Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year & Reflections of 2012

Hey there loves!!

I just wanted to quickly reflect on some great things that happend in 2012 not only for me but my family:

1. I really put thought into the "year of no excuses" and after dabbling in diet/exercise I finally buckled down in July and lost almost 30 lbs.

2. I joined Myfitnesspal and encouraged my aunt, mom, husband, best friend, and cousin to as well as a few other friends!  My brother was on it as well!

3.  My mom has quit smoking for a year (after being a smoker all of my life, and since she was a teenager) and I could not be prouder of her.  I remember her telling me the day after that she had went ALL day without smoking a cigarette, I cried. I am so so happy about that.

4. My brother lost a lot of weight and got himself physically fit, training with our local Marine recruiting office, and will be joining the Marines January 7th at basic training. I am so incredibly proud of him.

5.  I won my Wedding Dress Challenge!!!

6. I ran a 5k with my best friend and my brother this summer in the swealtering Carolina heat.  But it was a day I will never forget and the memories I have are priceless.  Worth far more than a leisurely day on the beach.

7. The Hubby took me to Dollywood for MY first time this summer & he bought me my first gun for our anniversary this year!

8. I have kept record of my weight since July on a Dunkin Donuts calendar hanging on the back of my bathroom door.  It will soon be switched out to a cupcakes calendar.  I thought that fitting :)

9. I have lost more weight on my own than I ever have with any fad diet, weight watchers or buddy system.  Only YOU can make YOURSELF commit to something and want it bad enough to get it. 

10. I have went to kickboxing and made exercise a priority it my life this year and it has made me feel amazing. 

Resolutions for 2013!

1.  I have let the holidays kick my butt.  Between vacation and Christmas I am loosing and gaining the same five pounds and I am ready to squash that, quickly.  My birthday is March 5th and I plan to be at 165.  I have roughly 15 lbs to loose and I consider that do-able.

2. I want to eat cleaner, less processed foods.  I will not be hard core, I will still eat baked chips occasionally, but I want to TRY because I have discovered that empty calories do NOT fill me up like nutrient rich ones do.  An orange and some good cheese makes me fuller than a bag of 100 calorie doritos. Truth.

3. Run and official 5k this year.  I have been practicing and running and trying to build endurance and I might not be able to run ALL of it, but I want to sign up and DO IT anyway!!  FOR ME.

4. Me and the hubs are going to start a budget and stick to it ( I hope!) so you might be seeing me eat a lot more beans and tuna. HA~!  Dont worry I will share my money saving tricks with you should they prove successful!  I think its totally possible to watch your budget and eat healthy at the same time. 

5. I am hoping to start the Jillian's 30 day shread January 1st. EEEk. Cant hardly believe I typed that.  Blast, now I will actually have to do it.

6. Try not to use other people's birthday's or holidays as an excuse to completley forget that I count calories. 

7. Cut out my eating out.  Even now that I have pretty much completley given up buying breakfasts, and only splurge on lunch occasionally, we STILL eat out way too frequently. 

8.  I want to purge the clutter and keep things simple.  Simple=less stressed Lauryn.

9. Keep up with Blogging & hopefully continuing to meet and connect with YOU sweeties!

10.  Experiment with teas and find one I really like!

11. Go to bed at 10 on week nights and 11 on weekends.

12. Develop a night time routine to settle into and make sure I am keeping my body healthy.


14.  Rock a Bikini this summer !!! Or a tankini...or just FEEL hot on the beach.  And buy a cute sundress for Easter. 

15.  Settle into a great church after we move, because none of this would be possible without the Lord, because with Christ I can do anything, and it is He who gives me strength! 

I love you ALL SOOOOO much and I hope you have  BLESSED, SAFE, and HAPPY New Year 2013!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making my 2012 SO MUCH BETTER!!!


  1. woot woot!! We are on the same level on quite a few things. What was the wedding dress challenge? I need to try mine on again it was still too small the last time I tried but that was months ago.

    1. Hey Julie!! If you look on the side bar under probably November 1st, or anyhow near the begining of November, I talked about it in a blog post...basically I wanted to be able to fit in my wedding dress for my 6th anniversary, and I did it!!! :) On November 18th's blog you can see the pics! :) You can totally do it girl, and it feels great!!

  2. Happy New Years Eve!! That is so great about your mom. I used to smoke and I know it can be very hard to quit so good for her. I didn't know that you were so close to your goal. You can totally get there by your birthday just keep up all that good work you have been doing. I have some of the same goals for the new year and started working on organizing and cleaning out stuff yesterday so I'm feeling good. I am a little OCD so clutter drives me crazy. I didn't know you were planning on moving either...where and how soon?

    1. LOL girl it makes me feel so good to purge and organize!! LOL! Happy New Years eve to you too my friend!! Yes I am sooo proud of Mama, she is awesome and I know what a struggle it is for her and other smokers and its just such a blessing that she has been able to quit! We should be out and in the new house by Feb 1st, we are probably going to rent for at least another year and then hopefully TRY to buy a house if the timing is right, but if not Oh well, not sure how the economy will be lol. But yeah we are moving father out to the country area just about 30 mins away...closer to the beach though! Haha

  3. love your blog....awesome resolutions ....and congrats on the 30 pounds loss

  4. I know how hard it is to stop smoking good for your Mom on quitting! My husband and I both quit quite a while ago.
    I've really enjoyed following your blog and I'm sure this year is going to be incredible for both of us :)


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