Christmas tree

3. Favorite Christmas Movie: The Grinch (new and old) and Charlie Brown's Christmas

4. Favorite Tradition: Probably going to my parents house on Christmas Eve.  We open presents with them and eat a big meal!  We read the Christmas story from the book of Luke Chapter 2, which I highly encourage you to do, espically if the holidays stress you out!  Jesus is the reason for the season :) ...Oh and me and hubs always love opening presents to each other when we wake up on Christmas morning. 
Christmas always gets us pj's :)

5. Favorite Breakfast: Well, I think in the past mom would make a big breakfast, eggs bacon, cinnamon rolls, ham biscuits with leftover ham, not the same thing every year that I really remember. BUT this year I got all the fixins to make a Christmas casserolle that I hope will become a tradition with me and Jacob if it turns out good LOL.  Also some cinnamon rolls that I am pretty sure I cant screw up ha.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal: I am a turkey and dressing girl.  This year I requested that my mother make her amazing mashed potatoes.  She said yes. Winning!

7. Favorite Person to shop for: My bestie.  I just buy her everything I would want basically.

8. Favorite Way to Open Presents: Slowly, taking turns, so I can watch everyone open the ones that I got them and they can see me open mine.  Usually me and jacob take turns opening gifts to each other :) Oh also with a cup of coffee by our side.
Haha dad opening his gift with his festive ribbon tied like a ninja on his head.
Hubs at home with me opening his gifts couple years ago

9. Favorite tree topper: This is a weird question. Um. I dont aunt brenda had one that was a star and lit up different colors. It was way old school but I love it and remember it still. 

Christmas is almost here!!!
Tommorow I have to work until 4pm...and I am so nice.  I spent my whole evening baking/creating things for tommorow at work.  We are bringing snacks.
 Then I am making stuffing and my famous green bean casserole and cranberry sauce to bring to my mamas :)  I seriously cannot wait to spend time with my family tommorow night!!  Its probably my favorite night of the year. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!! :)
Let me know some of your Christmas favorites :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yesterday & My little Brother

Hey guys...sorry for my lack of posting yesterday, I literally went to kickboxing and came home and got in bed.  Didnt even eat dinner.

I had an egg and cheese sammy for breakfast with coffee with peppermint mocha creamer
And for lunch...well I had a free coupon for a sandwich at Chick fila, it was on their survey thing. AND I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues and decided to eat my feelings.
It is what it is.
Later on at work, I decided fatty needed more food.
I only hate half before I was full and wrapped it back up
The rest of the day went blah.
Went to kickboxing.
Won a prize-3 travel size bath and body japanese cherry blossom things.
Came home, bed.
This morning I saw the lowest number EVER in the past six years. Possibly longer.
Sort of made my self imposed suffering yesterday worthwhile.
But I want to touch on a subject real quick 
My little brother
I want to say that I am extreemly proud of my brother.
We have grown up in a patriotic household, always loving America.
My grandpa was in the Army for WWII and then my stepdad went into the Airforce for a short while.  
Just this past year we found out that my brother wants to join the Marines.

But I know this is more than that. Its more than love of country.
My brother wants to better himself. 
He has went through college for a few years for computers, which he is very good at.  But one day he decided he just didnt know if he wanted to do computers anymore. 
The next thing we know he is traning on the weekends to join the Marines. 
He was told before he shipped out, he had to loose weight. 
So this whole summer and fall my brother has been busting his butt to loose the weight so that he can ship out. 
This summer I ran my first 5k with him cheering me on.
"Come on Sissy, you can do it"...was probably the sweetest words I had heard from him since before he turned 12.
That last half mile was HARD, it was almost 100 degrees outside.
But it was the most incredible feeling ever. 
Knowing that I did this with my brother and that I knew he was proud of me.
Now Jonathan has lost over 36 lbs and passed his ship validation. 
We found out yesteday that he ships out to boot camp January 7th.
This is all becoming very real to me very fast and it is scarry. 
I am so incredibly proud of him but also scared for him. 
But I know that the Lord will protect him and he has an incredible plan for his life. 
So when I think about my little brother...
I think about my partner in crime. 
I think about me always yelling at him to get out of my room.
I think about the ways we entertained ourself when we were snowed in.
I think of us getting baptized together at church.
I think of dragging him out of his little red bed at 2am so we could go wake mom and dad up to see what Santa brought.
I think of us throwing his toy Elfie (yes before Elf on the shelf we had a real Elf toy!) up and smashing out his bedroom light.  The look of "oh crap we are in trouble" came over each our faces before we busted out laughing.
I think of me teaching him to ride a bike.
I think of him calling me when he safely landed in Europe the summer after he graduated, and the relief I felt.
I think of him, with those big baby blue eyes, soft brown hair, and the sweetest smile you could ever have. 
While he is now a grown 6'2 21 year old man, he will always always be my little brother.
And in a way, my best friend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new find!!

Hello out there!!!

Well two more days till the weekend! I for one cannot wait till Christmas! I am super excited.  :)

Like a small child.


Anyways! Breakfast was pretty odd.

crackers 210 cals peppermint mocha creamer-35 cals per tbsp.
For lunch I had extreme yumminess!!!
I tried the Smart One's Mini Cheeseburgers and they are SO good!
They are 190 cals each (so 380 cals) and I added ketchup, mustard, onion, tomato and spring mix.  I had a tangerine 37 cals and 100 cal baked cheetos.
It was soooo good.
I am sure I will be buying these again! 
For a snack I had this:
around 3 pm, 180 cals
It was pretty good too :)
Then for dinner I had another chicken burger thing from costco (2 actually) at 150 cals each with sauteed onions and mushrooms (didnt eat a lot of the mushrooms) and broccoli with cheese
Oh also, I know a lot of people get stumped as to what to keep at work to stay on track, and my drawer filled with goodies really does a great job at helping me stay away from the vending machine.
I have ritz crackers (great with cheese or pb on top)
whipped peanut butter
light popcorn
drink mixes, 5 cals each
canned fruit
luna bars
sugar free jello to sprinkle on apples
Just a few ideas for you! Maybe your desk drawer needs a makeover in time for January??
I hope you lovelies have a wonderful night!!! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Cruddy

Hey there :)

Im back. Yay I didnt fall asleep at 8:30 again tonight.

I woke up with a headache though and got another one around 3 this afternoon. Not fun.  Felt kinda feverish too..but I am feeling better!

On to was a pic of yesterdays breakfast...but I ate the same thing, except the banana for breakfast today.

Rachel Ray's Maple Drizzle oatmeal 160 cals
Did yall know she has oatmeal out now???
It is really good!!
Then for lunch I had a smart ones pizza and tangerine.  This pizza is seriously da bomb diggity.
380 cals and 37 cals for tangerine
Then later I had to go run some errands for work and when my headache hit I got a cherry coke zero from burger king.
Along side it I ate my last Luna Bar, the peanut honey pretzel one.  Which I loved too, by the way.  Loved all three of those bars!! I must get some more!!!
180 cals i think
I started feeling better and came on home after work.  I decided it would be best not to go to kickboxing tonight and rest my bones again.
SO I had a quick easy dinner, grilled cheese and campbells wild rice and chicken soup.
sandwich-180 cals plus 45 cals for brummel and brown and 180 for soup
Then the hubs thought he could sneak some oreos in his mouth while he was lounging in his recliner, post dinner, without me seeing.

I had two cool mint oreos dipped in milk.
140 cals (not including the milk for dipping).
Then later on I had 100 cals of this.
100 calories
Its pretty good but kinda weirdishly tart, I guess like greek yogurt. lol.
Its way too expensive too, almost like 3.00 for 3 of these little guys.
I will prob stick to skinny cow.  But fun to try.
Today was a great day and I am happy with my eats. 
OH! And I got the sweetest glittery card of encouragment from my friend Chanci!
She has lost 350 lbs and kept it off and she is and has been a huge source of inspiration for me. 
That totally made my day!!
Have a good night !!!