Monday, December 10, 2012


SO stinkin excited I can report a good day to you guys!!!!

Today was fan-stinking-tastic!!!

This morning I woke up and had me some coffee with FF half and half and splenda while getting ready for work.

22 cals
Then at work I had a protein shake.  My last one actually, and I probably wont buy these again.  They taste good but I dont think they aided in helping me very much and they are expensive.
160 cals
It kept me pretty full though.
At lunch I had a sandwich with chicken deli meat, baked 100 cal cheetos, a cheese stick and a tangerine.
349 calories plus a bit of mustard
I think peeling the tangerine and eating it cold ensures I actually consume it. :)
Then I got a bit hungry and had a 100 cal pretzel pack later.
And finally I was sooo tired I went to the gas station and got a coffee with french vanilla creamer (no idea how many cals, prob like 40) and drank about half of it.
I also got a little junior mint on the side 43 cals
Then I went to the gym and ran!  Also did the elliptical some.
My bestie got me a Bic Band for Christmas and I freaking love it!!!

The thing DOES NOT MOVE.
Plus its pretty and sparkly.
Then I came home and made a recipe I havent had in a while but I LOVE it!
Ashley's Vegetable Beef soup
Ashley is my cousin and a great friend of mine, I am so proud of her, I think she has almost lost 30 lbs as well!! She and I have been on a weight loss journey and she really inspires me and we always keep each other up to date on the goodies we have found or made!
She told me I can share this recipe with you! Now...I tweaked it a bit and I will explain the changes.
It makes a TON of soup. 18 servings at 98 calories (her way) and 107 calories (my way).
1/2 lb of lean ground beef
one onion
minced garlic
3 cans green beans
2 cans carrots ( i used 2 extra cans mixed vegs)
2 cans of corn
2 cans of mixed veggies
Cayenne pepper (I used about a half cup of franks red hot bc i didnt have cayenne)
salt n peppa
garlic powder
one jug tomato juice
All you do is brown the beef, add in onions and garlic (I used 2 tsp garlic) in a big pot.
Then you basically drain all the canned veggies and throw everything in the pot, including the seasonings.
I let mine come to a boil and then put a lid on it and let it simmer. Watch the pot though as you bring it to a boil because you dont want it to spill over.
Hubs put cheese on top of his!
We had grilled cheeses on the side with this AMAZING cheese we got from costco.
I put brummel and brown on both sides of the bread and a slice of cheddar with like about a half a slice of monterrey jack.
It was sooo melty good!!
521 calories
I had three servings of soup yall!!! So filling!!
Also I forgot to count cals for the brummel and brown but it was about 45 cals for a tbsp.
I still had calories left and a bit of a sweet tooth so sitting down to blog I had four of these babies...
110 calories
It was a seriously great day yall :)
SO happy to report something good to yall!!!
Have a great night loves!!


  1. Awww! It looks so good! It makes me wanna make some right now lol! And we always have grilled cheese with it too. I hope you enjoy taking it to work for lunch & that it keeps you full! I was thinking about making a pot & portioning out 1 & 2 cup servings to freeze for lunches or for when Ronnie is out of town working & I don't need to cook for just me & Kayla. Thanks for saying such sweet things! I love having you to share things with on this journey & I just love YOU!!! :)

    1. aweee I love YOU too girl!!!!!!! I totally love this soup, thank you for sharing!!!! And I totally have some with me for lunch today :) muwhahah. Yes its a great idea to freeze it for later!!! Especially in the winter months sooo yummy and comforting!! :)

  2. You make that Bic Band look good!! :)
    Oh that soup looks good.

    1. haha aww thanks suzi!!! u are too sweet!!! the soup is amazin! go make some!! :)

  3. Glad u like it bestie!!

    1. haha thanks darlin! i love EVERYTHING you gave me your the best!!!

  4. That band is adorable! Congrats for a good day on plan!

    1. thank you staci!!! i was even happier when i found out they were started to benefit people with cancer i think? or something and now part of the procedes still go to that! :)

  5. Ok, first things first...they have 100 calorie baked Cheetos??? Where did you get them? Congrats on having such a great day girlie!

    1. hahahahha....COSTCO!!! LOLOLOL. But you can get them at walmart girl in a big bag i think!!!! They are yummy and thank you :)

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