Thursday, December 27, 2012

Like a Monday & Poptarts!

Wow! Today has felt like ALL day long. Crazy!

So tommorow feels like Tuesday but its really friday!

Anyways I was back on track today thank the Lord! I really felt better too, eating healthier and working out.

Breakfast was a think thin bar, which I was not thrilled with.  At first bite I thought it might taste like a reese but no such luck. 

240 cals
However un tasty it was, it did keep me full till after 1pm. 
Lunch was nice.  Trader Joes Wonton Soup!
I want to say it was almost 3 or almost 4 bucks at trader joes.
220 cals
Salad with lite balsamic dressing 30 cals the soup and an egg roll 190 cals
The egg roll is from Costco, we got a great deal on like an 18 pack I think!
They are all wrapped individually and you can microwave them..I had all the guys pop in my office to see what smelled so good! haha.
Then later on I had sugar snap peas and carrots with 2 tbsp hummus (sabra tuscan herb) which I got in a HUGE tub at costco that hubs eats all the time.
100 cals
Then later I wanted something sweet!
Can you tell I went to Trader Joes yesterday? lol
Oh my GOODNESS yall this yogurt is SOOO good!!
The perfect balance of sweet and tart!! I love it!!
Its got a cool re-sealable lid thing like tupperware and its a good thing too.
The whole thing is 320 cals!! I had to make myself not eat it all!
So "half or so" lol is still in the fridge at work.
160 cals
Pieces of real strawberries in it by the way :)
Then I went to kickboxing!! Had a blast!
Dinner was the sweet carmalized onion chicken burger patty from costco for 150 cals with 45 cals of french fried onions on top covered in one piece of monterey jack cheese all melted.
Rice and brummel and brown 160 and 45 cals.
Broccoli about 29 cals.
THEN I decided to have one of my Christmas presents!
My confetti cupcake poptart!
Thanks Mom!!!
This thing is DELICIOUS!!!
I had one out of the pack of two and gave the other to hubby.
Yes, I toasted it and it was all warm and melty goodness!!
Confetti cake is like seriously still my favorite cake!!!
190 cals in MFP but I think the box said 200. 
That totally made me happy.
ALSO I managed to keep my grubby little paws away from the Christmas candy today! Score!


  1. I really wish I had a Trader Joe's I could go to :(

    1. I know girl its like 20 mins from me but we are fixin to move i think and it will be like an hour away then!! lol

  2. I've been good today too! No candy for me either...even though we have many goodies in the house. I refuse to throw out food. Just have to ignore it. I have felt way better today too. It doesn't really even matter how much I eat, I still usually feel just as hungry later on, even when I overeat, so it's kinda a waste to eat like that. I think it totally makes me hungrier when I start back eating right the next day! It's like my body doesn't know what to think because there I was stuffing anything I wanted in my cake hole for a few days lol!

    1. I know girl!! My body gets all out of whack when i do that too and i start back craving junk!! :( makes me MAD lol. But i know i dont want to throw it out either lol!

  3. Yanno, I tried hummus and just never got into it. I really wanted to like it. I bought it twice and threw a bunch out twice. LOL The PopTart is adorable.

    1. Its ok to me...ehhh the hubs really likes it and actually trader joes kalamata olive one is pretty tasty..and authentic like homemade hummus is AMAZING! Someone brought authentic pita bread and hummus for Christmas eve to work and it was soooo good!!

  4. I wish I had a Trader Joe's and Costco!! I think the Sam's Club here is like Costco? lol Everything looks so good!

    1. yes we have a sams club too!! they are just like costco and sometimes cheaper!! thanks girl :)

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