Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas recap & todays eats

Hello lovelies!!!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Christmas!! I had a really really great one!

I had to work on Christmas Eve but after that we went to my parents and had Christmas Eve Dinner and opened presents with them.  They totally spoiled us this year.  Which they pretty much do every year. 

Growing up my parents never bought us a bunch of toys randomly or for no reason.  Usually if we went to the store we knew we werent getting a "prize" or anything, and growing up we had it kinda hard financially.  But without fail, every single Christmas was magical and amazing.  I could not believe how things I had circled in the JC Penny catalog just appeared already assembled under the tree on Christmas morning!! 

My parents still give us a great Christmas, even though I am 26!  I love them so much. 

Man we had a feast too!!! Turkey, Moms homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese rolls, and I brought green bean casserole, stuffing and cranberry sauce. 
Here is my plate

And of course I had seconds.
Then we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke in the Bible. 
Because Jesus is the Reason for the Season. :)
And then opened presents!
Hubby got a shotgun!
We told him not to shoot his eye out :)
And my mom had me a ton of cute cupcake stuff!
Cupcake Bank!
Calendar, POPtarts!-confetti cupcake flavor, bubble bath, bath confetti, two cupcake ornaments and hubby also gave me the cupcake shower gel
They also gave me a pink ipod shuffle! Victoria secrets gift card, some sigma brushes, hunger games on dvd and lots of other cool stuff.  Also the cutest pajamas known to woman :)
So then we came home (after we watched a Christmas movie with them) and snuggled into bed.
Christmas morning I made the most yummiest casserole ever!  Which will be a tradition from now on me thinks.
And some of these...
And opened presents!!!
Hubby did really good this year..
I was a happy girl!
Anyways then we layed around the house all day and later got ready to go to my grandparents house on my dads side for Christmas lunch/dinner.
Me and Mom
Then after that we went to my Best friends house for Christmas dinner with her family!
Her mom made the BEST punch ever. SO good.
We ate till we were about sick lol. 
This morning it was raining cats and dogs. 
I had the rest of the casserole for breakfast.
290 cals
Philly cheesestake with no mayo and fries...bad fries!!
Also at the mall...because we were shopping all day :)
Fro yo, (cheesecake and red velvet flavor)
And then for dinner yakisoba from costco and an egg roll
I may or may not have raided my candy bag.  BAH!
Back on it tommorow...Iam afraid to weigh after the past 4 days.
Oh well birthday is in two months!  Better get ready!
Bikini season will be here before you know it!


  1. Your parents look like they're fun! I love all your cupcake stuff (and a bit jealous of it). Merry Christmas!!

    1. Haha aww thanks girl, they are :) LOL she got the cupcake bank from target!! its my fave!! Merry Christmas to you too!!

  2. Love the pic of you and your momma! :) Glad you had a really great Christmas!

  3. Hey girlie. You had a great Christmas huh? It looks like you are just as spoiled as I am. I had a great Christmas and so hating being back at work today...blah. I ate horrible during the holidays and am up a couple of pounds but whatever I had a great time with family.

    1. hahah i am too girl, the scale showed me pure hatred this morning. NO LOVE lol. But thats ok, back to my regularly scheduled eating..most of that food was worth it haha

  4. I am so glad you liked your Christmas presents! I love seeing my baby girl and (boy) happy! Your people who comment on here are sooo sweet too!! Love, Mama

    1. Aww i love you mama!! Thanks for all my cool stuff you are the best!!!

  5. We usually have the exact same Christmas morning breakfast, but we forgot it was our turn for the turkey this year and there for no room for breakfast! So I had cookies...oops! Looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy new year!


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